Donate to Planet Love
Donate to Planet Love

Donate to Planet Love

April is a special month for Planet Love to seed its intention of WORLD LOVE into our Earth.

Please donate to Planet Love and the Connection Magazine.

All donations help us to give to many.

All people who donate to Planet Love receive a ticket to the April Benefit event where Dr. Laurie will give individual reading time and offer answers to global concerns from the animals view points.

In Love, The Miracle Ground

To donate call 831-477-7007

Or visit:

$1 a month for a year will assist distilled water to keep the office flowing in JOY.

$1 a day for a year will assist with office supplies that allow us to reach out to people all over the globe.

$10 a day for a year will pay for scholarships to Animiracles Satsangs for 18 people.

$100 a day for a year will assist The Miracle Ground in setting of a base in Hawaii.

$1000 a day for a year will allow the Miracle Ground to purchase a home center in Hawaii.

$10,000 a day for a year will allow the miracle Ground to own a center base in Hawaii and create a global outreach program with a feature movie for all people every where.

All donations will help The Connection Magazine with their ongoing glorious choice to promote people who are devoted to the well being of Planet Love, our Earth! This will allow many people to find holistic health practitioners, learn about the environment, get important info about planetary political leaders who are here to assist in goodness, and connect people in ways that upgrade the wellness of this planet.

Dr. Laurie is endorsed by globally known Guru humanitarians Gangaji and Jacquelyn Aldana. The Connection Magazine is endorsed by globally celebrated author and speaker Dr. Wayne Dyer.

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Dr. Laurie Moore, LMFT, CHT, Animal Communicator
(831) 477-7007


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