MENTORING PROGRAM: Destined for Awakening & Success
Destined for Awakening and Succes

Dr. Laurie likes to make the journey fun...

When 2008 arrived, I began planning a program "Mentoring People Destined for JOYFUL and LOVE FELT Success".

If you are ready to take the next steps in any area of your allow a heart's greatest dream to become living reality read on, my friend...

I was enjoying being at my own Animiracle Satsang seminar as we stood in a circle. Looking around the room I could see that peoples' eyes were full of love and faith in their abilities to generate dream lives. The room smelled delightfully
orange and vanilla from the miracle oil. I enjoyed the many different ages of participants. On my right was a 26 year old and on my left a 63 year old. Warmth surrounded. We could hear a variety of bird species singing with the sing alongs.

Some ancient knowing filled me deep in my heart; alarming yet gratifying and full.I won't always be here. I realized I must train people of all ages to master
the art of creating a dream life in career, relationship and body WHILE awakening spiritually. The work is bigger than me and needs others to spread it!

So I began to plan my mentoring program.

Here are some REAL examples of people who are spreading my work now, by incorporporating what they learned into their lives.

"This is the best of all personal growth programs I have been to."
John, DJ

“More money came in within 24 hours, from several directions! It worked!”
Henry, Astrologer

I never experienced my higher self before. I expected Dr. Laurie to be the authority but she refocused me to myself…and held the space.. and I found my answer within. I felt my higher self. Thank you.
Dr. Larki, Chiropractor

“I came with many questions and you showed me I actually have the answers.”
Thank you, Kate, DVD artist

“I now live my dream job.”
Rich, Artist

“I now am with my dream mate.”
Jeri, Property Manager

I now experienced complete unconditional moment now presence and joy. Dr. Laurie was relentless and I found deep peace.”
Julie, Massage therapist

So you see...there are some excellent reasons for me to prepare others to incorporate what I teach into their own home, individual, family, community and professional lives. The benefits are endless and for every mentoring student I find many others will benefit! Their animal companions, friends, families, people they have yet to meet, clients, colleagues and spouses (and for those taking the program to manifest a dream mate, their future spouse!)

“Hi Dr. Laurie. You worked with me a year ago and I never came back because I got EVERYTHING I needed! My life is completely changed forever.
Thank You!”
Laurie, Hand gliding teacher

I don't plan to have the art of miracle manifestation and unconditional awakening into joy, bliss, union, grace, and love fizzle! I did not create it but I found it while alive on this fabulous planet so I wish to share with those who will share with others!

The good news is...I benefit as much as everyone else. I typically receive emails, calls and statements like these:

“I am so happy you are here. Thank you. Thank you.”
Waldemar, Design Artist Specialist

“You love me everyone unconditionally. Thank you for this seminar.”
Julie, mortgage broker

“You are the light.”
Katherine, Health food store manager

“You are teaching what Jesus did. Thank you. I am so grateful.”
Ken, pianist

“Thank you for being so vulnerable and real. You rare the only spiritual teacher I know who exposes yourself so openly.”
Clare, Mother

“Your teaching is very unique combining awakening and real life. Thank you!”
Tom, Business Consultant

I love to surround myself with people who utilize my teachings to create their dreams, better the world.
People like this are positive and their gratitude feeds me and keeps me going. It is a beautiful circle of joy and love sharing!

So, I announce to you the beginning of the mentoring program.

Dr. Laurie Moore

Dr. Laurie, Please contact me asap: I have a question.

Dr. Laurie Moore, LMFT, CHT, Animal Communicator
(831) 477-7007

Po Box 66682
Scotts Valley, CA 95065

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