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Transitioning is welcoming you into sensual splendid delight.

Some people go over and fester in what was unresolved ...some go over and create denial by replicating confined scenarios...and some don't go "over' but go into all that exists and they fly. They fully give into the eagle, hawk, raven, owl, their highest self who always waited and beckons, hummingbird flight and become the enlightenment themselves... flying as all that is, smelling the beautiful scent of the greenery, moving with and as the wind...crying and smiling in the great beauty all at

Blessings to a friend who recently passed...who has showed me the great grace of my life on Earth in his transitioning experiences...

I see now that frustration is fully made up and that the only reason to be here on the here now Planet Love is to be the eagle in dance with the wind and to be the kindness.and to always smell the great greenery scent...

May I remember each second of this treausure I am: life

Blessings to everyone,the grass is so lovely here on Planet Earth. You may choose to ascend now while you are in body and on this side. This is the invitation to the part on Planet Love.
Love, Laurie

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Dr Laurie

I am physically ill, but I did not want to wait any longer to let you know of a transformation that is taking place in me that I know you are helping me with. I am so full of JOY! And I am hearing messages. Some good, some bad. From my animal friends departed. But even the 'sad' messages
are filling me with joy. It is as if the door were suddenly unlocked after all this time of people saying you only have to choose to be happy.

And me always sort of being the cynic, yea right. But now it seems so simple somehow! And I haven't even started on my 'formal' education yet! Ha! My head and eyes still hurt too bad. I've mostly been resting, sleeping, dreaming. Maybe that is where the message is getting through to me
from. The dream world. But it is working, wherever it is coming from.

Thank you! I feel so free now! Free at last! It sounds so silly, so simple. But I really feel it for the first time. And I know it is real, because I AM still physically ill! Yet I feel so joyous anyway! My money situation is still the same 'mess', my flu or whatever it is is still hanging on, but I am so full of joy nevertheless. A particular relative is still the
black hole. And she is the worst of it by far, as she has been for quite some time. But I really feel the answer to that dilemma is answered as well! I am joyful nonetheless.

Thank you so much for opening my heart. Even though my throat may still be choked with flu, I am joyful nonetheless. I am freeing myself of that blockage also. It looked as though my court case was going badly when I first arrived home, but I chose to forgive and be joyful anyway, and,
surprise! It has taken a better turn! But it is OK, even if it
doesn't 'go my way' I will be OK with it anyway.

Joyfully, Sandra
(Name changed for confidentiality)

Thank you Dear Sandra,

Thank you for this very open hearted share. It is so beautiful to fully embrace what is and find the joy here! When we do this we become neutral and from neutrality we can choose to create something new! I see
health, wealth, and fulfilling relationships as an option within your beautiful LIMITLESS WHOLE JOY! When we are in resistance which you gave up, life as we dream it well, is a struggle to create. When we find the JOY in what is happening now, a beautiful creation is the next readily available step. Bless you for falling into the love and joy in what is currently happening as all people go through polarities on Planet Earth. We all do.

Many Blessings, Dr. Laurie

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Tools for Awakening and Success

1. If you do not like the scenario around you identify one feeling you are experiencing.
2. Notice where that feeling is in your body.
3. Be 100% present with that feeling. Notice it is only a sensation. Stay with it until it dissolves.
4. Note the new inspired feeling.

Biological feelings and inspired feelings are not the same.
You can learn to live in inspired feeling by first accepting your biological feelings. When you accept them in the world of sensation they dissolve and you enter the world of awakeing.

Many of you ask me how to create success with manifestation and awakening outside of my seminars, when you are at home. For this purpose I have create the 12 audio e course. Learn about it or purchase by requesting info from Laurie@DrlaurieMoore.com

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Favorite Client Experiences

I have so many it is hard to choose but each week I share the joy one or more.

A person came in feeling suicidal and left feeling unconditional bliss. Osmosis works. Instead of getting into any victim story
with this precious person, I simply valued whatever he shared but held the space of unconditional bliss. In time, he was blissed!

It is fine to do things on ones own but it is a virtue to receive help! When you need support with your goals, transformation or hearing your animals' messages, I am here. Call 831-477-7007 or email me below.

Warmly, Dr. Laurie

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Awaken through Communication with All Life

Learn to Talk with Animals, Angels, Insects and Master Teachers!

As we learn to speak as witness to the perfection in all others, others
are eager to share themselves. Awakening can come in silence alone. Awakening
can also come through connecting with others.

We are taught to fix, advice, judge and share subject matter. There is another road. When we realize we have one heart,
we learn to fully receive and bless all who stand before us. Then we realize we are all master teachers.
In this reality we can hear what animals, angels, insects and master teachers have to share.

Then at last, we find that every human being is also an angel.

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Be Well, Dr. Laurie

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