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I have been immersed in glorious life...the meeting of the soul�s waves with the body personality. Essentially I have been finding that a fully alive experience is that in which of life is made of waves of tones and lights. Harmonies and disharmonies all held with in the big one love are my being and in the center and outer edge is my costume: my body personality Laurie. Who are you really? Look, feel, listen and do so again and again int he center of the heart and soul...deeper, deeper. Who is this body personality. Where is the source of each impulse? Ask the elements to assist you with this. Invite the animals and the rivers, the forests and streams to be your guides.

Myself has merged deeply with all and my heart is over taken in the glorious love of connecting with animal, rock, plant, human, master teachers, elements, angels, fairies, archangels, devas, elements, benevolent light beings in each moment. We are truly one chorus and in our intent we sing unique individual songs that blend into this gloriousness.
Create on! Please listen to the many messages I have been posting in audio lately. They are short and simple and deep and for your hearts.

Dr. Laurie Discusses Surrender:

Dr. Laurie discusses The Body

Dr. Laurie discusses Animiracles

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There are very few people on this earth who are open to receiving all my love. I am so grateful for you on this earth. I shed tears of joy and happiness that I have someone in a physical body who can receive my love. Thank you. You are an angel on earth. -JVD

Laurie, I say to you that you were meant to soar like an eagle - you have been and are the most clearest expression of intent I have ever known!

As long as I'm able, I will always remind you of how WONDERFUL you are... you are by far the easiest person to support that I know!
......The Honor is to Serve!

Love, John

You are the embodiment of St Francis. You bring such loving. I love your spirit.

Thank you, Laurie, for being a wise elder and a little sprite. Your laughter I love. You are helping me to refect a deeper understanding of myself.


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