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Reserecting NOW is your option. If fire is burning throughout you and you are being resurrected consider experiencing the bliss provided in place of an aspirin.

This is not medical advice and should not be taken as such. This is an invitation to notice the many ways the Goddesses and Gods light you up into the ecstatic realms. Ignore all media ploys to get you to dislike your body. We are burning the old ways and showering in the new ones. LOVE each part of your body like a precious animal beloved. Yes, each part is alive and sings a tune.

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Hi Dr. Laurie,

Thanks for including me on your recent letter of evolvement.
You allow yourself to be so very beautifully and fully transparent with us!

I appreciate your trust.

I send you love and inspiration to bundle with your manifestations of joy and oh so much fun.

Thanks for being the Goddess you are:)
Clare Strohman

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Tools for Awakening and Success

1. If you are missing something, give that which you think you lack to another.

2. Thank the Earth for holding you at all times.

3. Look for the gift in every wonderful happening and every challenging happening. All is love.

Many of you ask me how to create success with manifestation and awakening outside of my seminars, when you are at home. For this purpose I have create The Home Study Kit. Learn about it at the link below.

Dr. Laurie, tell me about the Home Study Kit

Satsang Schedule

Once a month in Santa Cruz on a Friday from 1-3 p.m. Please email Laurie@DrLaurieMoore.com for dates.

2-15 day SATSANGS
May 24-25, 2008
Animiracles Satsang Seminar
Cresent City, CA (Free tickets available)
For tickets email Maryjoan Tully, host and manager
at recoveringsrn@charter.net.

July 6-11, 2008
Dolphin Unconditional Joy Seminar
Big Island, Hawaii
Info at http://www.animiracles.com/seminars.cfm

July 18, 2008
Animiracles Satsang Seminar
Santa Cruz, CA (Free tickets available)
Info at http://www.animiracles.com/seminars.cfm

August 15, 16 and 17, 2008
Animiracles Satsang Seminar
Santa Cruz, CA (Free tickets available)
Info at http://www.animiracles.com/seminars.cfm

October 25-26, 2008
Animiracles Satsang Seminar
For ticket info and accommodations
info contact Amber Hinton, host
and manager: amber@thenaturalgait.com
We do not offer scholarships in Iowa.

March 3-10 , 2009
Whale Satsang
Visit www.animiracles.com for info and visit
www.el-santuario.com/currentevents.html for accommodations
or email the office: Laurie@DrLaurieMoore.com.
Info at http://www.animiracles.com/seminars.cfm

July 18-23, 2009
Big Island Dolphin
Big Island, Hawaii
Info at http://www.animiracles.com/seminars.cfm

July 23-28, 2009
Molokai, Hawaii
Personal and Universal Heart
Info at http://www.animiracles.com/seminars.cfm

July 28-Aug 1, 2009
Hawaii, Maui
Full Expressions BIG SHIFT
Info at http://www.animiracles.com/seminars.cfm

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Favorite Client Experiences

I have so many it is hard to choose but each week I share the joy of one or more.
I have so many it is hard to choose but each week I share the joy of one or more.

One time a woman broke out crying and told me. "I see now that what you are showing me is love, that I am love, and all needed is love." This touched me deeply as this is truly what I am teaching. In essence, that is it.

This woman was struggling deeply in partnership and felt unloved. After her breakthrough into love she ended a relationship and down the road started a new one. She reports that in her new one (now four years old) that she feels very loved.

Be the love, love yourself and then love comes to you.

It is fine to do things on ones own but it is a virtue to receive help! When you need support with your goals, transformation or hearing your animals' messages, I am here. Call 831-477-7007 or email me below.

Warmly, Dr. Laurie

I would like to book a session, Dr. Laurie

Benefit Raises Money for Love Planet and The Connection

Dr. Laurie was asked about her feelings on the recent benefit by TMG Supporters. Here was her reply.

"Sent into action by the resuts of the fundraiser, I am back in worldly action, spirit based. I am setting up a local, national and international radio, television and public speaking schedule to begin in a few weeks. Dr. Larki , Portland Satsang Manager, is my new booking agent and she will be trained by Jill Lublin, master busines coach. Vickie Turner Gambill, who lives in Texas but drives all the way to some of our California events with her husband, John, will be conducting research for us. I have contacted my publicist of the past, Annie Jennings, who is a publicity master! I am set to go.

'The universe knows what she is up to. When there is a disappointment many doors open and all is good. "

We are happy to hear Dr. Laurie's joy as some expressed being disappointed with the results. The Benefit for Planet Love and The Connection brought in $85.00. Dr. Laurie has put $100s of thousands of dollars and many years of unpaid labor into making this and other Love projects happen. In fact she tithes about 90% of all her income in as well as most of her time and began doing these projects at age 7. She says this is her JOY.

We asked Dr. Laurie her feeling on the benefits� results.

Dr. Laurie said it was very impactful to her heart. �I realized how many people in many countries have nothing. I was aware that many people are like me, giving everything to their LOVE visions and sacrificing personally in many ways.

'I often get comments about how much I make per hour when in truth, almost all I make goes strait back into the TMG project. I live in great abundance in my work but much of my personal life has been put on hold and it is time for me to change this. Up until now it has all been worth it but a shift is in store fro me and my family. I can feel, see and hear it already and so it shall outpicture, outsound, and outfeel into reality.

'For this awareness, when the results came in, I immediately tithed a lot more to other visionaries because the disappointment gave rise to great compassion for others (two of whom have worked more decades than me and are still living month to month so that their visions and service may reach many) and to the SPCA. Although I have had to put many of my own desires and some times needs aside to create The Miracle Ground I know it is my hearts calling and I am grateful.

'In order to move into our next phase in Hawaii with Planet Love and a movie we will need to raise a lot more money. I cannot continue with 17 hour days 7 days a weeks and so I will go back into the media (something I LOVE to do). This will increase clientele greatly. Although this means the smaller sized seminars will no longer be as frequently available with all the special discount programs, it means that we can fulfill our planetary purpose. This also increases our visibility to potential donors around the globe which are absolutely necessary to keep building a dream of this size.

'I am touched by the people who donated the $85 because it was a great gift. I happen to know that these are not people with a lot of money so it was very touching and was a stretch for them based on their incomes and budgets. Thank you.

'Although this will not allow me to go to Spain or Malaysia where I am invited and wheer I would love to teach, nor help create the base Camp in Hawaii, it did help a bit with one of the office bills today. Every bit counts.

'I am grateful because we have 120 people on our list who have, are or are waiting to volunteer. Thank you! This love labor is what is most important. What we are doing is so wonderful and positive. I have so much to give Thanks about."

~Love, Dr. Laurie

Thank you for answering our questions with such positive news, Dr. Laurie.

TMG Staff Members

I wish to make a belated donation from my heart!

Wellness Codes: Tuesday Phone Call

Manifestation, Awakening, Communication with animals, people, master teachers, angels, insects, elements.

Second Tuesday of each month from 7-7:45 p.m. PST.
May 6, 2008: Wellness Codes

If you have calls left from a 12 month package deal, or if you are a volunteer, email the office to get free access approved. Laurie@DrLaurieMoore.com.

Laurie, Sign ME UP & send me the number!

Awaken through Communication with All Life

Learn to Talk with Animals, Angels, Insects and Master Teachers!

As we learn to speak as witness to the perfection in all others, others
are eager to share themselves. Awakening can come in silence alone. Awakening
can also come through connecting with others.

We are taught to fix, advice, judge and share subject matter. There is another road. When we realize we have one heart,
we learn to fully receive and bless all who stand before us. Then we realize we are all master teachers.
In this reality we can hear what animals, angels, insects and master teachers have to share.

Then at last, we find that every human being is also an Attend Satsangs to learn how.

Be Well, Dr. Laurie

Sign me up for a Satsang!


I remembered I am well by stepping into the wellness so non wellness evaporates in some ways. feel deeply well. I have gone through this several times now as I learn to step into wellness.

I invite everyone to try.


You can BE wellness. If you heal problems you will be the problem healing and that isn't wellness and then you will generate another problem. Please accept some wellness from your own CELLULAR options.

Wellness awareness can accompany whatever mediums you use for your health and wellness within the context of any kind of medical assistance and are not a substitute.

Wellness is an awareness of this grace called being incarnated in wholeness.

~Dr. Laurie Moore

Laurie, I am ready for a session

Blue Ribbon of the week to Wayne Hoff

Thank you for generously tithing your money and time to assist people in Zimbabwe. The Miracle Ground admires your loving heart an generosity and applauds you. We wish to give you a donation next time you go. You are a true brother of the LOVE. Thank you for being this on our planet. It is people like you who really get it that we are all valuable. People such as yourself that make a big difference in this world with your amazing generosity. Bless you. We will let people know you are back in the USA doing local and long distance body, mind, spirit healings.

" I have exchanged sessions with many many healers and experienced less than a handful to be pure channels. Wayne Hoff is one." Dr. Laurie


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Dr. Laurie Moore, LMFT, CHT, Animal Communicator
(831) 477-7007


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