This is a personal message to all of you from Dr. Laurie Moore.

Everyday I make sure to give of my love, my heart, my mind, my body and my soul so that others may benefit.

All of my highest, most elated and fulfilling life experiences have centered on giving. Giving fills my heart.

Giving Ray his surprise party required a year of planning, saving, creating, working and organizing. When he came home to find people from all years of his life singing to him, he was fulfilled beyond words. This fulfilled me.

Giving water to my teacher gives me great fulfillment. See the joy in her eyes and my eyes fill with joy.

Translating for animals gives me great love. I feel their happiness at being heard.

Giving time to myself to create and feel life in silence gives me great wellness.

Giving the Animiracles Seminar to anyone who asks gives me great hope for our planet!

People have asked me to come to Taiwan, Spain and Jamaica with the Animiracles Satsang. To do so will be my joy.

We have been blessed to create the funds to bring Animiracles to North Carolina, four Hawaiian Islands, four California cities, Oregon and as of October of 2008, Iowa. This has been made possible thanks to the generosity of many people.

Consider supporting others in experiencing the miracles you received from the Animiracles Satsang~Seminar with a monthly pledge of $15 to $150.

The Miracle Ground (TMG) and I are blessed to tithe five percent of the gross income to people in need all over the world such as,, individual visionaries, entreprenuers, and the SPCA. Here is what my tithing practice has given me:

I used to worry about money. I am now at peace with money.
I used to worry about the world. I am now in faith that I can generate much good into the world.

Your generosity toward TMG will go a long way.

You will help people to receive love, miracles, hope, transformation, awakening and the ability to create a dream life.

Thank you for caring.

If you would like to hear my FREE audio message on generosity please email and she will send you one.

If you would like to make a monthly pledge to TMG please call us at 831-477-7007 or email to let us know. Thank you with all my heart and soul on behalf of the many animals and people who will benefit.

Love, Dr. Laurie Moore

I would love to give to The Miracle Ground!


Thank you Dr. Laurie!
Blessings to you kindest of souls and wondrous inspiration to so many!

Dear Dr. Laurie:
I just wanted to thank you for all your love and understanding with my daughter, S___, during her dog's passing. Once again you are truly an angel to our family. My other daughter and I were on the phone most of the weekend with S___ and I know that you brought her a great deal of peace during and after her dog family member's passing. I just wanted you to know how very much you helped us all. Please give Jessy a big hug for us all.

Always, Mary

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