Miracle Ground Ezine

It was a beautiful brilliant white light shining into everything, I saw that this source saw though my eyes and create what I had know as me. Then all my personality just wilted and fell off no longer needed. I surrendered way more deeply and saw nothing was required but umph giving rise to momentum to share with others. The computer would not work when I tried to write this down at first. I needed to bathe more deeply in this knowing. I restarted the computer and whale and dolphin sounds were playing from www.Dolphinville.com which I had not accessed nor turned on. In peak experiences, many times, an old letter from Captain Douglas or sounds of the dolphins have mysteriously shown up on the front screen.
Sychronicity in life is handling herself so well!

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Hi Laurie:

What I'm getting about you is that you are a stand within a very 'open' system. Like you say, you have a particular methodology but it is not RIGID! In a way, your INTENT is your 'methodology'! I guess the best way for me right now to express almost that which can not be expressed is my attunement with Mayan Cosmology... In fact, for me, this is the only ' methodology' that could possibly 'fit' your intent!
Again, you are 'White Planetary Dog'... This is the 'mantra' for this signature: ' I perfect in order to love, Producing loyalty, I seal the process of heart, With planetary tone of manifestation, I am guided by the power of endlessness, I am a polar kin, I extend the white galactic spectrum.'
I do not at this time know the full meaning of this mantra(prayer), but at it's fundamental core, you are Pure LOVE Manifested, Manifest, and Manifesting!!!!! You're 'natural power' is RedPlanetaryMoon: The moon is associated with the number 9 which is associated with great masters and teachers,e.g., Buddha, Christ, Quezecoatle(Mayan) and most certainly with female 'avatars' who no one knows about!
You are guided by WhiteMirror(Reflection of endlessness, transparency) and helped by BlueMonkey which is all about 'magic' and play!!! Your challenge and gift and that which you're present incarnation wishes to experience and get is YellowSun!!! It can be best described as ' I am that I am that I am'!!! I have witnessed two human beings that I consider friends who are YellowSun's and what I get about them is that they are who they say they are!!! In my wildest imaginations, the YellowSuns could be on their very last incarnation, period!!! And to top it off, your tone is Manifestation...fairly self-explanatory! You create a 'structure' by which divine spirit can show up in a way that all the female teachers of the past could not... You are a catalyst for the evolution of this planet... I know you are on the path because you are the Path!!! I can tell from your prior correspondences your emphasis on both feminine and masculine energies...and I'm sure you have supporters who focus on both.
In some ways, you are like me, in that, when I get bogged down in my 'stuff', I forget to BE...For you, it's forgetting to give yourself plenty of room to BE YOURSELF!!! Don't worry about whether people get you all the time or not, and that includes me at times! When people are wholly comfortable with you, then the Earth will truly be 'Heaven on Earth'! If you ever need to be reminded of how Wonderful you are, just give me a 'holler'...and I will tell you even when I am in it, on it, or out of it!!! You're intention will always remind of who I really am: Nurturer of Primary BEING'!!!

Love, John
Hi Laurie:

I feel so acknowledged...what better way to learn than with you. I felt heard and acknowledged.
Thanks for your clarity, honesty and love..

Hi Laurie,
What a joy it was meeting and working with you!

As it turned out, after talking to the rats that day, a long time client called with a problem with swallows. I was able to call on the information you had given us, about connecting to their Divine selves and asking their soul purpose. It was a lovely conversation, deeply based in mutual respect and honoring. The client and I are going to keep in touch to see how things play out....

Also, Judith and I are so excited about our upcoming trips! It was very generous of you to work with us on the payment system. Even committing to the trip was life altering ~ so I know the trips will prove so as well.

My daughter Cara has e-mailed you about the upcoming Kona trip. She is very excited. As her mom I can say this, she is a very special and gifted lightworker with great love to offer, a true delight!

Viviana Hollenbeck

Dear Laurie,

Thank you so much for sharing with us this profound evolution that you have gone through. Your humanity and humility is beautiful, you always speak the truth in your heart and that is one of the reasons I honor and respect you very much. And I feel that you have grown and learned so very much from this experience and now you can help others go through an experience like this.

With love and gratitude,


Thank you so much, Laurie.

One thing about my life I do know is I am truly blessed having known you...and knowing you!
Thanks for all you do.
I am really glad you found your life's purpose.

Peace, Kathleen Angelo

Dear Kathleen:
Thank you to you and your Canine pal Blue for touching my heart with your deep expansive love. You and Blue are true miracles in my life!

Love, Laurie

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Tools for Awakening and Success

Choose the love when you interact with
the people and animals in your life, the elements and insects and angels in your life...
the material in your life...
the fire, air, water and earth in your life....
the words you use...
The actions you choose....
the thoughts you think...
the feelings you face...

You shall be eternally but your art piece is finite so treat a lltools listed above in this art piece of living with the precious sacredness in which they were given to you.

Many of you ask me how to create success with manifestation and awakening outside of my seminars, when you are at home. For this purpose I have create The Home Study Kit. Our aspirations do not always match are true experiences. This is a commen disappointment for humans... and so I provide assistance with the home study kit. Learn about it at the link below. Learn to practice creating your life as a miracle.

Dr. Laurie, tell me about the Home Study Kit

Satsang Schedule

Monthly Friday afternoon Satsangs in Santa Cruz, CA. Email Laurie@DrLaurieMoore.com for a schedule and location.

October 3, 2008
Animiracles Satsang Seminar Evening
Cresent City, CA
For tickets email Maryjoan Tully, host and manager
at goddessdivine@charter.net

October 4, 2008
Animiracles Satsang Seminar Full Day
Cresent City, CA
For tickets email Maryjoan Tully, host and manager
at goddessdivine@charter.net

July 6-11, 2008
Dolphin Unconditional Joy Seminar
Big Island, Hawaii
Info at http://www.animiracles.com/seminars.cfm

July 18, 2008
Animiracles Satsang Seminar
Santa Cruz, CA (Free tickets available)
Info at http://www.animiracles.com/seminars.cfm

August 15, 16 and 17, 2008
Animiracles Satsang Seminar
Santa Cruz, CA (Free tickets available)
Info at http://www.animiracles.com/seminars.cfm

October 25-26, 2008
Animiracles Satsang Seminar
For ticket info and accommodations
info contact Amber Hinton, host
and manager: amber@thenaturalgait.com
We do not offer scholarships in Iowa.

March 3-10 , 2009
Whale Satsang
Visit www.animiracles.com for info and visit
www.el-santuario.com/currentevents.html for accommodations
or email the office: Laurie@DrLaurieMoore.com.
Info at http://www.animiracles.com/seminars.cfm

July 18-23, 2009
Big Island Dolphin
Big Island, Hawaii
Info at http://www.animiracles.com/seminars.cfm

July 23-28, 2009
Molokai, Hawaii
Personal and Universal Heart
Info at http://www.animiracles.com/seminars.cfm

July 28-Aug 1, 2009
Hawaii, Maui
Full Expressions BIG SHIFT
Info at http://www.animiracles.com/seminars.cfm

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Favorite Client Experiences

I have so many it is hard to choose but each week I share the joy one or more.

A healer was so scared about "convincing" people in her sessions. She learned that there is nobody and nothing to convince. Her job was to provide the love and care in her meetings with people that she provided in her sessions. Her job of doing this was as fulfilling as the sessions themselves. Now people desired her work.
Her self love grew and this resolved her problem.

It is fine to do things on ones own but it is a virtue to receive help! When you need support with your goals, transformation or hearing your animals' messages, I am here. Call 831-477-7007 or email me below.

Warmly, Dr. Laurie

I would like a session , Dr. Laurie

Scholarship Tickets for August 14,15, 16 AND & July 18

Aloha from Dr. Laurie Moore

Your Free Tickets for August 15,16,17 2008 or July 18, 2008 can be obtained at http://www.animalintuitivereadings.com/pages/1/index.htm or at 831-477-7007 or at Laurie@DrLaurieMoore.com.

WELCOME to the Worlds of Miracles and Animal Communication!

This is a personal message from Dr. Laurie Moore. I welcome you with the love that lives in all hearts. Many of you know me from my expert appearances on top national talk and news shows. Others of you know me from my DVD, Animiracles. Thousands of you have met me through my talks, seminars or private miracle therapy, dolphin and whale swim seminars or animal intuitive readings. But much more importantly, we all know each other through the one universal love that connects all hearts. This is who we truly are: ONE LOVE with many unique personalities!

I have developed a miracle producing program, Animiracles. This 3 day Seminar Satsang program assists people in spiritually awakening in the context of creating miraculous practical results in all areas of living: health & vitality, relationships with others, abundance & success, and over all fulfillment.

My methodology teaches you to develop a new and evolved way of communicating with yourself, other humans, animals, nature and for those who feel inclined, spiritual helpers whoever those may be for you. My methodology teaches you to accomplish in moments what would have otherwise taken life times to learn.

With animal wisdom, given to me by the grace of animal spiritual teachers, you will learn to live in a wonderful inner world within your own heart. You will learn to manifest miracles in your outer life of relationships, money, and body well being. You will learn to live in full unconditional joy, love, peace, and abundance by learning the language of animals, insects, angels, archangels, master teachers, human soul to soul talk, cetaceans, and benevolent light beings. I am giving you FREE tickets for yourself and friends.

This three day event of a life time takes place on August 15,16 and 17 ,2008 in Santa Cruz, CA or you may come to the one day on Juky 19, 2008 in Santa Cruz, CA.

Because is my intention to share this methodology with one million people from all walks of life, many countries, many ages, all religions and no religions, and all political parties by 2015, I am offering Free Tickets. This makes my work available to EVERYONE.

In the core of every human heart is one love. World Love is a possibility! Each person who chooses to create a life in line with his or her heart's greatest desires contributes to the creation of World Love. I invite you to come and change from the inside out.

It is my desire that if you reserve a space, you are fully committed as only you can change your life. To do so in this new way, you must show up and receive the gift! As there are often waiting lists for my miracle courses and animal communication seminars, please ask yourself if you are 100% committed before reserving a seat. Of course, I have full faith that you can change your life on your own, but if you are drawn to this program, allow yourself the luxury of a weekend of joy, awakening and success with support and connection!

Reserve your tickets at http://www.animalintuitivereadings.com/pages/1/index.htm

To learn more about my work visit: www.animiracles.com.
The dress rehearsal is over. Life is NOW! Come be in love, joy, bliss, prosperity, success, and gratitude. Live in the worlds of animal wisdom and miracles.

Please share this information with everyone you know who will benefit. "Ask and you shall receive" is the nature of life. These scholarships are in harmony with that perspective, sent through the voices of birds, the sun, the dolphins and other teachers.

Directions and anything else you need to know will be sent prior to the events.

Mail your questions to Richard@DrLaurieMoore.com and Laurie or one of her assistants will respond.

May All beings Be Joy. May All Beings Be Peace. May all be creating lives that come to fruition via deepest heart Yearnings, May it be so for you!

Dr. Laurie Moore
Reserve your tickets at http://www.animalintuitivereadings.com/pages/1/index.htm


2. Attract the relationship of your dreams by falling into love with truth in each moment.

3. Be heart telepathic with animals, angels, ascended masters and friends.

4. See the good in every single situation.

5. Attract that for which you have yearned. Manifest the dream life, body experience, abundance, career and spiritual awakening you choose.

6. Live life as a spiritual journey in each moment

7. Transform undesired situations.

8. Experience friendships, colleague-ship and relationships full of bliss and love.

9. Learn how to follow your soul's deepest calling.

10. Experience the kind of unconditional support and acceptance you always yearned for.

11. Have fun and be fulfilled in new ways.

12. Enter new worlds of communication with all life.

13. Enter the new paradigm where all is in motion and the moment of creation is this second.

14. Enter new frequencies, realms, colors, experiences that animals and angels and masters live. You are this.

15. Come home to LOVE for LOVE is the moment that created you and the eternal truth of existence.

16. Find continuous happiness in being single.

17. Create a second honeymoon in your relationship.

18. Create a new relationship to your body enhancing wellness and supporting the offering up of non desired body circumstances or habits.

19. Learn to know life as patterns of light and sound calling your love and harmony back into being.

Reserve your tickets at http://www.animalintuitivereadings.com/pages/1/index.htm

What is The Miracle Ground?
Visit www.animiracles.com

Who is Dr. Laurie?
Visit www.animiracles.com .
"She is the embodiment of The Divine Mother." -Craig Vasconcellos, Massage therapist, Father & Energy Healer

"I put her up on my website with Babgi and Ammachi." Seth Burton, Artist

"My life has changed in every way due to the many years I have studied and worked with Dr. Laurie. I left my nursing job for my dream job. My relationships with everyone changed. I now experience the Heaven NOW I thought was only possible after life on Earth!"Richard Smith, Father, Sculptor

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"My back is cured...I cured my back in a few minutes. I did it!"

That's right. Dr. Laurie empowers YOU to live on The Miracle Ground; Planet Earth, the FULL LOVE~Joy Planet. She says, "You are all ascended masters. Now let's choose to remember this and be responsible for it. I will assist you. I am just like each of you there is no hierarchy anywhere. In this moment we are all equal and all capable of our very best."

Thank you for this amazing gift, Dr. Laurie! Reserve my spot!


Inside the Circle Members now may receive the following:

A daily email message of inspiration
Jessie the cat's E book
Dr. Laurie's growing archives (slowly but surely we are sharing 12 years of archives)
An ebook on animal communication
ongoing audio good news casts
Free Telconferences when announced
An autographed copy of Creative Intimacy
discounts on life reports, Hawaii seminars, conference calls ,the 12 audio ecourse on success and enlightenment and more
a library full of inspirational articles and animal on line mini videos and more to come!

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Generate Your Dreams into Reality

You CAN create your dream life when you are willing
to face your challenges and utilize particular practices. Your dream life is in tune with your heart and does not always come out in the details you imagined. Yet, your heart gets that your dream life is for you to live and works with your mind to orchestrate your greatest potential...when you surrender and when you offer yourself to LOVE in your unique way.

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"I learned that I can create what I ask for when I came to Laurie. It is true! It works!"

Jeri P., Property Manager

"I am happy each now! Life is a miracle!"

Christina B, Chef

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Learn Animal Communication

Animals speak with thoughts, pictures and feelings as do humans. Because humans have become accustom to relying more on the intellect than other modes of discussion, we forget this. But everyone can re-learn, You can learn to hear, feel and see the messages of beloved animals. When you do, you will also be able to hear, see, and feel your human friends from great love and unconditional care and regard.

Would you like to get started on learning?

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"Laurie, I had no idea what I was going to receive form you. I received so much more than I could have ever imagined possible."
Thank you, Rita, human

"Every time I receive something from Laurie I benefit."
Henry, human

�Laurie really listens from deep inside so she hears me. She hears my world . Thank you, Laurie.�
Sno, cat

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Couples Recreate Honey Moon Stage

Many couples give up because the relationship appears to "change" and is no longer the initial delight. The couple relationship is actually a mirror, allowing us to find the inconsistencies and u unhealed places within so we may heal. When couples take this path on consciously the honey moon returns again and again. The love can be eternal.

Ready to fall back in love? It can happen and has happened to many like yoruself. The road is available.

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"Laurie, we are so grateful and so happy. Our work with you changed our marriage. Thank you!"

Don and Tina

�Laurie, I love him. I was on the verge of a divorce . Now I think the world of my mate again. We both worked on our issues. Thank you for guiding us.�

Penny, Teacher

"We had the best week of our entire marraige this past week after my coaching session with you , Dr. Laurie. Thank you!"

Brian, Author

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Create 5-6 Digit Income, Spiritual & Animal Entrepreneurs

People who wish to succeed spiritually and financially hand and hand can do it. You can do what you love, be yourself and create an income. I built my business over many years in great love and will share with you valuable practices I used for success.

Ready to build your own spiritual and financial success as an entrepreneur?

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"Laurie, ten minutes with you on the phone and I already have a huge shift. Thank you!"

Sasha, Holistic Entreprenuer

"After the money session, money came in from every where! Thank you!"

Henry, Astrologer

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Create & Discover Your Soul Mate~Life Partner

Creating a mate is a conscious inner and outer art project. Done carefully, you will be happy. The magic of falling in love combined with the wisdom of choosing a met who meets you in the 7 important areas will lead to a life of joy with another.

I designed this program for myself and it worked many years ago. I am still happy with the results. I will share with you.

Ready to create your soul~mate life~partner?

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"Dr. Laurie encouraged me not to give up. I almost did as I had searched so long. I almost married the wrong person for me. But I decided to trust. Then I found my ideal mate with all 50 traits I had requested. I fell in love and married. I am married happily.�

Sharon, Business Owner

�I learned the seven categories, wrote down what I desired and found him shortly thereafter.�


The journey of partnering and mirroring is deep and delicious . Soul mates destined to find you do with this process. In this process you are conscious of your choices so you can feel good about yourself, celebrate the gifts, and take responsibility. This leads to the gems being available in the ease and gems being available in the challenge. This is a inner gem process.

Laurie, I would love 5 FREE gifts! Thank you!

Awaken Spiritually

Enlightenment is available in a unique way to each person. You may go into awakened and awakening states all day, forever more. You can experience this in any lifestyle you live. God is unconditional love. Goddess is unconditional love.
Ready to be inspired and encouraged with this?
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"Laurie, I experienced my higher self for the first time. Thank you."

"Laurie, felt the unconditional peace. I am the peace. It is so different now."
�A chakra opened up. It is an amazing experience of everflowing love.� Rich

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Love your Body and Create Body Wellness

Your body is a gift to enjoy. Your body is designed for bliss, ecstasy and well being. Your physical challenges are doorways to bliss when you learn how to face and transform them.

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"I find the beauty in my body just as it is now. I stopped making her wrong."


"My backache went away in a moment and this usually takes days or weeks."


I quit over eating. I was able to love myself instead.


"I quit using. I felt empowered in society and in my family in a whole new way. So the drugs lost appeal.


"My migraine just stopped!"


Laurie, I would love 5 FREE gifts! Thank you!

Dr. Laurie's Radio,TV, Public Speaking Schedule


In chronological order for 2008~

Listen to Dr. Laurie Moore
on Dolphinville Internet radio
http://www.dolphinville.com/radio /index.htm
(You will need to scroll down a little.)

May 18, 2008
4-6 p.m.
Talk/mini seminar on Communication with All Life
Creating Heaven on Earth with Evolved Communication
at Crones Counsel
Santa Cruz, CA
More Info:
Contact: Dianne Cornell, Crones Counsel President

June 12, 2008
4 p.m. PST
Radio Appearance on Intuitive Soul with
Host Laurie Hutson
Animals as Spiritual Teachers
Info at www.IntuitiveSoulRadio.com

June 21, 2008
6 p.m.
Guest speaker for Soul Jam for Benefit for Africa Concert
Host Jean Kowalski
The New World LOVE & WEALTH ways
Cambria, California
Info at www.souljam.org

July 4, 2008
Time TBA
Talk on the Music within the Earth
at Dowsers national 2008 Conference
University of California at Santa Cruz, College 8
Contact: Karen Ashley, West Coast Conference Manager
415-564-6419 / dowserina@earthlink.net

July 12, 2008
1-3 p.m.
Book Talk , Signing and Readings
The Cat's Reincarnation and Unconditional Trust in Love
Captain Cook, Hawaii
Kona Stories Book Store
Contact: Bookstore owner: Brenda Eng

July 22, 2008
12 noon-1 p.m. PST
Radio Appearance on
It�s a New Day
Host: Dawn Stansfield
Topic :Individual and Universal Soul Calling vs. Conditioning
BROADCASTING LIVE in Seattle, WA on 106.9 FM HD
Channel 3
Phone in toll-free during live radio broadcasts at:
(877) 230-3062 or (425) 644-5620
Telstar Satellite Network
UpSnap Mobile Entertainment
How can I hear Contact Talk Radio�s broadcast in HD?
To hear CTR you can of course listen online on contacttalkradio.com, or in Seattle in its clearest digital form, you will need a special HD Radio Receiver for either your car or home audio system. Once you have an HD Radio Receiver, there are NO subscription fees. It's FREE for consumers.
To listen live or listen to archives after the show click here:

July 25, 2008
7:00 -8:30 p.m.
Class: Awaken & Create Life Miracles through Communication with Animals A
Monterey Bay Holistic Alliance Location: Yoga High in Salinas
Monterey, CA
Yoga High at 44 Plaza Circle, Salinas, California.
Website is www.yogahigh.com

August6, 2008
1-2 p.m. PST
Radio Appearance on
The Wellness Road show: Searching for Whole Being
Host: Catherine Bradford
Animal Communication and relationships

August 27, 2008
8-9 a.m. PST
Radio Appearance on Returning to The Body Mind
Host Dr. Melissa West
Living a Lifestyle of Miracles
Go to: http://www.contacttalkradio.com/listen.htm
How to Call-In:
To talk live with Dr. Laurie on the radio
Toll Free: 1-877-230-3062 on air calls only

September 6,2008
3:00-4:30 p.m.
Class: Awaken & Create Life Miracles through Communication with Animals B
(If you missed class A you are welcome to attend B anyway.)
Monterey Bay Holistic Alliance
Monterey, CA
Please double check on this date and which of the three MBHA locations at
831-477-7007 or Laurie@DrLaurieMoore.com . Thank you.

September (date TBA) Television Appearance on
Holistic View
Massachusetts TV station
Animal Communication
Contact: SisterWolf Kendra, TV Host for info

May 15, 2009
7:00-8:30 p.m.
Class: Awaken & Create Life Miracles through Communication with Animals C
(If you missed class A and or B you are welcome to attend C anyway.)
Monterey Bay Holistic Alliance
Monterey, CA
Please double check on this date and which of the three MBHA locations at 831-477-7007 or Laurie@DrLaurieMoore.com . Thank you.

TBA (May 2009)
8:30-9 a.m. PST
Radio Appearance on
Host: Tom Park
Topic TBA
Portland: 90.7 fm
Corvallis: 100.7 fm
Columbia Gorge: 91.9 fm

Date TBA
11 a.m.-12 noon PST
Radio Appearance on
Chemical Free Living
Host: Cynthia Drasler
Topic: Shifting Addiction to Living Success
Seattle: KRWM 106.9FM-HD3!

Date TBA
Bridging Heaven and Earth Radio

The Miracle ground�s Satsang Cook for the 4 Hawaiian Islands, Erin Pasco,
will be interviewed on swimming with dolphins in the love, passion and pleasure of consciousness of the Satsang seminars created by Dr. Laurie Moore.
Poland�s Number one womens� magazine with almost 2 million readers:
Twoj Styl (translating: Your Style), http://styl24.pl/twojstyl.php

Book Dr. Laurie to Give a Radio, TV or Public Talk

Dr. Laurie Moore, LMFT, CHT, Animal Communicator
(831) 477-7007


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