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On my way to Ashland from Santa Cruz the phone rang twice as I passed Mt. Shasta.. Later upon checking messages I learned that both people who called were calling about Mt. Shasta. But neither had any idea I was PASSING Mount Shasta when they called. I am grateful for serendipity and the law of attraction.

Both people who had called thought I was in Santa Cruz, six hours away. Neither new of my trip to Ashland.

Neither knew that recently a woman had said to me out of the blue, "you belong in Mt. Shasta" and another woman had offered to give Ray and I a place to stay there any time we visit!

The woman who called me as I passed Mt. Shasta (another woman then those mentioned in the previous paragraph) was also inviting me to Mt. Shasta. Well I was right there (6 hours from home) so I said "Yes." Two friends soon called from Santa Cruz and when I told them about all this they said “you should go there.” It was obviously being set up by LOVE. The friends who offered advice are not ones to usually do so. Thank you to the Love who arranges all needed events.

I was given a place to stay, a yummy bag of food and connections to a variety of people interested in my work. Mt Shasta is one of the public access TV stations that will share the Miracle Ground Satsangs which are now all being videoed. I fell quickly in Love with Mt. Shasta. I am so grateful to Tyla, the woman who called me for her generosity. She said she was guided and I was meant to be there.

I was guided to a retreat center and I was given a vision of a Satsang I would give there. I was greeted by a dog who came to kiss me, a cat who knocked on my door, a butterfly who landed at my feet after I said hello and a spider who became a friend. Every molecule there was made of love and I felt deeply at home. Love is my home and I love Mt. Shasta. What a beautiful home coming. My last home coming like this was Hawaii.

There are so many home comings in the inner for me and some times in the outer. At Shasta, as in Lemuria Hawaii the inner and outer were one in my heart's experience.

The Mt Shasta May 22-24 retreat was born from this LOVE and great care. The Divine Mother took me in and I felt I dissolved into only love, only grace, only a disappearance into nothing but the heart.

I invite you to come join The Miracle Ground in Shasta May 22-24 to be LOVE which is who you came to Earth to be.

Love, Dr. Laurie

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Hi Laurie,

I wanted to thank you from the core of my heart for being the light in so many people's lives. I've watched your light get stronger over time, casting love energy into ever farther reaches of the globe. Thank you.

In Love and Gratitude,


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Mt. Shasta August 2009

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