Generosity with Who You are Meant As
Generosity As Who You Are Meant As

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1. Discover that you have chosen one message upon your birth and that this message remains your message. When you are teaching and when you are learning, when you believe you are succeeding and when you think you are failing (though you never truly are), when you are switching careers or changing an old pattern in a life long relationship you still have one essential message. You can try to rewrite it but it won�t work. Your one message is you and will be shinning through everything you are, do and have for your incarnation and maybe, many more incarnations to come!

Make this message the primary one you share and the purpose of your existence because it already is. When you pretend otherwise, everyone knows and your business wilts. When you accept that you are the unique you that only you can be and carry the message to the others on a gemstone platter of sacred gifts, we all are upgraded together. You win. We win. Success is the way.

2. Generosity Pays Well even when unseen by others or if not recognized by material reward right now. Give and Give again. It is all showering back as you give. Feel the waves that are you. If you have nothing to give, look more closely. You have plenty to give ongoingly.

A woman once asked me how it was that I could give away over $100,000 of full scholarships to my animal communication and miracle manifestation seminars each year, tithe 5% of my income to others and come out okay. Was I a multimillionaire?

No, I was not anything like that. I was at that time living month to month. Giving is our invitation to our love. It feels good. It feels right. It puts the receiver under no pressure.

The result was and is that so many people were and are experiencing life changing miracles and heart awakenings from my events that business has exploded. People came back to purchase miracle coaching packages, Hawaii dolphin trips, Andaras crystals, and animal readings. People loved my gifts so they came back for more and told their friends. People loved my business so 100 people became volunteers. Generosity works for the giver and the receiver in someprofound ways! Of course every new situation also brings new learnings as well.

3. Receive. Allow Grace to beckon you. When you allow the vision to be fully handled by the LOVE , when you allow yourself to be fully given too by all of life, then your giving becomes enormous. Details begin to fall into place synchronistically.

4. There are no mistakes. Whatever is working and whatever is not currently working is all part of the Divine development of who you are. You shall return home. You are right on track NOW.

5 Fill your self tank in every way even if unacceptable to others. Than you will love instead of fear. Then you will give freely instead of resent. Then you will prosper as the universe will know you are ready and willing to behold your own fullness.

6. Always ask the fairies and rocks, plants and animals, master teachers and benevolent light beings, angels, archangels, humans and elements to help you! You cannot do anything alone! You are here on behalf of all of us so allow your creations to represent this fact of love.

7. Also, Always ask the fairies and rocks, plants and animals, master teachers and benevolent light beings, angels, archangels, humans and elements if your plan serves their highest interests before proceeding. You cannot do anything alone! Get their insights so that your gift to the world benefits people for generations to come.

8. Your only purpose is to cleanse all from your consciousness that is other than neutral love. Remember that the expereince of life is a gift for this.

9. Follow your own impulses when there is clarity in them. Ignore those who say you should not. You will do your business in a unique way that works for you and others histories may not concur with yours.

10. Grace will beckon and Faith will lead for the right job to be done if it is the will of LOVE. It will happen in a way that appears differently than some of ways you designed originally. To succeed is to dance with the sun, earth, water and wind.

11. Take outer impulses inward before utilizing them. The key is inside. Outside is the art. Eventually it is all the same and waves come thorugh the heart of an initiative that holds the little "I".

12. Tithe time and money and products.If you have to little to tithe, tithe anyway. You have much more than many.

13. Do it all in gratitude or let it go and do not do it. This is an inviation only. Check your heart to see if it serves your purpose.

14. Do this in love of Goddess~God, Love of Other, Love of Self. It is all the same Love. You are self, others and you are the goodness.

15. Be creative and wise enough to find out that all you need is right here. Create from your fullness.

16. Do what comes through you from great passion.

27. Be the source creator at all times rather than the effect. You have , you are, and you know that with which you are one. The person who has great wealth has great wealth within. If you are one with starvation you are wealthier than the person who has a bank full of numbers with which he is not one. You are either fear or loved based in your relations and ultimately only your love will give you anything. So if you know that you have all you need in the water, air, food, love and shelter provided you are wealthy and all secondary occurrences of abundance are artistry derived in JOY. If you accumulate because you perceive that you lack you still lack. If you know the music of winning or losing you are neither and you are whole. From this you may create great wealth because you already are the wealth you require. From here your strategy is pleasing rather than ha hope to leave yourself. You are not lost from yourself unless you choose to perceive yourself as separate from your own core.

18. Notice everyone and everything and every situation comes form a source that is one source. Notice that essentially this source is producing tones of music and shades of colorful light and that all of life is a melody. If you give anything more attachment than this, trouble will face you to teach you to see what is essential.

19. Pray for help always in the highest happiest interest of all life everywhere and stay open to unexpected answers and turns.

Dr. Laurie Moore 831-477-7007
Please use with permission of author

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