Cultivating a happier & healthier You

The Amazing Power of Gratitute

If you'd like to be happier and healthier then cultivating an "attitude of gratitude" will set you off to a flying start

According to scientific research by psychologists Emmons and McCullogh the simple act of counting your blessings can increase happiness levels by 25%

Those who make a point of practising gratitude sleep better, exercise more, feel more optimistic and less materialistic, are more empathetic and joyful and report few physical symptoms such as pain.  They can even have sharper minds.

Secondly, this is not hard to achieve....

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Breakthrough Weekends

Breakthrough weekends are a perfect way to make a quantum leap forward, work deeply with a challenge you are facing or simply to renew and refresh your energy.

Take a weekend away from it all in beautiful Aughrim, Co Wicklow.  Stay locally in B&B, hotel or self catering accomodation.  Spend 5 hours throughout the weekend with Erica in healing, coaching and therapy work.  The rest of the time you are free to integrate in whatever way feels right for you.  Spend time in nature, hang out in the local coffee shops and restaurants, sit quietly in your room.  The choice is yours.

There is something very powerful about taking a breather from your life especially when...

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The Law of Attraction

The law of attraction simply says that you attract in to your life whatever you think about.  The law of attraction is always at work in your life even if you are completely unaware of it’s existence or how it works. 

Without an understanding of how you create then it is very likely that due to scattered, unfocused or negative thinking you will end up creating things that on a conscious level you really don't want. 

The Law of Attraction starts with our thoughts but gains power through our emotions.....

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What is Your Body Telling You?

Our body is constantly talking to us, giving us messages about our emotional and mental wellbeing.  It is a deep source of knowledge and a great tool for transformation.  If we listen and learn to work with it, it can guide us to health and wellbeing.  If we ignore its messages we may well suffer unnecessary illness or distress as a result. 

Many people do not hear when their body talks – they dismiss its communications as just another headache, pain, virus, stiffness or cold.  Others hear,  but do not know how to use the information for positive change.......

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What's new from Erica

This season I am delighted to bring you lots of new and exciting opportunities to create space for deep and lasting transformation in your life:

The Law of Attraction Workshop - Learn how to make this powerful universal law work for you in your life.....

Energy Awareness & Healing Workshop - Increase your awareness of energy, get in touch with your own healing ability, feel confident enough to use it to heal...

Live Your Dream Night Class - 6 evenings packed full of invaluable skills to get you focusing on and moving steadily towards the future of your dreams....

Understanding the Human Energy Field Workshop -
Energy is the source of everything.  Understand how your Energy field affects you and your world and how you can affect it....

Create the Life You Want Workshop Breakthrough negative patterns or beliefs that hold you back and learn how to move forward in a positive way in your life.  Small group only so book early....

Lose Weight—Feel Great - One to one weight loss coaching at an affordable price.  Available in Aughrim, and Dun Laoghaire....

Breakthrough Weekends - A perfect way to make a quantum leap forward, work deeply with a challenge you are facing or simply to renew and refresh in beautiful Aughrim, Co Wicklow....

My Blog has arrived!—I have finally got my blog up and running.  I hope it will become a thought provoking source of information and inspiration for you.  Check it out on

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Becoming a Life Coach with Empower Training

Are you seeking a fulfilling and rewarding career or an opportunity to add to your skills?  Do you want to help yourself and others to get the most out of life?  If so Empower Trainings Diploma in Life and Personal Coaching may be exactly what you are looking for!

Empower training delivers innovative training
programmes that help people and organisations get results.  Their programmes run in Dublin, Cork, Kilkenny, Limerick and Donegal.

The Empower Diploma in Life & Personal Coaching is recognised by the LBCAI and has FETAC accreditation on some modules.  Empower offer lots of other interesting training including NLP.

Find out more about empower training courses here 

or call empower on 056 7756736    

Book Review - "The Dark Side of the Light Chasers"

A Friend of mine gave me this book several years ago -she thought it was amazing and that I’d get a lot out of it.  I took a look at it and nothing about it grabbed me so I put it in a drawer and that’s where it sat year after year.   

Then one day I felt like I really needed something new, something to move me forward and I remembered this book—I took it out and for the next 3 days I could not put it down—I read it from cover to cover.  Everything in it spoke to me.  It felt like the perfect gift at that moment.

The Dark Side of the Light Chasers is a powerful guide to help you reclaim your power, creativity, brilliance and dreams by actively embracing the sides of yourself you dislike or deny....

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TED - Ideas Worth Spreading

TED is an annual conference that brings togehter the worlds most fascinating thinkers and doers who are challenged to give the talk of their lives in 18 minutes.

If you haven't come across it before you have got to check it out.  The best of these talks are available free on  You can also hear some through Sky on the EMTV channel.

Many of these talks will blow you away so take some time to browse but here's some suggestions to get your started......

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Classes and Workshops

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October 19th
Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin

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Live Your Dream

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Foxrock Institute, D18

The Human Energy Field

Residential Workshop
16th - 18th January
Chrysalis, Co Wicklow

Create the Life You Want

10th - 11th Jan 09
Aughrim, Co Wicklow

Breakthrough Weekends

20th to 22nd Feb 09
24th to 26th April 09
17th to 19th July 09
21st to 23rd August 09

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Recommended Book - "The Light Side of The Dark Chasers"
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Launching My Blog


I have finally got my blog up and running.  I hope it will become a thought provoking source of information and inspiration for you. 

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