Letter from Dr. Laurie Moore
Letter from Dr. Laurie Moore

Dear Friends:

A beautiful time in history is offered to us. the profound love that is us, has us, inspires us
and creates us is available in a beautiful deep way.

Our global interspecies family of animals (land, sea and air animals), humans, angels, benevolent light beings, insects, planets, elements, plants, flowers and all life lover beloveds is in love. We are here among one another
as one big heart.

The Animiracle Satsang Seminars is a time to gather in this love.

During these events I offer special attention to each individual who chooses to remind you lovingly
of the incredible GIFT YOU ARE to everyone. I remind you of your innate ability to talk to all life forms heart to heart.

The personal and global break downs occurring (emotional, social, psychological, medical, economic, ecological, etc.) will ultimately be the beautiful downslide into the neutrality of love allowing the building of new creations as individuals, partners, families, communities, countries, the globe and the light we send into the universe to all our relations. Come home to the one universal whole LOVE in your individual uniqueness and co create the new ways. Be celebrated for your being.

If you would like free tickets: info@drLaurieMoore.com or call 831-477-7007 or read and hear more at www.animiracles.com.

Dr. Laurie Moore
The Miracle Ground

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For 5 years I have witnessed a correlation between huge new waves of energy that sweep the planet with astounding love, unexplainable bliss, unnamable peace. Each time another level of ascension comes in (such as the huge oneness wave of October 14, 2008,, a dark cloud is discussed in the media (even in very spiritual circles!).

Listen feel and watch for what is happening in the realms of love beyond what you are shown and told! The way of complete ecstasy has been revealed for all who choose. Trust what is inside you. Trust.

I am not offering perfection nor ignoring dark waves. I am pointing to the amazing love that holds it all, a love that gets lighter and more expansive daily. The universe is in tremendous flux! You are part of all of it. Be aware of the grand goodness that is HERE in all challenges.

Many spirituals point you toward the COMING day but the day has come! It is here, now within and when you tune yourself, outside reflects this love, bliss, joy in all the apparent circumstances. Feel closely!

It has been long prophesized that the coming of the Aquarian age would bring with necessary break downs of structures which no longer serve. Many of these structures have not served the masses for a long time but this has been deeply hidden to most.

Whether we are discussing ecology, politics, psychology, wellness, you name it, we have known for some time that many break downs would come. We have known for ions that these break downs would coincide with the beautiful assistance offered in many ways on our planet as we ascend into the 2012 new world. We have chosen to be here now.

Please be advised that no matter what falls apart, no matter what any media or other source proclaims, TMG is proclaimed in love and will continue on the planet.

As long as I am here, I am here in love and I will be giving this love via a framework I have created called TMG. As long as I am on Earth, there will be places to meet and TMG will prevail in some form. Because we are love, we love and this love brings all that is needed for us always. All we need is immediately here now. There is nothing to fear but our fear. There is everything and there is everyone to LOVE wherever we are. Peace, Love and abundance for all is proclaimed and so it is.

In all situations TMG will continue to tithe 5% of gross income to brothers and sisters on the planet who are not as fortunate as many of us in USA with abundant opportunities. We will also tithe to brothers and sisters in our country who are in need.

Please give of what you have spiritually, mentality, physically, emotionally to one another forever and always. You know in your heart how~for some it will mean to sit alone in a meditation. Being the self in this way is all that is needed to be given and received. For others, it will require action and transferring of knowledge, inspiration, material. For some it will mean to sing a song to the sun. There is no wrong or right. Some will start things up. Others will work to actively expose and end things that are needing to be witnessed. Some will be. Just BE. It is all enough. Be fulfilled in your connection with all, however this comes to you, and all will be set into a new way.

I am born of my wealth of love and richness on all levels and will forever share this in the ways guided through me from the depth of my heart and being. All needed is here and as I love all this it keeps coming in lovable ways!

Some have asked me for assignments but I cannot take any power in your lives. I know who you are. You are love masters and I will forever honor all beings as my equals. You must assign yourself your ways and tasks.

When another chooses to disobey their inner calling simply step back and let them learn via their own creation and that person will come around. Love them. Love it all and each one has the capacity to do the same.

Thank you.

Dr. Laurie

Dr. Laurie Moore, LMFT, CHT, Animal Communicator
(831) 477-7007


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