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Constitution for The Miracle Ground

From our (treasure) chest, which appears as the human biological system, which is a microphone for individuals and the universal soul all love, all life is created. It is in this reflection that each will choose which paradigm of life, graced by universal methodology, to reflect. In this mirror, it will be evident that all good and all love comes from an embrace of all creation through love.

Our relationship will be of the heart and in this the uniqueness of our many individual ways will be celebration.
In this we are served and we serve. In this we are being the receiver of the gift and the gift as we are being love. This is the sacred text all animals know and so we commune with animals to remember the origin of all life.

Personal testimonial from the Creator of The Miracle Ground (TMG), Dr. Laurie Moore:

All needed riches, lessons and connections have come to me via heart in the container of TMG. Prior to TMG my life was full of goals being accomplished and emotional ties. Now my life is full of love and creation at every level to the universal core, known deep within and witnessed all around me.

When I forget, TMG cries until I shift. Then she reshapes and deepens her being back into her great peace in which she holds us. When I remember, the universe offers me fruit from the tree from every direction I look. The Miracle Ground is the great wealth of love and the great love of wealth that is all we experience, feel, share, have and do in love.

Namaste, Shanti, Aloha.
In Gratitude,
Dr. Laurie

Laurie, how can I get involved with TMG?

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Thank you to The Miracle Ground Staff & Helpers

Lelsey Littlefield, my admin, makes my life so delightful and well. Mike Mittan, Lesley Littlefield, MaryJoan Tully and Hilda Contreras create Animiracle events with LOVE and wisdom in ever growing leaps and bounds. Thank you! Brad Tilden brings the music of the muse. Ken Ohme keeps us all blessed. Mara Sussman brings us unyeilding peace and love and even serves me my meals during Hawaii retreats. I am blessed. Maryam Larki and Waldemar Drozdek bring love and support. Tom Kornbluh, on the Board of Directors, keeps this business growing as does my personal consultant Jean Kowalski. Michael Boyce and Leslee Beldotti have been alert and astute in creating the websites through many incarnations. Thank you! Shiva Das, Shilea, Celeste, Ken and keep the angels here. MM Rose and Mathew make sure we do not settle for anything less than what we are here to do. Ray is The Miracle Ground! Jessie Justin Joy is the inspiration and director of it all. Clare Strohman is forever blessing us in numerous ways. Shirley Hart brings us great love. Deva Kar has recently joined us with beautiful, graced music. Cheryl Clifford has hosted us a variety of times in graciousness. Tracy Hendrickson has been such a wonderful editing help at different times as have Lin Locombe and Kathy Glass. Peggy Gogeon has recently joined the crew and will have a beautiful surprise for everyone to see in about two months. Amber Hilton set up an event for us in Iowa along with The Natural Gait. Amber Higgins and her daughter Anastasia have given us a MYSpace website and lots of Ezine help. Amy Watson invites everyone back to the Yahoo Group. If you purchased ITC or The Home Study Kit you may receive an eternal membership to Animiracles Yahoo Group free. Email the office for information. Graham Alexander and his daughter Pollyanna have blessed us with magic and ITC. Thank you all and the many others I have mentioned in other articles who assist TMG in one way or another! So many have written articles about us like Mike De Give for example who has made such beautiful graphics for us. Paula Joyce has brought such grace to TMG and done the accounting. Pat Beckham has brought great help and care. We are so blessed. Thank you to the Hawaii team of hosts: Captain Veto, Captain Dana, Erin Pascoe, Celeste Eaton, Captain Dolphinus, Zandriel, Kirby Wright. We love you all. Henry Seltzer invested in us. Christina Basor and Jeri Passaro created beautiful TMG donation boxes used for years. Boy the list goes on and on. There are many more and over time wish to acknowledge everyone. Todd Roush was exceptionally generous with us when we started out.
Thank you.~Dr. Laurie

Dr. Laurie Moore, LMFT, CHT, Animal Communicator
(831) 477-7007


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