The Love Climate Ezine 11/5/08
The Love Climate

Dr. Laurie Moore has opened a new business called The Love Climate (TLC) in collaboration with 25 other helpers and supporters. Our focus is being the love. Our focus is being witness to the perfection of each being exactly as she is in each flowing movement of the moment. Our emphasis is being a clear container for the love to reshift an shape us.

Jessie Justin Joy, Dr. Laurie Moore, Mike Mittan, Ken Ohme, Lesley Littlefield, Erin Pasco , MaryJoan Tully and Brad Tilden head up the organization as C.E.O., Teacher and Designer, Promotions Manager, Visionary, Office Admin & Communications Liason, Cook and Musician, Mini Manager, and Musician/Healer.

"I feel that The Miracle Ground was needed to create a bridge between peoples' hope and the reality of Heaven on Earth with imperfection and human flaw in love. We helped restore the dreams of the heart and the miraculous creations that come with this dream is honored. We focused on co-creation
with the love and many miracles grew from the ground.

'Our next task is to be a door way through which people can return to unconditional awakening, love and a whole new way of being the love with one another. This involves tenderness toward imperfection and great focus on the neutrality in all beings. This involves witnessing each as perfect and finding the love that goes beyond disagreement or agreement into awakening states. This involves each person's unique relationship with him/herself and source creation being profoundly honored in love and as a gift. This involves learning the way of the enlightened animals and insects, masters and angels, fairies and awakened humans as our own. Each must find his or her own unique point of view and ways. The Love Climate is a support place for this kind of a cleansing and evolutionary growth.

'We are now this vessel. We are now a state of being and allowing. All we learned in the creation phase will continue too. We are a community that includes people, animals, plants, elements, angels, planets, stars, insects in all life forms. People are welcome to come once or participate indefinitely. It is all okay. People of all backgrounds are welcomed.

'There is room to speak, be still, be silent express sound and movement. There is room to question and not know. There is room for any emotion and whatever shows up through the expression of whomever your are.

'This event in time is not here to solve your problems although great yearning will be fulfilled. And it is true that many do solve all kinds of challenges with the support here. Our focus, however, is to honor your completeness and have you refind the whole love and unique gift that will allow you to be, create and share in fulfillment. TLC does not give this to you. Dr. Laurie assists you in finding this is yours to give to you through this container we offer.

'This is an invite to use your precious time on Earth in a whole new way of love and self respect, respect for all selves and the one self simultaneously.

'I am not an institution of perfection. I apologize for all my imperfections and ask forgiveness for any way I ever hurt anyone by accident. We all gift and hurt each other at times simply in the process. So lets all apologize and forgive and now simply be the celebration of our loveliness. I am simply here as an experiment of love as Heaven on Earth is offered via all life.” ~Dr.Laurie

TLC recently appeared in Iowa and Sunnyvale and will be in Chicago, Maui, Big Island ,Molokai, Santa Cruz, San Diego, Scotts Valley, San Francisco , Mt. Shasta and Mexico in 2009.

Much love to all,

Message from TLC's Cook and Musician, Erin Pasco

And thank you too Laurie, with all of my heart a million times for always treating me so dearly and lovingly. I have truly experienced love, learned more about how to express love, and had so many opportunities to work through my heart with you and the people in your groups.

It has and hopefully will continue to be a blessing to help with TLC. The miracles have worked their creation in my life since being involved with the organization, and TMG
has left in it's wings of flight a ripple of heaven on this earth. You have done SO well Laurie, I commend you on so many levels.

You (and many others) have given this dream incredible solid commitment and energy for it's manifestation, congrats! I wish TLC in it's next chapters of creative writing on this planet all it needs for a solid landing, truly the miracle ground we stand upon to manifest these acts of heaven on earth through TLC. Yes we can!!

We, together, are learning how to weave heavenly consciousness into earth reality, and we're getting better at it as we combine the rules of both dimensions into a balanced and practical means to create through. I've really been impressed with the growth and what you've learned throughout the time I've been involved. Quite the evolution. I especially saw it last retreat, through Tina (member of the assistant team) as expressed in a very
different much more grounded and real vibration than in previous retreats. Progress is definite, and the efforts have been worth it.

Will keep space held for all that is needed to be known be known re assistants, needs, and organization for my piece of the love climate cookin'.

Good night, and fare very well Ms Warm sun Laurie Moore! ~Erin Pasco

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WELCOME to the Worlds of Miracles and Animal Communication!

This is a personal message from Dr. Laurie Moore. I welcome you with the love that lives in all hearts. Many of you know me from my expert appearances on top national talk and news shows. Others of you know me from my DVD, Animiracles. Thousands of you have met me through my media appearances, talks, seminars or private miracle therapy, dolphin and whale swim seminars or animal intuitive readings. But much more importantly, we all know each other through the one universal love that connects all hearts. This is who we truly are: ONE LOVE with many unique personalities!

I have developed a LOVE discovery, animal communication, miracle creation program, Animiracles. This 1-3 day Satsang~Seminar Satsang program assists people in spiritually awakening in the context of creating miraculous practical results in all areas of living: health & vitality, relationships with others, abundance & success, and over all fulfillment.

My approach teaches you to develop a new and evolved way of communicating with yourself, other humans, animals, nature and for those who feel inclined, spiritual helpers whoever those may be for you. My methodology teaches you to accomplish in moments what would have otherwise taken life times to learn. You will learn to be in love forever.

You will learn to find the love in the many polarities life brings; wellness, illness, success, disappointment, times of ease with loved ones and times of challenge with loved ones. Love is here in every situation, every circumstance, and every emotion. Love is you. There is a gift of love that takes over when you face all that comes your way with your universal knowing, your universal heart, and the uniqueness of yourself.

We can remember how to listen to the message that all beings bring. Each being you meet: person, animal, plant, angel, is essentially LOVE. When you find that YOU are the love, everyone is the love and all of life becomes a miracle.
This discovery is available to everyone, now. Return to deep peace, joy and celebration of your unique self within the oneness of all selves. Learn from the animals and masters by remembering how to communicate with them.

During a Satsang ~Seminar , I offer one on one time in the group so that we all benefit from each other. You may ask questions about your beloved animals, your life, life itself. You may simply come to share your awakening or to receive help finding the source of this awakening in you. There will be some music, silent time, a short talk and time for questions. Some times I give a simple and very valuable group or partner exercise.

Animal wisdom, given to me by the grace of animal spiritual teachers is what I am often inspired to share. You will learn to live in a wonderful inner world within your own heart. You will learn to manifest miracles in your outer life of relationships, money, and body well being. You will learn to live in full unconditional joy, love, peace, and abundance by learning the language of animals, insects, angels, archangels, master teachers, human soul to soul talk, cetaceans, and benevolent light beings. It is time for the Lemuria to come back in. It is time to release all identities. We are born anew as one.

I am giving you FREE tickets for yourself and friends.
This three day event of a life time takes place on May 8,9,10 2009 in Santa Cruz, CA. You may also attend in Iowa if you prefer and receive a FREE ticket your first time AND your second+ time when you bring a friend who is new to Animiracles. Please visit the website or email for dates: People now fly in from Asia, Canada, Europe, and Africa and all over the USA for these seminars. You are likely to meet wonderful people from all over.

Because is my intention to share this methodology with one million people from all walks of life, many countries, many ages, all religions and no religions, and all political parties by 2015, I am offering Free Tickets. This makes my work available to EVERYONE.

In the core of every human heart is one love. World Love is a possibility! Each person who chooses to create a life in line with his or her heart's greatest desires contributes to the creation of World Love. I invite you to come and change from the inside out.

It is my desire that if you reserve a space, you are fully committed as only you can change your life. To do so in this new way, you must show up and receive the gift! As there are often waiting lists for my miracle courses and animal communication seminars, please ask yourself if you are 100% committed before reserving a seat. Of course, I have full faith that you can change your life on your own, but if you are drawn to this program, allow yourself the luxury of a weekend of joy, awakening and success with support and connection!

Reserve your tickets at or email or call 831-477-7007. Location is sent when you register.

To learn more about my work visit:
The dress rehearsal is over. Life is NOW! Come be in love, joy, bliss, prosperity, success, and gratitude. Live in the worlds of animal wisdom and miracles.

Please share this information with everyone you know who will benefit. "Ask and you shall receive" is the nature of life. These scholarships are in harmony with that perspective, sent through the voices of birds, the sun, the dolphins and other teachers.

Directions and anything else you need to know will be sent prior to the events.

Mail your questions to and Laurie or one of her assistants will respond.

May All beings Be Joy. May All Beings Be Peace. May all be creating lives that come to fruition via deepest heart Yearnings, May it be so for you!

Dr. Laurie Moore
Reserve your tickets at or email or call 831-477-7007. Location is sent when you register.

2. Attract the life of your dreams by falling into love with truth in each moment.
3. Be heart telepathic with animals, angels, ascended masters and friends.
4. See the good in every single situation.
5. Attract that for which you have yearned. Manifest the dream life, body experience, financial abundance, career, relationship and spiritual awakening you choose.
6. Live life as a spiritual journey in each moment
7. Transform undesired situations.
8. Experience friendships, colleague-ship and relationships full of bliss and love.
9. Learn how to follow your soul's deepest calling.
10. Experience the kind of unconditional support and acceptance you always yearned for.
11. Have fun and be fulfilled in new ways.
12. Enter new worlds of communication with all life.
13. Enter the new paradigm where all is in motion and the moment of creation is this second.
14. Enter new frequencies, realms, colors, experiences that animals and angels and masters live. You are this.
15. Come home to LOVE for LOVE is the moment that created you and the eternal truth of existence.
16. Find continuous peace, happiness, success, service and fulfillment in being who you are.

Reserve your tickets at or email or call 831-477-7007. Location is sent when you register.
What is The Miracle Ground?

Who is Dr. Laurie?
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"She is the embodiment of The Divine Mother." -Craig Vasconcellos, Massage therapist, Father & Energy Healer

"I put her up on my website with Babgi and Ammachi." Seth Burton, Artist

"My life has changed in every way due to the many years I have studied and worked with Dr. Laurie. I left my nursing job for my dream job. My relationships with everyone changed. I now experience the Heaven NOW I thought was only possible after life on Earth!"Richard Smith, Father, Sculptor

"I hit the jack pot and found my dream man!" Jeri Passaro, Mother, Property Manager

"My back is cured...I cured my back in a few minutes. I did it!"

That's right. Dr. Laurie empowers YOU to live on The Miracle Ground; Planet Earth, the FULL LOVE~Joy Planet. She says, "You are all ascended masters. Now let's choose to remember this and be responsible for it. I will assist you. I am just like each of you there is no hierarchy anywhere. In this moment we are all equal and all capable of our very best."

Reserve your tickets at or email or call 831-477-7007. Location is sent when you register.

Dr. Laurie Moore
w/The Miracle Ground

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People who sign up to go on The Three Island Hawaii Summer Camp will be given a FREE ticket to the Mexico Whale Satsang which you can use or gift to a friend.

We also have two work study positions open for Hawaii Molokai Heart Deepening Satsang and for Hawaii Maui Expression of soul self Satsang. Work study participants attend the entire Satsang seminar and pay partially with fufilling service work.

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