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Winter 2008

Greetings From Elisabeth

November 8th, just four days after the paradigm-shift election
of Barack Obama, found us in the Washington, DC area for an Orion Event.  It was a delight to gather with old friends and new and feel the energy of change flowing in the city.  I had almost considered not doing an Event this Fall, but Orion, who rarely speaks directly to the timing of such things, let me know that they definitely wanted to be in DC after the election.  When I contacted the Takoma Park Chapel where we hold the events, I found the November 4th date most synchronistically available.  This issue's Orion on… piece is the Opening Talk from this event, where Orion emphasizes the need for integrating new visions with practical structure and the shepherding of the evolving of Unity consciousness.


As some of you know and I have mentioned from time to time in these newsletters, my art studio claims a lot of my attention and energy.  In September, I ‘outed’ myself and launched my art website and blog.  My art expresses many other aspects of ‘Elisabeth’, a definitely different voice and energy than you might meet through the Orion work. 

I work under Altered E.   You can find out more at my website - www.alteredE.com and my blog at alteredEart.blogspot.com. with links to my on-line shop at ETSY - a site for artists and all things handmade -  and online artist groups I belong to.



Another side of Elisabeth - Altered E

Orion on Obama & Shepherding Change

We are very happy that we are here where the populace has made a choice toward

something of great interest to us, which is the evolving of what we call, Unity Consciousness.  Two times now there has been a movement in which fear, fear of change, fear of difference, fear of loss of what one already knows as a system has won the decision.  There has always been a percentage of people moving toward something else  and there have been changes along the way - changes in Congress, etc, etc, but it is interesting how event after event after event, in our view, came together to create and support the critical mass of energy that allowed a paradigm shift, that allow people to risk, to move toward something different, to reach out, to hear ideals and values being espoused and a willingness to let go of what has been and been known and let it change.  And so a sea-change has occurred.

Now you might call this time a sort of  'peak experience', an 'aha' and any of you who have had a spiritual moment, a peak experience, an aha, an understanding, what sometimes are called 'direct experience' of the All, know is that it is a moment, a state of being that puts light upon everything, crystallizes everything, but cannot, does not, stay just as it is.  This idea is captured in the title of a book by a known meditation teacher [Jack Kornfield]  'After the Ecstasy, the Laundry'.  What we want to talk about today is the reality of the shepherding of this evolving Unity consciousness.

Unity consciousness is not here.  Should this truly become the consciousness of the world, then everything, all the structures that exist now, would simply have to be changed.  When people as a whole really comprehend the interconnection of all things, then almost every structure based in polarity and simple hierarchy, would have to be restructured.  These structures are not built on Unity - you and I, this and I, are one.  So that is a future.

What you see now is aspects of this evolution coming present. We can borrow another line we saw in a magazine which we feel sums up today.  It said, 'Barack Obama - 21st Century President in a 19th Century World'.  And that is important to keep in mind.  What we feel is more important than the vision he may carry, than the ideals he seems to imbue and articulate, what we see as the most useful quality within him is Obama as the integrator.  We see this in his willingness to see clearly what is present, the system as it is, the political system as it is.  To see as well the people who do not comprehend him or feel him or connect with him.  And his willingness to hold the principle, to hold the vision and yet, let it modulate.  Let it move and change and find a way to express, making use of, being with reality as it is.
Some of you will become sad at some of his choices.  Some of you will find, 'Oh, that isn't how I thought it would be.'  But we feel he truly has a capacity, more than other candidates who tried to step toward something different, to find a way to get the essence of his vision, expressed to the fullest capacity it can be, which sometimes will be not enough, perhaps not very much, may even be compromised. 

The important thing he can demonstrate for each of you is 'How can I live this myself?'  So many people struggle with finding the balancing point of their visions, their ideals, what they know on deep levels with the outer world.  They find again and again, that they must  deal with some element of compromise.  And often any element of compromise is experienced as a negative, a loss, as a flaw - a flaw in the person or the situation.

When you really look at the whole of life you can see it is myriad moving aspects, parts and particles, with so many sub-conscious elements  and they all move concurrently. This includes yourselves as individuals, your culture, the global culture, life where so many are simply not aware of what is pushing and pulling and motivating.  Thus, instead of feeling negatively compromised, it would be a more useful to consider, 'Yes, this push-pull, tumble, upside down energy, is actually the way of life.'  Not just the way of the world, the way of life.  And what one can find as you open to the alignments of life, is not balance, is not control, but as so many of you have heard us say for a long time, it is balancing.  It is really like the dancer on the tightrope.  They do not just flat-footedly walk across the tightrope. In fact, it is a constant, subtle movement that allows them to walk on that very narrow surface. 

We want to support each of you in understanding that sometimes the ups, the downs, the all-arounds - rather than only meaning disappointment or it's not working or I need to do this or do that -  sometimes you are simply riding the current of life as it is.  And life is very vital and vital often in an anomalous way.  If you read some theories of evolution, they reflect that there are things that happen and things go this way and then that way, and no one really knows or understands why.  We feel the ideal that there is a set way, a set pattern, a set alignment needs to be questioned. 

We want to encourage you to think of life as something that is moving, pulling and pushing you, waiting for you to discover it.  And you may find that many things that come to you seem opposite of what you want,  do not make sense, feel like an anomaly.  Yet, looking just looking at life as a moving energy that is not all in your control, lightens up your fear that you are not doing it right.  It lightens up the quest for control.  This view gives questions that ask, 'Okay, what can I control or direct?'  As opposed to, 'I should be in control and directing.'   Accepting the movement of life can invite you to let go of some of the guilt of life, which in our view, links back to  the idea that individuals are  the singular directors and controllers of their  lives.  This is the egoic-personality ideals of life.

Life is such a vast interconnection, a co-arising, co-depending, co-creating movement of interconnection.  Individuals get to sense aspects of this grandness.  Every spiritual teaching comes to the place of declaring the fullness of it all is 'that which cannot be said', that which 'cannot be known'.  Great Mystery is a beautiful, moving energy that we do not have to comprehend or try to comprehend the whole of it in language.  It is not going to fit into conceptualization.   Our languages, our conceptualization evolve from this physicality - the way ears and eyes process, the way bodies respond to texture, heat, shade -  to everything.  The Vastness of Being simply is not bound by this specific conduit.  So we can be at ease and understand that we can, in fact, comprehend a whole array of things beyond this conduit, but we don't have to find the language for it. 

All of which invites you to find comfort or some ease in being part of the Whole.  You can look further, learn further, look within.  The whole purpose of inner work, to understand our psychological movements, is to free our experience so it may have a broader capacity to comprehend.  Our psychological  woundings orient our experience in certain directions.  By doing inner work to comprehend, understand them and try to find a way to work with them, you are not left with only one set of responses to the world. 

As this administration begins, a version of this personal inner work is also going to occur. Listening to the 'what is', finding language to speak to those who can hear, finding language for those who don't want to hear.  The possibility of allowing change is so present now.  But you do have to keep in mind that for most people, most of the time - personally or trans-personally - change is fearful.  Change brings up feelings of loss.  People who have power aren't very happy to just say, 'Oh yes. Here you can have my power for the betterment of the world.'  That option is not offered too many times.  So you have to find a way to align their power differently. 

And in the management of life, don't let what seems to be changes in idealism and vision-carrying make you feel the vision and ideals have been lost.  It may have to modulate.  It may have to morph or change to actualize.   And you may all find that you can give yourselves permission to let yourself modulate, let yourself find 'What is the core essence of my vision or principle, and how can it best find its way to begin to grow or flourish in the world.' 

A big change has occurred.  Now we are going to have some building blocks put in place, some step-by-steps.  Now some linear time has to go forward and assessing the reality, not as we want it to be, not as we hope it will be, but just as it is.  It is a balancing act of every person to find a way to integrate their vision, their ideals - which are alive and pulsating strongly - with the reality you find yourself in, just as it is.  People don't like to do that and people are also afraid of accepting reality just as it is.  'Acceptance' has even become a negative word.  People associate it with capitulation, with giving up;  We often choose to not use that term.  We prefer acknowledging, but even that word can hold a  hidden element. If you cannot acknowledge subconscious fears, then no matter what you affirm, your fear is still part of the vision you are  holding.   

Often we are afraid that our vision will not be able to survive the 'as it is' we feel is negative and wish to deny.  With a willingness to see clearly, you can say instead, 'Well, I have this vision, but it seems that all of this current reality looks just like this, which right now feels confining and paralyzing.' By seeing it and acknowledging it thus, the next question could be, 'Okay, what can I do?  Or how can I do it. Can I get this much of what I want?  If I stretch this part, then later can I stretch that part?'

Have no fear, the vision will stay alive through inquiry.  And acknowledgment is never asking you to throw up your hands and give up the vision.  Rather, it is giving you more tools to let the vision take root in the soil that is there.  Idealism has to have as its cohort and compatriot, the willingness to wed it tto and be part of the reality that is already present.  And when you bring vision and reality together, then you have change that is sustainable, can become integrated into a new foundation, a new whole, that can continue on. 

An example is the revolutionary change in thought that came through the Depression, when the first idea that perhaps indeed that a governmental body might have responsibility to its people. Some of those actual ideas and the idea of the government being an expression toward the collective, even a concerned and caring government,  are still present.  And in those times, it was a bringing together of the vision in the most practical way that the times permitted, which then created an integrated energetic whole that could grow into a transpersonal institution.

Other ideals that never found true practical integration have had much less success or became less sustainable.  As such programs fell  through not having enough of a true integrated structure, those who were against the vision would say, 'Aha.  It was the vision that was wrong.'  An example of that is the War on Poverty and the idea that there would only be a giving, without weaving into it limits, responsibilities, etc. People are quite happy to 'throw out the baby with the bath water'.  People are quite happy to refute a new vision if it doesn't find a viable structure to inhabit.

And this is what we see Mr. Obama having as his real task - the integrating of new visions into viable structures.  And for you all personally, that same mechanism is at work in your own lives.  Do not have fear of the everyday, exactly as it is.  Look at it, acknowledge it and find, 'How can my vision work with, merge with, transform with and become part of the structure of my everyday so that it can then sustain evolution, growth, blossoming and flourishing.'                                        
Orion 11-8-08, Silver Spring, MD

The Search for the Crystal Key by Ellyn Dye

It is with great pleasure that I share news of the new fantasy book
by my long-time friend Ellyn Dye.  This book is a delight. Not only does our spunky heroine have magical travels and experiences, she deepens her sense of self, learns about the world of relationship and connection, explores new ideas and concepts and most of all, integrates all this and grows and matures. Non-dogmatic spiritual principles are interwoven within this lively tale. The characters are engaging, alive and fully realized.

Ellyn has brought us a tale of adventure with depth and deep qualities. One reviewed likened it to a modern day Frank Baum’s Wizard of Oz series, that helps us find ourselves. Like Frank Baum's classic, this is a book that can be read 10 different ways: for kids and adults, parents and children, teachers and students. Frankie's adventure leads her to herself with help from her friends.

And finally, ‘This adventure fantasy has broad-based, universal values but is not preachy. It contains magic, but more than that- it's about courage and real coming-of-age soul growth that everyone can recognize. With some dry humor and uniquely imaginative other-world features, it translates the Law of Attraction into the realm of Story. I have worked in bookstores for many years, and rarely come across something I can recommend so highly.’  

You can find this wonder-full book at Amazon.com and at Ellyn's website, www,ellyndye.com

The Search for the Crystal Key, Lion Magic and more...

Gardens of Serenity DVD by Deb Booth

As you know, Deb Booth created a wonderful line of OrionWisdom note cards and prints, as well as the image that became the cover of Dancers Between Realms.  Her newest venture is a wonderful
DVD that contains not one, but two movie/slide-shows, combining her images with some truly beautiful music. It is indeed a Garden of Serenity.  For $12, you can experience 30 minutes of rest, relaxation with lovely soothing images of nature, flowers and more, combined with lush, evocative music. This was a popular item at the recent Orion Event.  You can see a snippet of the DVD by clicking on the link, below.  Her latest newsletter focuses on ‘A Serving of Serenity’  It’s free so, sign up for that as well.

Preview Gardens of Serenity...

The Church of 80% Sincerity

The Church of 80% Sincerity by David Roche
is based on talks where Roche’s shares of his own inspiring, poignant and very funny story of his life and how he became a motivational speaker and founder of what he calls, The Church of 80% Sincerity, which is an attitude, not a place.  ‘In the Church of 80% Sincerity, we think 80% sincerity is as good as it gets…You can be 80% sincere 100% of the time or 100% sincere 80% of the time.  It’s in the 20% area that you get some slack and you can be yourself.’  He gives voice to what he learned on his life’s journey from childhood on in which he is facially disfigured from a benign but invasive cancer.  He shows us that the way to beauty is, as you know, way deeper than the skin.  His 80% holds dear the idea of coming to ourselves with compassion for where we are, just as we are.  Only 147 pages long, this book will touch you, uplift and embrace you.  Be kind to yourself and check it out.

Explore Church of 80% Sincerity...

Breakfast With Buddha

Breakfast With Buddha by Roland Mercullo
is a delightful book.  A journey into the heart of America, one man’s discovery of true heart and an interweaving of spiritual principles with heart, self-examination and humor, as he sets off on a cross-country road trip with an unplanned and unlikely passenger.  Many of you will find these principles familiar and part of your life, but this is a wonderful reminder and re-telling, bringing them to the forefront once again. Treat yourself to a cup of coffee and join the Buddha for breakfast.  Although a novel, the author took the road-trip involved and almost every slice of America he shares occurred to him.  The spiritual principles are his synthesis of his own explorations and again, many of you will find his list of ‘sample readings’ at the end, familiar friends. Treat yourself to a cup of coffee and join the Buddha for breakfast.

Breakfast With Buddha at Amazon.com...

Lars and the Real Girl DVD

 This is a bit odd, a bit strange and a wonderful movie.  Lonely, sad and a bit delusional,  small town Lars brings love into his life when he buys a life-size sex doll over the Internet - and then falls in love with her. This odd plot line is the vehicle for a most tender-hearted film about real unconditional love and support as family, friends and the whole town open their hearts and soul’s to Lars. 

Eileen Hasler's Jewlery

I met Eileen through an email correspondence about the Empath work.  I was delighted to discover her beautiful 'inspiration' jewelry and think you will be too.

Check out Eileen's lovely collection...

And in closing, a Vision of Unity.

Jane Batt
shared this piece with me awhile ago, but it surfaced as I was working on this newsletter and found it a perfect compliment to Orion’s piece.  As Orion says, ‘We always speak to and for each other.’


“Hi Elisabeth- The vision I got in Meditation group was of a totem pole of symbols of human spiritual traditions- Jesus, Buddha, star of David, Islamic Crescent moon and star, floating in a black void- which then showed itself to be a womb- a nurturing void- and the words ‘the Sacred Feminine is pregnant again, with a Vision of the Unity of all paths’.   It felt like a reference to the period when several major traditions were seeded around 300 AD, or whenever Buddha lived.  It felt like another metaphor for Orion's point in the New Year 1996 essay, "the golden thread of Unity will weave through" pretty much everything!


I can see at the bookstore where I work  there's a great ferment, with lots of books about Atheism - which seems to me to be a largely positive rejection of old limitations, though it does throw all the babies out with the bathwater. But it seems the old needs to be deconstructed, and some lost-in-a-void feelings tolerated, to precede a new, unifying vision- like the Dalai lama has recommended- a universal ethical bottom in based on common sense recognition of similarities and inter-dependence.”



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