Enlighten Me, GURU Banana Slug
Enlighten Me, Banana Slug

Guru means "mirror" which means reflection. You are all my GURUS. (Ah, what? Love and praise ourselves....But it is so in vogue to put ourselves down and put down those who love themselves. It has been the fashion for ions. Well, not here in The Love Climate where all animals and people are GURUS, i.e. reflections of infinite love!!!!!!!)

In the middle of scurrying about in an endless effort to bring the bounty and love of The Love Climate all over the globe, I was stopped in my tracks. The one who caught my attention was a beautiful yellow banana slug.

When humans know it is time to make a change they often go through lots of thoughts, conversations with others, comparisons, lists, charts , time and emotions! That is what we often do! When a banana slug realizes she or he could be headed in another direction for her greater good and happiness, she curves her body around and heads another way. This takes an instant.

It had become evident that the way I was going was too my demise…too much listening to advice instead of my own intuition, too many nights working till 2 a.m. and two many seven days a week projects for no pay. Too many payment plans that benefited others and caused me to live on the edge. Worst of all, endless efforts to help people who said they wished to help me and were not coming through on commitments. Drained.

Time for a change. Asked helpers to change roles, created new payment plans, got to bed at 10 p.m., took out my guitar and sang with all my heart! Returned to a deeper trust in my own intuitive ways with my own creation, forgiving faulty advice of others. Forgave myself for taking poor advice. Took a warm sweater out of the dryer and put it on...yum! Closed the office for a few days and spent more time doing yoga and hikes with Ray. Called my coaching partner, Joni, and rewrote my story of life. Set up a tea date with my friend JD and her puppies. Made a plan to go back home with Ray to Lemuria Hawaii for a bit. Thank you Banana Slug.. Upon meeting you I have chosen a new path as of now.

But how will I succeed with the mission? How will I reach millions? How will I allow this dream vision to reach people in my short time here? Action is needed.

That is when Banana Juliet , my slug pal, got a hold of me. “My love, she said, "The Love Climate is now in the breath. It is your essence. The work has been completely done. You can stand here and do nothing for the rest of your life and the work is done in wholeness. Bringing it to many is a potential but the truth of this Love Climate, the BIG LOVE LIGHT is already full and whole and complete in each breath."

I breathed into the love and remembered why I am really here.

"Take me as your arms beloved light and may I serve in ways that honor my well being. My balance has become my priority."

As always, the universe said, "Yes, MY Love, Yes. Proceed anew and in fresh ways." Banana Juliet is with me and I am exploding in joy now.

Ten hours later I am writing to the TLC Contributors Team and there is an overwhelming new surge of openness, love and delight among them that comes back to me.

Here is what I write:

Thank you for your love. I changed my money story, took back complete reins on my business, and we immediately began to flourish and do well like the old days.
New sessions, seminar sign ups and opportunities right and left. I am so humbled this time and so grateful. There have been 7 wonderful good surprises in the past 10 hours since I made this decision.

I had to scale waaaay back to be full and whole and so I did.
Going backwards is quite rich and rewarding. Your love and honesty, sharing and gifting to me was a great catalyst and I feel deeply supported by many to be solid now.

Ahhhhhhhhh, releif and miracles and great rootedness this time. The cynic had to temper my idealistic beyond
this world reality and settle me in a balanced state of joy and effectiveness. My dreamer self I am had to be balanced with being both the queen and the fool to give it all up to the oneness of the LOVE and see myself as a reflection of the God Goddess as we all are as one sun.

So I write as a dreamer, a queen and a fool as we all get to be.

All is good and right back on track but in a new very deeply harmonious way. Overwhelming gifts of life showering on me since making this choice.. Life is a miracle and to be able to use my body to have my business thrive in any way…to have eyes that can see and type…all of it is a great grace and gift of the God~Goddess universe. My arrogance has wilted after running myself down to the core and experiencing complete illness...new for me...now I am regaining myself and gaining great compassion for the vulnerability in all in a much deeper way.

To see the dance of Krishna in all of life gave me a great surrender into the eternal heart. So many TLC CONTRIBUTORS wrote in and shared deeply. THANK YOU. I am one with all. My life is for this bliss. My life is for the God Goddess. My life is for you. I recommit to what I came for.

I came to share in truth and not hide real life behind good looking packages. For this I receive great love and great judgment by those who rather hide or aim for some non existent perfect American Dream.. Yes it feels great and yes it hurts and yes it is my choice for a deeper love is holding this entire experience.

I came to express in rawness so I cry when I am in pain and laugh when I am joy and have no judgment of anyone else’s. It is all music . I came as your mirror because you are all my gurus. There is no hierarchy here. Let us reflect one another.

Thank you, If you could ever see how much you have helped me you would be astounded.

Thank you my beloved sister, Banana Slug Juliet and all contributors to The Love Climate.

If you wish to receive a session for yourself or beloved animal, so that you may birth yourself in love in the new world in a new way that defies all the old rules and waves in loving grace, call Dr. Laurie at 831-477-7007 or email Laurie@DrLaurieMoore.com.
Lesley will schedule you.

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Satsang~Seminar Schedule 2008-2009

Animiracles Satsang Seminar Invitation

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This seminar will celebrate your duality and unique personality.

This seminar will assist you in create a language of fulfillment between you and other humans, animals, angels, insects, the Earth and many more species of love.

This seminar will help you to discover your ability to generate more health, wealth, love fulfillment and success in your career, relationships and financial situations.

This seminar will help you to bring yourself home to Heaven on Earth

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Heal OLD wounds at last: Peace....

It is time to heal the old wounds!!!

Many have recently written in with personal quests, needs and unresolved issues from life. This time in history is bringing up ever cultural, ancestral, family and personal karma to be healed, cleansed and released. This can all take you into greater wholeness and peace.

Please schedule sessions with me for your benefit. I can send you emails of empathy but shifts can only come from doing the work~play. This is why I am here.

You can sign up on line or with Lesley@DrLaurieMoore.com.
I do sessions by phone and also in person offering myself as a witness of love to your transformation. I have no judgement of your self defeating habits or troubles. We all have these gateways of consciousness as invitations to deeper wholeness.

Love, Dr. Laurie

I would like a session, Laurie


My Dear Spiritual Sister Dr. Laurie

I am amazed at your strength and ability to turn hardship into positive and gain. You are an inspiration and I will remember you every time I need hope to go forward. Thank you for sharing about what is happening and the move to a smaller scale sounds and feels really good. I think by you being who you are and representing the love, you will grow globally. you and Ray come first and you need to take care of yourselves and all will be well. I am so very excited about Hawaii, Waldemar and I have been wanting to be a part of that for so long and are so grateful it's coming true. No Please give my love to my spiritual brother Ray and to JJJ.

Love you,

Dr. Maryam

Dear Laurie:

Thank you for your generosity and kindness that you shared even when you are faced with great challenges. I have experienced healing and love from you.


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There will be a One day Seminar on February 21, 2009 from 1-5:30 p.m in Santa Cruz, CA.Called Integrated Soul Living.


interactive integrity
self integrity
integrity with community
integrity with source
integrity with commitment, work and volunteer work
integrity with co workers, family and friends

More fulfillment in interactions with others
More confidence and success with self at work, home and in life in general
More joy in being part of the world and the LLC community and all communities you participate with
More clarity on your life purpose thus great happiness
More workability and ease in projects thus greater success with joy
More receptivity to others gifts thus a fuller life

Available Results
Integrity is a way of being responsible for your stance on the planet, how you move or stop others, and how you open as a vessel to your own soul or clog your own apparatus of self. Integrity is a paththat establishes how you become the fun, joy and peace you desire from how you interact with your thoughts, your movements and other beings.

A life lived with integrity is a life of great love, value and peace.

his seminar is not for those who wish to make excuses or be unaccountable nor is it for victims. This is a seminar for those who wish to take complete responsibility for themselves and their lives and their effects on those around them.. This is a seminar for those who choose success and profound happiness as was given by birth. This is for those who dare to succeed, who dare to make mistakes, and clean up in the name of LOVE.

Dr. Laurie will give intimate attention to people during this one day seminar.
Cost is $149.

Assistants Staff will receive a $50 discount.
Assistantships are limited. To assist, please email the office with your intentions for being at the seminar. How will the seminar support your highest callings? What will you contribute to the seminar?

To register please email Lesley@DrLaurieMoore.com or call 831-477-7007.

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Mexico Whale Satsang March 3-10, 2009

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Maui Cook Needed July 29,30, 31, 2009

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Something Falling Apart in YOUR Life?

Many people are writing into say that much is falling apart or confusing them. There is a gift for you in this. From the once yummy left over food turned to rotting and stinky compost is the beginning of fresh soil. The worms are at sacred work, helping to birth the new land. New times shall sprout and eventually flourish.

If your beliefs, belongings or body are experiencing a breaking apart, know that there are millions of ways to rebuild. Begin by knowing that you are precious, whole love in all your comings apart and comings together. Your worth is not evaluated by what you are experiencing. You are here to experience much. You are like everyone else. There is a time for every purpose in Heaven on Earth.

Know that al your emotions are simply tones to be felt and as felt , they will shift.

Know that you are not alone. Many are facing these challenges.

Know that speaking fully about your reality is a way to heal. Now is not the time to look away from life or pretend.

Know that for every hardship , a solution awaits.

To receive coaching with a falling a part and seek your iner and outer solution, inquire about my three session special.

Dr. Laurie Moore 831-477-7007

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Dr. Laurie Moore, LMFT, CHT, Animal Communicator
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