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If you feel despair or failure don't think that means a thing. If you are doing what you love to do you are touching the lives of others in profound ways. To the degree that you are in a challenge, there is equal power on the solution yet to be created.

1. Stay true to your message
2. Be flexible with your approach
3. Don’t believe what you hear and see.
4. Don't Compare yourself. Instead Celebrate yourself.

You know you have one basic message and that is not changeable. Trust your message regardless of what is happening. Whatever is happening is temporary.

If you are coming up against a brick wall, look for another way to share your message. Stay true to the message but be flexible with the form. I have taught one message my entire life: love. The form has included relationship therapy, animal communication and spiritual awakening so that I could flow with the muse as they inspired me...but the message has stayed the same and people have been moved by this. At times, I attempted to stick to a form that no longer served me and suffered greatly until simply let go and created afresh.

DON'T compare yourself! Celebrate yourself. You must do it your way. If your mentor's way, my way and your sister's way way doesn't work for you , excellent! Do it your way. Be you!

Do not believe what you see and hear to be the whole story. This is the planet of polarities. For every success you read about in the best selling books, the same person had a failure that didn't get discussed. For every catastrophe you heard about in the news, something delightful happened as well, but didn't make the front page. this is the planet of polarities. Your success is never measured by your temporary feelings and your ongoing experiences. Yu are touching peoples' lives through all your experiences.

I have been coaching people recently who wish to succeed with their entrepreneurial businesses. The number one complaint people have is "I am feeling." They are not failing at all and simply measuring themselves in accurately.

Look another way at your supposed failures and you will find success.

If you need help with reframing your point of views, loving yourself, and creating different results from releasing self defeating attitudes, call me for a coaching session. 831-477-7007/

If you have an beloved animal, I suggest you include him or her in the phone session (I speak to animals long distance). Our animals know us very well and are fully non judgmental. Often surprising us with their wisdom on what we most need to learn, animals are amazingly gifted mentors.

Love, Dr. Laurie *

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Clare Strohman:
Laurie, Thank you for sharing from your heart. I am grateful to be one with whom you share your transparency. you have quite a following. Look at the people who follow you around. Although, you have have truths to share, you do not present yourself as superior to others in any of your seminars, why then do you think others would think less of you knowing of your goal to teach love to everyone who will listen? Even though you are a spirit in a body with a passion to teach people that all is love, your 3D body takes over at times and provides you with opportunities to experience stuff which you would rather not have to deal with. (Keep in mind that it seems to have a positive ending. ) To some degree that happens to all of us. In your seminars there are times when you are beingness, the spirit. However, there are other times when you allow your humanness to show. In those times, we all can relate to you because we all have challenges in our lives and some we deal with to our satisfaction and others we would like to totally forget our ineptness. Whatever, these things happen. Your love and compassion always shows through. Your willingness to put yourself through all the complications of making a spiritual practice work in a 3D environment is admirable. Just keep being you-the love, silence, peace, kindness- which you exemplify and sometimes be the 3D self you also are.


Shirley Hart
Thank you for the call for The Love Climate on Christmas Eve. It was really warm and lovely. It was good to hear the familiar voices. We are all so blessed to have such deep resonant relationships.

I just had another monumental healing of family relationships with my youngest son, his wife and 2 children .This relationship was the one I counseled with you about after the first satsang I attended. After 2 years of not talking, we have reconciled and just got together Friday and yesterday for two days of warm, caring, easy being together. It feels miraculous to me, I feel as though I've been released from jail after years of imprisonment.

I'll have to share more with you about some of these amazing transformations, since the satsangs have played a big part in my being able to face my shadow or demons, as it were. The container of love the satsangs create enables us to have the courage to "look behind the curtain" and admit our mistakes. At least that is how it works for me.

Until I was able to see how I was creating the dysfunction and disharmony with my son and his family, I couldn't even begin to have a healed relationship with them. But without a safe place to fall, I didn't dare admit my part in the problem. That issue I had with some one at the satsang who approached me honestly during staff meeting cracked it open for me. I saw myself as my daughter-in-law saw me and then I knew why she reacted to me the way she did. It took another year before I was able to go deeper within and dig out the rest of the toxic sludge. Then my other son's near death experience catapulted both of us into another dimension of awareness. That effected all the other relationships in a huge way.

So thank you Dr. Laurie for your loving presence and your willingness to be so transparent. It truly enables us to follow in your footsteps and do the same.


Angie “ It was a real pleasure to meet with Dr. Laurie Moore. She started the workshop off with excitement and kept it going through the whole time. She was thoughtful and inciteful. She gave everyone an opportunity to express themselves. It was a very moving and personal experience. ”

K Youmans
“ Dr. Laurie is very sweet spirited, and is genuine in the delivery of her messages from our animal friends. She interacts well with both the 2, and 4 legged participants. I am very interested in her 3 day seminar. ”

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Recently I was profoundly challenged and wrote a story of despair, hope, and complete union with my own heart. If you like poetic short stories, email the office for a FREE copy.

Love, Dr. Laurie

Please send me the story of despair, hope and complete heart union within

Dr. Laurie Moore, LMFT, CHT, Animal Communicator
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