Healing from Self & Other's Defeating Habits
Healing Self & Other's Defeating Habits

Addiction is common in societies of this day and age. Determined to take another path than addiction I saw all around me, I worked hard on moving through many layers of emotion in my young twenties. I liberated much inside me. I was unaware of more subtle and deeply hidden places in me that had gone unhealed despite good choices. Via relationships and career, these subtle layers came up over the years for healing.

You see, we are all addicted. I have been addicted to success, joy, righteousness, intelligence, embarrassment of my failures and even awakening at various times in my life. Success, joy, righteousness, intelligence, embarrassment of my failures and awakening are all well and good but when addiction (i.e. definging my identity by these expereinces ) steps in this changes.

Addictions to more solid things (drugs, alcohol, sex, money, gambling, food, shopping) are simply creations to avoid the deep paint that is to be faced in each being.

I know because I starved myself when I was 19 to avoid pain.
Once I had support to face the pain with other people who understood and were also overcoming addictions, I unraveled into strength, familiarity with emotions and more love.

The beauty of having a long term partner or group of people with whom we work is that
we are, over time, forced to face our own hidden attachments to identity ideas. Also, we are in relationship to offer forgiveness and love in the face of our partner or colleagues doing his or her living growth and healing, therefore revealing his/her own struggles.

Whether you are feeling irritated, angry, scared, jealous, sad or embarrassed about your own or others' imperfections (be they blatant addictions or subtle personality attachments) you are invited. You are being beckoned to liberate yourself from your own enemies: your fighting of your own angry, scared, jealous, sad or embarrassed feelings. Once you begin to face these feelings, great gifts of love , miracles and peace are here for you. Your enemy is really the fight. There is an answer to this and peace is available.

Receive coaching and get the loving and non judgmental support you deserve: please call Dr. Laurie Moore, at 831-477-7007 for your own well being. For a free initial consult (15 minutes) with a non judgmental coach please call Dr. Laurie Moore (see testimonials below in gratitude section).

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(Names are some times changed for confidentiality)

I didn't know why I began to eat and eat and could not stop. I went to Dr. Laurie Moore. The first session I got in touch with the grief I was hiding from myself and had a good cry...and then the urge to over eat subsided. I am a counselor who helps others so I was surprised that I couldn't figure it out myself. Dr. Laurie Moore assured me that we all need support.

My Mom was addicted to pain killers and I felt deeply upset so I spoke to Dr. Laurie. She was supportive, non judgmental and very informative. My Mom agreed to seek help with Dr. Laurie herself and our entire family benefited.

I was addicted to pain killers. Dr. Laurie helped me to find my power instead and my self esteem grew. Many years have passed since my intensive work with Dr. Laurie and I have not gone back nor felt the urge. Self esteem feels great.

I am addressing embarrassment and low self esteem that has been pushed to the surface due to my husband's pornography and prostitute addiction. Dr. Laurie has been supportive, non judgmental and amazing in helping me open doors of great
love, peace and talent within myself. I thought I was alone and have come to find out that porn and prostitute addiction is now more ramped than alcoholism, effecting millions of people. Thanks to Dr. Laurie helping me, I wish to help other woman who’s partner’s have this disease.

My partner and I judged each other and fought over each others' imperfections. Our addictions were to righteousness and arguing. Dr. Laurie helped us to laugh and playfully find new ways to help, support an enjoy each other.
Robert and Leslie

My sister was on heroin for years. When she found Dr. Moore, she thought Dr. Moore was the best thing she had ever found, forgiving, accepting, non judgmental. But we saw another side to Dr. Moore that saved my sisters life. Dr. Moore told my sister that she was using her therapist visits (i.e. with Dr. Moore) as an addiction instead of to heal and the game was up After a few months Dr. Moore said to her, “Check into full time rehab or don't come back”. We had wanted my sister to go to rehab for years and Dr. Moore knew just when and how to confront her. I truly believe Dr. Moore’s intuitive timing and approach saved my sister's life. She was close to dying from drugs until they met. She knew Dr. Moore did this out of tough love and care.

I was addicted to my mis-assumptions and judgments about others. My mind told me all kinds of stories about my being "better" than others. Dr. Laurie helped me to see the light and find my love for all people to be open and embracing.
My friend and family relationships have deepened and improved significantly.
Ben *

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Books to help with overcoming Addiction

The book: Creative Intimacy as well as the DVDs: Indimiracles, Duomiracles and also the 8 workbook series will assist you with over coming self defeating habits. These playful ways of facing life's issues help you to love and find JOY!

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Dr. Laurie Moore, LMFT, CHT, Animal Communicator
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