Monthly Staff Letter from Laurie~1/09
Dear Friends:

Focus for the staff for this year is ask, surrender, and accept.
I will share my own journey with this at the Carlsbad Satsang on January 9-10, 2009.

We are offering special training to the new logistics teams who will be managed by Rachel Falsetti in Hawaii and Santa Cruz and by Fawn Christainson in Santa Cruz.

Many of you from other teams have volunteered to receive the trainings as well: musicians, hosts, office team, etc. Mahalo for your participation!

ITLC and I are alive and well ONLY because of Ray's great care. We made it through a very harsh time. It was a challenging Autumn and I am blessed that Ray cared for me in many ways. Please pray for Ray. Bless Ray.

I love you all deeply.

Love, Laurie

  Dr. Laurie Moore
The Love Climate w/Dr. Laurie Moore • Peace Rd. • Soquel • CA • 95073