Dr. Laurie Moore 2009 ~
The Time has Come

The light is pulsing us back in to a tangible oneness. The angels now walk the streets. The new world is here. It has been here always, look, listen , feel. The love is immense.

You each choose your own methods and way to be your love self now. Each person assists the others in uplifting. No way is right or wrong. We can dissolve now. It is safe. the time has come. In the dissolving the new love shows itself to be so full. Welcome home. May we let each person be him or her selves and all can unfold naturally?

Make peace with everyone and thing within your existence and peace will have you for herself. It is your time to choose. I choose this love. I choose to be open for however source asks me to be. I am dissolving into vast peace with many of you.

You find yourself to be so happy as you choose what is good for you. You decide. It is the final time to resign all old ways if you like. You can keep them also. Or you can just laugh. It is all an option. It is all good to taste and eat and digest. We are loved and so cherished.

You have fulfilled all you promised. You were only asked to do your best as you learned. Thank you for being you exactly the way YOU did it. That is the real miracle. That is the love climate. That is the ground of JOY upon which we shall grow our towns. Blessings to all species.

The time has come with every breath since life itself began. The time has come and keeps coming. The availability of surrender to this great love is now.

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It is time for You to make Changes


It is your time to be fulfilled.

It is time for you to make changes, eliminate self defeating habits, and create the life you love. Whether you are facing challenges with relationship, grief and loss, your body or spirituality I will assist you in a loving and non judgmental manner. You can be fulfilled.

When we set intentions the universe listens. We can create.
When we are hindered we are beckoned to a deeper surrender into love that is conditionaless. From this place of whole love within, we discover gifts from life that are unique, impossible to predict and gracious. Miracles do occur.

If you are stuck, challenged, disappointed or yearning for something you cannot find I will assist you.

I work with people of all backgrounds, culture and life styles, providing non judgmental care and assistance for your shift.

Dr. Laurie Moore,
During economic recession sliding fees are available.

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Letters from LOLO

Dear Dr. Laurie

I'm in the rain naked with some boots. The guides tell me if stand here in this way it will save humanity from the ETS. I am doing the one legged pose. I am getting cold and don't know why. Can you meet me on the Highway 1 to do a session? Also, I need a scholarship for the session because I am broke. Also, the guides told me to tell a neighbor that she should give me all the money from her bank account. When I mentioned this to her, she asked me to leave her alone. I ALWAYS do what THE guides say so I can't understand why someone wasn't pleased with my helping her out. I was giving her a chance to be altruistic and egoless by releasing her money to me. She was so upset and didn't give me the money. She must not be enlightened. Do you think my being cold is due to past life trauma or a bacterial infection in my brain? Maybe I am not a good enough yogi. Also, that woman should have given me the money because the guides said so. I am sending the Christ light to her to help her with her ego problem. I always listen to my guides because they know everything. Please send me some herbs, some magic numbers, and therapy practices to do so I can create more abundance.

Love, LOLO Berry

Dear LOLO:
Have you considered listening to yourself? What does yourself say about this? By the way, where did your guides get their life training? And where did you get your guides? What do they get from taking your attention in this way? And how did you come to decide that disembodied life forms have more credibility about your own path than you? Who do you think your guides are? Do you think there is any person who does not have guides? Do you trust all guides? What would you do if your child was listening to the neighbor's and the neighbor's advice was not helpful? No need to answer this to me. Just think upon it please.

Love, Dr. Laurie

Yahoo Group for People who Love Animals and Life

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underamysrainbow@yahoo.com. If you are a member already, we welcome your stories and sharing. Animiracles Yahoo Group.

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Dear Dr. Laurie:
I loved assisting in Hawaii and learned quite a lot. It was a great great seminar. it certainly changed my life. I love the people you gather around you, the work you do, the places you go with them, your teachings. Thank you. Thank you also for the half hour session-reading you did with me. It was precious. The suggestions for my life are beautifully appropriate and the insights into my daughters are precious. I continue to re-read the notes, drink in the messages and work on the suggestions.

Much love, Tina

Brief Thanks Letter from Laurie to Everyone

Dear Everyone:

A quick not to clarify, given I have shared the blessing of my challenges. Our scholarship program was a beautiful experience for three years. Not only did we attract incredible participants and deeply fulfilling events, but we felt very fulfilled on many levels.

In addition to the amazing participants attracted from the scholarships, beautiful staff volunteers and workers who created TLC came to me.

Like all organizations, (I have now spoken to many owners and spiritual teachers who also endured what I endured) we also attracted small pockets of people who exercised very low integrity in a variety of ways. Small numbers can do great harm. Older and wiser, I now set up a lot more precautions, screenings, and protections into place in all ventures.

The scholarship program took many hours behind the scenes of volunteer labor for many. Mostly me and I worked 7 days a week many hours a week for those years, mostly as a volunteer. IT was worth it and profoundly rewarding.

Now for my well being, I am going back to my private practice and part time teaching, applying to grad schools and various organizations. I will go back to doing more talks and media appearances too. I lived and worked this way before and loved it. AND back then, I was able to teach seminars, though less frequently. I am doing this now so my work continues.

While the scholarship days have ended, the seminars and my work have only just begin in a whole new energy. This spacious energy was birthed through all the rewards and all the challenges grace gave me in the three years I recently wrote about. The result in me was deep deep security within and deep deep love within and all around. I trust life and almost all animals I meet.

I have become much more selective about which humans I trust and what ways to trust them. Consequently, I am surrounded by absolutely marvelous humans. The weeding out process bore great fruit. TLC is a beautiful agency and the Satsangs are precious. I am in gratitude and I am well, getting more and more so each moment.

Some one wrote in and said if I was really feeling LOVE I would not have felt disappointment. This is absolutely NOT what I am teaching. I am here to teach that love comes from the embracing of all we feel, our most human self. Religions throughout time have used mental, physical and spiritual techniques to try to change our humaness in search of enlightenment. These religions have mistaken perfection for enlightenment. Awakened consciousness is NOT about perfection. There is a cosmic comedy in thinking so.

The love is not about changing , but about surrendering fully to what is here now in the heart. Through this ongoing surrender the immense love is revealed. And some times change occurs in this process as a natural by product.

Laurie Hutson,. talk show host and I will discuss this
on "Intuitive Soul" radio.
4 p.m. PST, 7 p.m. EST on Monday. February 9, 2009
at http://www.intuitivesoul.com.

Blessing to you.
Dr. Laurie Moore

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Dr. Laurie Moore on Internet Radio: February 9, 2009

Dr. Laurie Moore and Laurie Hutson, spiritual talk show host, will discuss relationships: the great teachers of spiritual surrender and awakening on "Intuitive Soul" radio.
4 p.m. PST, 7 p.m. EST on Monday. February 9, 2009

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Dolphin Poem by Dr. Marty Galvin


I watched a serious time-pressed man of middle age
Fly his morning kite for a moment’s pleasure.
Reeling the string out to let his years run free

He measured the slow going of his sky climber,
careful with his moves, I thought,
That he not hurt a gull and his day by mistake

And ruin the shore’s run of scalloped edges.
His time and space were as precise as engines.
Beyond his reach, a pod of dolphins dived

For home. They moved attuned to nature’s twists,
pleased by the kite’s whims, frolicked like children
Whose time is measured by other joys than ours.

Martin Galvin
Delaware Beach Life 2003

Peace and joy to you,

Marty may attend and read his poetry from his beautiful books at one of the California Satsangs. Let us know if you would like that please! You can also write into our office helper, Leah, to find out about his books.

Write in about hearing or finding books of Marty Galvin's poems

Dr. Laurie Moore, LMFT, CHT, Animal Communicator
(831) 477-7007


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