What is the Love Climate Really? 1/30/09
What is The Love Climate Really?

The Love Climate is an arena in which:

People who feel called to recognize their awareness of love in an interspecies global community gather.

People can look at aspects of their mental, physical, emotional and spiritual consciousness with which they are in conflict or about which they are in judgment in love. This allowance naturally births forth a discovering and embodying of a new relationship to self. In this case self means everyone and everything.

People are assisted by the teachings and interactive presence of Dr. Laurie Moore in relationship to their unique needs, desires and questions.

People are assisted in going deeper into their universal heart.

People are able to witness and be witnessed as they are in love.

People who feel individually responsible for their creations and interactions with self and others can deepen their commitment to self love and other love.

People find an opportunity to rediscover connection to all of life via a love that simply is and has no regulations.

People may experience a complete embrace and loving of all that is including anything we judge or resist. This allows for a deeper and deeper dissolving into a complete neutral light.

A gathering that is inspired by animals, angels, humans, elements, master teachers, insects, benevolent beings of many forms and source.

A naturally occurring event which is not the result of suggested rules to follow but rather, a happening via in a vibration which is being in the Love Climate. (Reread a few times and contemplate this one word by word for more discovery).

An event in which people who wish to be inspired and touched by Dr. Laurie Moore's teachings can experience the joy offered in receiving and giving by being oneself among others. Nothing is expected. This can occur in complete silence as well as exuberant expression.

The Love Climate is not
A doctrine which we impose or request others to use.

A place to impassion any type of doctrine.

A show case of numerous teachers.

Who is Dr. Laurie Moore Really?

Dr. Laurie Moore is:
A human and a soul like all others.
A being who commits her life to a study of the consciousness of love by utilizing her heart, soul, body, mind for this purpose.
Some one who takes a deep heart consciousness study of life in which she is engaged all the time into the lives of others as her way of sharing.
A person who loves to sing, create, write and dance.
A person of many gifts and many flaws, all lovable.

Dr. Laurie Moore is NOT:
An authority or superior.
Because Dr. Laurie offers herself fully and openly (inviting you to do so too, if that serves you) she is seen in many ways. People have called her teacher, Guru, guide, angel,
one who gives shaktipot, sister, friend, family. DR LAURIE MAINTAINS THAT ANYTHING YOU SEE IN HER IS YOU. You give yourself and her shaktipot. You are your guide. You are your GURU and hers!

Some one asked: Why must you send out such “disclaimers Are you insecure, Laurie?’

Laurie’s reply: Ask yourself what are you assuming about life? Look into what makes my soul purpose and life intention a disclaimer and insecurity in your point of view!
My security is immense and based deeply in all I am sharing in my intention of this love. From this love I have created The life I live which is the work/play I share. It is profoundly fulfilling. I feel completely secure in my choice. It took great courage to do something that was arranged for me with NO pre made cookie cutter. It is sweet. I wish you the courage to claim your core intention and great security in your heart.

Satsang~Seminar Schedule 2008-2009

Press here to view schedule

Animal Messages

Would you like to learn to hear/see/feel the messages of animals? Come to understand the messages that your domestic animal friends and wild life animal friends are communicating to you.

I am inviting you to a meeting that will allow you to experience unconditional love, joy and awakening into an experiences of oneness.

This meeting will celebrate your duality and unique personality.

This meeting will assist you in create a language of fulfillment between you and other humans, animals, angels, insects, the Earth and many more species of love.

This meeting will help you to discover your ability to generate more health, inner-wealth, love fulfillment and success in your life.

This meeting will remind you that you are part of one joyous global LOVE.

This seminar will help you to bring yourself home to Heaven on Earth

To register for one of our Seminars please call 831-477-7007.

Dr. Laurie Moore, LMFT, CHT, Animal Communicator
(831) 477-7007


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