Happy b-day dear trees

February 2009

"In the next world, a person will be judged for all the fine fruit that he saw but did not eat." - R. Abbun, The Talmud

"We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children." - Native American Proverb

Dearest reader

A lot is happening on planet earth. On one hand it seems like we humans continue to bite the life out of mother earth. On the other hand, awareness to natural health and ecology is constantly on the rise.

Three years ago I wrote in this very newsletter about a ceremony I was invited to lead at an orthodox synagogue for Tu B'shvat - New Year of the Trees. I deliberately didn't write how disappointed I felt after seeing all the disposable plastic plates, cups, and utensils that were used during the event. I decided to focus on the bright side - that the participants were open to learn about the advantage of whole foods over processed foods. One step at a time.

Last year I participated in a different New Year of the Trees, that took place outside of the USA. This time, in addition to the plastic plates, cups, and utensils, sodas and artificial snacks dominated the tables. Since it was a charity event, I didn't want to be a party pooper and kept my mouth shut.

Recently I received an invite for this year's event. This time I decide to write to the organizers. I began by thanking them for organizing these important charity events. Then I added that I find it contradicting that a celebration for the trees, for nature, turns into an ecological disaster with plastic plates and junk food.

To my surprise the organizers wrote back to me, asking how they can handle the situation differently. We had a meeting in which I presented them with various options like serving finger food - mainly fruits and nuts which are the traditional foods of this holiday and for which there is no need at all for plates and utensils. To use biodegradable cups (made from plants like corn and sugarcane instead of oil). To put a marker next to the cups so people can write their names on the cup and re-use it during the event. To avoid sodas and processed snacks and instead to serve water, natural juices, fruits, and nuts.

The organizers were so excited from these suggestions that they asked me to make a presentation during the event itself on how New Year of the Trees is related to our commitment to the ecology and what we humans can do to help.

On a personal note, not only that I'm happy to be sharing this information with a large audience of adults and kids, but also I'm happy to attend an event that I will feel comfortable at.

On a similar note, in this month's newsletter, I'm introducing a new company that I've joined - Elements for Life. In addition to the focus on financial profit, this company is also committed to human health and the environment, not only on a philosophical level, but also in a very practical way. You're invited to visit their website, which has a lot of information, so take your time to read the information.

In April we're headed to a special journey in Israel. You're invited to join us. See the details in this newsletter.

To a greener, healthier, peaceful world,

Zohar Zemach Wilson
Founder & Director
Alok Holistic Health

Elements for Life's website

This ain't sand

Peruvian Research Shows that Maca Improves the Function of Neurotransmitters

Peruvian research shows that Maca improves the function of neurotransmitters and increases libido, improves memory, and increases oxygen in the blood.

What is raw Maca powder?
Maca is a radish-like perennial that grows at high altitude in an environment of intense sunlight, high winds and freezing temperatures in the upper elevations of the Andes Mountains in Peru. Maca root was domesticated about 2000 years ago by the Incan culture who regarded the root as a very valuable commodity. Native Peruvians have traditionally utilized Maca since before the time of the Incas for both nutritional and medicinal purposes. Maca Root is an important staple in the diets of the people indigenous to the region since it has the highest nutritional value of any food crop grown there. The Root of the Maca plant is a true adaptogen with very positive and beneficial effects on the human body.

RAW MACA POWDER is HIGH OCTANE fuel for maximizing physical or emotional performance at home or on the job. Raise your daily vitality and sense of well being through the roof with this amazing superfood that restores and revitalizes our energy reserves by providing nourishment deep at the core of the body's endocrine system. This Amazing and potent Super-food is a gently dried and powdered raw organic root that tastes great can be used creatively in smoothies, deserts, drinks or straight into the mouth with a squirt of flax seed oil!

Partial list of benefits:
- Increase Physical Energy and Daily Stamina.
- Key Nutrients to Support Libido and Peak Sexual Functioning
- Helps Promote Physical and Emotional Well Being by Providing Key Nutrients for Hormonal Balance for Men and Women of All Ages
- Nutritional Support for Healthy Menopause Transition.
- Increase Mental Clarity and Focus

More about Maca

Joshua Rosenthal

Mercury Found in High-Fructose Corn Syrup

Remember those high-fructose corn syrup commercials that said it wasn't so bad? Well, a new study found that many foods sweetened with HFCS contain mercury. The most shocking news of all is that the FDA and the High-Fructose Corn Industry have known about this potential toxin since at least 2005 and have said nothing.

Another group of researchers tested products directly from the supermarket and one in three products contained mercury. These included products like jelly, ketchup and sodas. So even though we thought our greatest threat to mercury poisoning was through fish, it turns out that many of our everyday grocery store items may contain this harmful substance.

It does take a large amount of mercury to cause any serious health problems, but as a general guideline try to stay away from the processed foods found in the inner aisles of your grocery store and stick with the less processed, fresher foods like whole grains, fruits and vegetables for better health.

Find out more about the mercury contamination.

By Joshua Rosenthal, MScEd

Founder and Director

Institute for Integrative Nutrition

How to Let go Peacefully and Fertilize your Life

For many people, composting is a foreign concept. The notion of going out of your way to return the leftover vegetable parts of what you've eaten to the Earth rather than tossing them straight into the trash may sounds absolutely bonkers, but believe it or not, it offers a huge advantage! Indeed for me, living in the New York metropolis as I do, with so little exposed Earth visible, it can be easy to forget why something like composting is even important.

Composting is so fantastic because it is the returning of food scraps, the metaphorical flesh of the Earth back to where it came from, to breakdown into its elements again, and to in turn nourish the Earth from which life again can grow without depletion. The nutrients in the food we eat has been recycling this way in, with mushrooms and funguses pumping the decomposition engine, for most of time until the most recent era where food scraps end up in landfill, a toxic mélange of all types of exotic garbage.

Not only is the Earth deprived of its opportunity to retrieve the nutrients it gave out, we the humans are deprived of the symbolic role model, the compost heap provides. The less we experience composting as part of our daily lives, the less we are reminded of our own need to undergo a "personal composting process" as an ongoing part of life's cycle.

For example, if you were to recycle the scraps from your life, the skins you've peeled off yourself and the leftovers you didn't have the appetite to eat, what would they be? Old patterns? Methods you use for both insulating and isolating yourself? Would they be a job, an exercise method, a foot plan, or a food fetish?

Create for yourself the notion of your own compost bin for whatever you want to put in it. Now you can rest calm and assured that there is somewhere to safely dump your deadwood, somewhere where your excess can come peacefully into dissolution and without force or stress. Composting symbolizes a warm end to that which has come to a natural end, a fuzzy returning to the mother, without rush, letting nature run her course.

The benefit of conducting your own inner recycling project is that the goodness that's in everything you've been willing to let go of decomposes, fertilizing the way for the next flourish of life, so that the seeds you sow in life grow to mature and flower.

Bringing to topic back to literal New York City composting, how we do it at the Jena Wellness center is that we collect our compost in a plastic bag that we store in the freezer. When it is full we take turns walking it 10 blocks down Broadway to the Union Sq Farmer's Market where there is a table that accepts the city's vegetable scraps. There are public composts locations in city's everywhere, or of course you can make your own! Either way, take the principle into your life, don't be afraid to let old wood rot away and replenish the soil from which the eternally new you emerges.

By Jena la Flamme

Jena is a Weight Loss Coach in New York City who teaches her clients how to fit into their favorite clothes and feel fit and fabulous, without diets, without pills and without deprivation, and with an easy and pleasurable approach to nourishment and lifestyle choices. To access to an exclusive offer to "Lose Weight Not Sleep"  for Alok Health readers, click here.

Jena Lose Weight Not Sleep

Jena Wellness Bootycamp

A three week phone program, Wednesdays February 25th, March 4th & March
11th. Sessions held weekly from 7:30-9:00 PM

With Jena la Flamme

Cost: $397

* One 90 minute Weight Loss Coaching group phone or webinar sessions each week

* These sessions are 60 minutes of content and 30 minutes of individualized support Access to the recordings of all group calls

* One 30 minute private call with Jena

* One Cooking Class DVD

* Recipes

* Workbook

* Access to Jena for any additional questions by phone during her open office hours every Friday from 2:30-4:00 PM

For registration or more information, reply to this email with "Jena Bootycamp" in the subject line.

Click on the tree

Opportunity - Elements for Life

Turn-Key Success System allows you to start earning money by spreading healthy products in your communities this week. Build over time to any income level you desire. Training and support is provided!

Learn how to expose huge numbers of people to transformational products that produce immediate results. You can help people live a better life than they ever believed possible!

Work part time from home or while traveling. You're the boss. Best of all... this business is a lot of fun!

Welcome to a Sustainable and Achievable Streamlined Income Generator!

- No Business Experience is Needed
- A Simple "plug and play" System for Success is Provided
- Attract People Who are Already Interested
- No need to struggle, sell anything, or "twist any arms"... you can inspire great change!

WOW! This is a natural, duplicatable system for generating as many retail customers as you can handle. Plus, a thriving and growing Network of Distributors who do the same.

More information

Phillip Day

Food Matters

Let's take small steps towards a healthier life and a healthier you!

Food can be your best friend! Discover how you can Detox, Lose Weight, Reverse Diabetes, Conquer Cancer, Beat Heart Disease, Ditch Depression and more using a nutritional approach. It's not as hard as you think!

The Food Matters Detox and Rejuvenation Guide will help you find better alternatives for the foods your body might not agree with....

The team at Food Matters is committed to helping you help yourself. We believe that your body is worthy of good care and that no one is more suitably qualified to care for it than yourself.

We live in a chemicalized age where many of us are suffering from the effects of poor dietary and lifestyle choices which are contributing to the proliferation of chronic illness. Additionally many people unknowingly suffer from food sensitivities and allergies which are preventing them from reaching optimal health and their ideal body weight.

Continue reading

Reverend Sam Lipton

Treasures Mined in the Dark of Winter

What part of life still haunts you and seeks reconciliation? What messages from Spirit are you still questioning? What could you birth if you said Yes to a fully engaged life? Working with my friend and teacher Parashakti has taught me how to engage with life and Dance of Liberation is a means to that end. The monthly setting at Jivamukti yoga school invites you to envision, explore and discover the mystery of your creation - your Dance of Liberation being the formula of action to moving and flowing as you evaluate your life on the dance floor. On the Dance floor I acknowledge the shadow in my life, where I still exist in isolation, and have yet to thrive. At risk of those places of separateness. As Parashakti teaches "the Dance floor is a reflection of your life."

I affirm that all of life is interconnected, the present is bright and I am hopeful. I envision the crystalline places of my heart and ignite the flame of divine love there, offering release to heartbreak that still lingers... My dance is the path where my mastery is revealed to me. So continues my work of tikkun olam. (Repairing the world.)

This month I will be leading Parashakti's Dance of Liberation with the theme of winter being the time of deep hibernation, as a means to birth the treasures within, in prep for the birth of spring! Join us in Celebration!

Reverend Sam Lipton is an Interfaith Minister, Inter-Spiritual Counselor, and Dance of Liberation facilitator. He welcomes those seeking spiritual companioning or ministerial services, "outside the box" of traditional religious forms. To email Sam: or

Parashakti's website

Zorba, where is Buddha?

Walking in the Footsteps of Our Ancestors

A spiritual pilgrimage to the Holy Land, Israel

Guided by Zohar Zemach Wilson, Tamar Adi from the Chandra Yoga Center, Parashakti, and Globesonic DJ Fabian Alsultany with guest teachers, Rabbis, Shamans, and other religious cultures and backgrounds. April 2009.

A great opportunity to experience the land and people of Israel and discover our authentic walk. Including: nightly desert journey, Passover Seder & Feast, attending the Zorba the Buddha Festival, Shamanic intensive workshop, floating in the Dead Sea (the deepest place on earth), visiting Jerusalem and other urban and nature locations, and much more.

To wet your appetite, click here for a story about Israel.

We are putting all the details together. If this interests you, please write a letter of intent to

About the inspiration that created Footsteps of Our Ancestors:
It is a hot summer day, eleven years ago. I am a twenty-three year old Israeli woman who, along with other seekers, is on a trek into the Judean desert, south of Jerusalem. Our guide, a thin bearded man with intense, burning, blue eyes, is a Haredi, a "trembler" -- the Hebrew word for an ultra-Orthodox Jew - and a Hasid, one immersed in the mystical traditions of Judaism . . .

Click to continue reading


NY: Apprenticeship Program

Parashakti is excited to share the sacred medicine path through the Liberations apprenticeship program, a 200 hour course.

"My mission is to share each step of the training & journey as was passed down to me by my Elders. My goal is to prepare you to become a leader, facilitator, invocator, seer, and carrier of your personal medicine.

"Within this program you have eight Intensives with my Elders, which culminates with the One World Spirit Dance in Arizona."

For more information and registration contact Jilsarah Hawkwomen:

NY: Buffalo Heart: Spiritual teachings in the Native American Tradition

Vernon Foster (Thunder He Walks with), Parashakti, Keith Star-Horse

Saturday, February 7
6-9 pm

Experience the "Earth Medicine Awakening" through the ancient teachings and healing rituals of the medicine wheel, pipe ceremony, story telling, chanting & dance. Through shamanic journeying you will connect with ancestral spirits, retrieve lost parts of soul and discover your own creative & authentic voice, with intention of the healing of the earth.

East West Living
78 5th Avenue
To register East West: 212-243-5994
$40 for one workshop, sign up for both Saturday & Sunday workshops, $75

Parashakti's website

Too hot for TV

Veggie Love

PETA's new ad-featuring a bevy of beauties who are powerless to resist the temptation of veggie love-was deemed too hot for Super Bowl XLIII. Watch as these lovely ladies get up close and personal with asparagus, bok choy, and more!

Watch the video

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February 2009

Peruvian Research Shows that Maca Improves the Function of Neurotransmitters

Mercury Found in High-Fructose Corn Syrup

How to Let go Peacefully and Fertilize your Life

Jena Wellness Bootycamp

Opportunity - Elements for Life

Food Matters

Treasures Mined in the Dark of Winter

Walking in the Footsteps of Our Ancestors

NY: Apprenticeship Program

NY: Buffalo Heart: Spiritual teachings in the Native American Tradition

Veggie Love

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Personal Discretion and Wisdom

Dog Show
Join PETA for a demonstration to speak out against the Westminster Dog Show and its contribution to the companion animal overpopulation crisis. The American Kennel Club (AKC) is devoted to keeping bloodlines "pure," labeling mixed breeds as inferior, and creating a dominant "master race" that meets their prejudiced ideas of "perfection." Monday, February 9, 12-1 PM. Outside the main entrance of Madison Square Garden, west side of Seventh Avenue at 32nd Street, NYC. Contact: Virginia Fort at 757-284-7152.
Pure race video
NY: Dance of Liberation at Omega Institute
Parashakti and Lisa Dawn Goldstein are our modern shamanic guides and hosts of the Dance of Liberation, a ritual celebration fusing intention, Jivamukti Yoga, dance, breathwork, and contemporary shamanism that opens powerful portals of spiritual energy to transform the way you think and feel-and who you are and long to be. May 15-17
More information
NY: Liberation detox and cleansing intensive

Parashakti's, 5 Day Liberation Detox and Cleansing evening intensive. Hosted by Jena Wellness, guest teachers Eddie Tabul Jivamukti yoga, Doug Evans, Organic avenue, Arul Dunlop, SanaVita healing center. February 15-20.

More information
NY: Dance of Liberation
A new wave of modern shamans is helping people reach these states in "urban jungles." Every month Parashakti leads participants through a ritual celebration that fuses dance, yoga, breathwork, and contemporary shamanism. February 20
More information
Israel: Say Goodbye to Your Sugar Addiction
Do you find you need coffee or a sweet snack at 3 PM to get you through your day? Do you suffer from mood swings? Are you tired much of the time or bingeing on a regular basis? Sugar is addictive. Sugar is empty calories. Sugar robs your body of vital nutrients. March 14
More information
Israel: Sacred Singing Circle
Join Vismai and the Kol Ha'or musicians and singers for an evening of sacred singing from different cultures and languages around the world. February 28.
More information
Israel: Healthy Cooking Classes

Join Zohar Zemach Wilson and Avital Sebag in a series of classes focusing on the preparation of delicious healthy meals in alignment with the season. Classes include organic vegetarian ingredients, recipes, instruction, and a feast of the meals we prepare in the classes. Advance registration required.

More information
Israel: Nutrition & Health Group

This group process is a journey of ten weekly meetings with a small group of participants. Improved nutrition and healthier lifestyle without willpower and deprivation. In Tel Aviv with Zohar

More information
NY: 2012 BootCamp
2012 BootCamp with Daniel Pinchbeck, Parashakti, DJ Fabian Alsultany & Dechen Thurman at Kripalu. June 14-17
More information
Israel: Health Food Store Tour
Come for a tour through the maze of vegetables, labels, products, and prices. Learn information about the energetics of food. Get helpful hints and tips on healthy eating and cooking methods. March 17.
More information
Israel: Yoga Rejuvenation Retreat

Join Tamar Adi from Chandra Yoga Center and Zohar Zemach Wilson for a weekend of yoga, meditations, and rejuvenations in the beautiful northern Carmel Mountains. March 27-28.

More information
Integrative Nutrition

There is no perfect way of eating that works for everybody. At Integrative Nutrition we believe in intuitive eating, based on the individual knowing and self-awareness of one's body and well-being. What is the future of nutrition?

More information
Israel: Healing with Whole Foods
What is "whole foods"? How is it different than processed food and fractured food? How can eating whole foods give a boost to your health? What is Primary Food? All this and more with Zohar on February 7 at Yoga Mala in Beit Yanai and February 21 in Tel Aviv.
More information
Worldwide Retreats

Rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit in the most tranquil, beautiful, and exciting places in the world.

Upcoming retreats

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