Monthly Staff Letter from Laurie~1/09
Dear Ones:

A quick note to clarify, given I have shared the blessing of my challenges. Our scholarship program was a beautiful experience for three years. Not only did we attract incredible participants and deeply fulfilling events, but we felt very fulfilled on many levels.

In addition to the amazing participants attracted from the scholarships, beautiful staff volunteers and workers who created TLC came to me.

Like all organizations, (I have now spoken to many owners and spiritual teachers who also endured what I endured) we also attracted small pockets of people who exercised very low integrity in a variety of ways. Small numbers can do great harm. Older and wiser, I now set up a lot more precautions, screenings, and protections into place in all ventures.

The scholarship program took many hours behind the scenes of volunteer labor for many. Mostly me and I worked 7 days a week many hours a week for those years, mostly as a volunteer. IT was worth it and profoundly rewarding.

Now for my well being, I am going back to my private practice and part time teaching and we will need people to contribute payment. Many people came on highly discounted programs offered per their supposed needs but turned out to be very wealthy while I often put basic needs aside like going to the dentists, etc. This is not good for anyone. I will go back to doing more talks and media appearances too. I lived and worked this way before and loved it. AND back then, I was able to teach seminars, though less frequently. I am doing this now so my work continues.

While the scholarship days have ended, the seminars and my work have only just begin in a whole new energy. This spacious energy was birthed through all the rewards and all the challenges grace gave me in the three years I recently wrote about. The result in me was deep deep security within and deep deep love within and all around. I trust life and almost all animals I meet.

I have become much more selective about which humans I trust and what ways to trust them. Consequently, I am surrounded by absolutely marvelous humans. The weeding out process bore great fruit. TLC is a beautiful agency and the Satsangs are precious. I am in gratitude and I am well, getting more and more so each moment.

Some one wrote in and said if I was really being LOVE I would not have felt disappointment. This is absolutely NOT what I am teaching. I am here to teach that love comes from the embracing of all we feel, our most human self. Religions throughout time have used mental, physical and spiritual techniques to try to change our humaness in search of enlightenment. These religions have mistaken perfection for enlightenment. Awakened consciousness is NOT about perfection. There is a cosmic comedy in thinking so.

The love is not about changing , but about surrendering fully to what is here now in the heart. Through this ongoing surrender the immense love is revealed. And some times change occurs in this process as a natural by product.

I will be interviewed on this topic on Monday, February 9, 2009 from 4-5 p.m. PST by Laurie Hutson on internet radio: .

Blessings to you,
Dr. Laurie Moore
  Dr. Laurie Moore
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