Dr. Laurie Moore 2009 ~
Beckoned to Peace

Beloved Friends:

You are able to:

~ be peace in all of life’s situations

~ receive the song of your own soul

~ discover endless immersion into a great mystery of love in all places, times and events.

There is an ancient entrance to something that rejoices and delivers us to peace in every experience life offers. Spiritual teachers of the human and animal kingdom have known and shared this throughout time. This gift is for everyone who wishes to receive. This gift carries no judgment of you and beckons you home to your heart.

The entering this pathway is via your own soul. All your neighbors of all species have this potential also. While each entrance is unique, the peace is for all. This is a peace that is clear and neutral and holds all thoughts, emotions and circumstances as they shift and change. This peace takes you like the river who bathes you and brings you to yourself.
When you come to recognize this opportunity to be with peace, be peace and find endless caverns of peace, you are love. You notice something that is forever with you and has always been so.

If you train your mind to think you are the template of your circumstances, the feelings of your day, or the measurements of your mind, you yearn and never settle in peace. But when you notice here and today that you are peace, that peace has always held you, and that all your thoughts and feelings have been welcomed in this peace, you feel home. The unwinding is inspiring, the choice is a door into the infinite flowing tunnel of sun, and the wholeness of yourself is now.

You will live in the fulfillment that beloved humans and animals have offered to share with you in eternal teachings. You will know this love in different flavors, forms, feelings and aspects of yourself. You will know this love as everyone. You will know this love as you. You will know this without a doubt beyond right, beyond wrong, beyond any particular belief, and as a song of your heart and soul. You will be peace in an artistry that is undeniable, exciting and born fresh each second.

Like you, I am here to be love, to be peace. That's it. I am not better or worse than you and have nothing to offer but this love, this peace. So from now on that is what I offer, no more or no less. I offer to be an assistant for you to recall that you are love as are all your neighbors of all species.
Love, Laurie

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Some people attend to create a dream life. Some people attend to release a self defeating habit. Some people attend to experience unconditional love, joy or peace. Some attend to understand what their animals are saying. Some attend because their heart tells them it is time for world peace. Some attend seeking a new solution to an old personal problem with relationship, the body, grief and loss . Some attend due to non achievement of goals which they are now ready to achieve.

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Jeri Passaro

" My challenging relationship with my child became a dream relationship. "
Kristen Nemzer

" I quit a job I did not enjoy and created my dream job successfully. I n addition , I altered relationships with
family and friends to new way of fulfillment and unconditional love. "
Richard Smith

" My migraines went away! "
Keri Mohr

" I found what I had looked for in every spiritual teaching and spiritual teacher for decades. Dr. Laurie made enlightenment possible for everyone. "
Susan Levi

" Thank you, Laurie. You change my relationship with my Dog and I significantly but did more than that. You took me to a deeper place of love in my heart. "
Dr. Herby Bell

" Your work is so humane and full of love. I experienced awakening to my higher self for the first time. "
Dr. Maryam Larki

"Some of my most favorite and happiest times in life have been at Dr. Laurie Moore's seminars!"

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Thank you for the session. It was really helpful and built on what I have been learning here in Hawaii in acceleration. It helped to fill in some gaps that I was feeling anxious or unsure about. It reinforced some things. The theme was right on. Thank you also for the sliding scale during this challenging economic time. I was able to apply the lesson with a glimpse of finding the contentment in times that feel good as well as times that feel like a let down. I was able to find that being content is available in both these situations. I really appreciate your help and care. Thank you!

Thank you for inspiring me to open to life again and again by how you approach life, Laurie.
Ken Ohme

Dear Lo:
The last two months I've been meaning to tell you how incredibly impressed I've been with your website, your business plan, your writings, the blurbs from people you've impacted, etc...

(I wish I had.)

I think that's what amazes me the most about you. No matter what has happened in the last 45 years, you, above anyone else I have ever known, has figured out how to hold true to who you are (on the absolute deepest level), how to embrace who you are (on the absolute deepest level), and how to use, always, that for the betterment of people, humanity, etc... (on the absolute deepest level).

Whenever we connect, I'm able to look inside myself much more readily, willingly and longingly and, in fact, lovingly, if that makes sense.

You are the best, and I am so grateful that you're my sister and friend.

I love you (on the absolute deepest level).



Dear Dr. Laurie...
I just wanted to take this opportunity to send my heartfelt gratitude for who you are and all you do. Sharing all that you are experiencing re-affirms to so many the unlimited possibilities we each possess, along with the miracles we are co-creating through this unprecedented time in our human evolution. You are a bright, shining example of the unconditional, pure essence of love, ever expanding in the hearts of humanity and all there is.
Shine On Sweet SiSTAR
Cindy Priest-Mulder
Grand Rapids, MI, USA

Thank you for this delightful inspiration!

Hi Laurie
My husband and I explored your site after we saw you. There is so much to see. What a diverse set of skills, experiences and offerings you have, yet they are somehow all connected. You really come across with so much love and kindness in the videos. Also, it was easy to feel your sincerity.

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