Dr. Laurie Moore 2009 ~
Seminars for Fulfillment of Life Purpose

People attend Dr. Laurie Moore's seminars for many reasons and almost all come out transformed, fulfilled, and resolved.

Dr. Laurie Moore, licensed therapist for human’s, animal communicator and miracle coach combines the spiritual with the practical in a unique and life-altering way to assist each individual. Working with people from many backgrounds, beliefs and ways of life, she assists people to transform in ways they desire. Chronic problems are changed, lack of fulfillment is relieved, and a deep experience of whole love, joy and miraculous awakening is often discovered.

March 3-10, 2009 Loretto , Mexico with whales
May 9-10. 2009 Santa Cruz, Ca
July and August: Hawaii Island and dolphin seminars: go to ww.animiracles.com for dates and info or call 831-477-7007
or email Lesley@DrLaurieMoore.com

Some people attend to create a dream life. Some people attend to release a self defeating habit. Some people attend to experience unconditional love, joy or peace. Some attend to understand what their animals are saying. Some attend because their heart tells them it is time for world peace. Some attend seeking a new solution to an old personal problem with relationship, the body, grief and loss . Some attend due to non achievement of goals which they are now ready to achieve.

You can read more about Dr. Laurie’s work at

You can reserve your free ticket at 831-477-7007 or Lesley@DrLaurieMoore.com. RESERVE SOON AS SPACING IS LIMITED.

Alter you life, awaken, turn yearning into fulfillment and enjoy others who care about our planet. People have had life altering experience with relationships and self, their body, community and globe after attending.

" After my work with Laurie, I found my dream man! "
Jeri Passaro

" My challenging relationship with my child became a dream relationship. "
Kristen Nemzer

" I quit a job I did not enjoy and created my dream job successfully. I n addition , I altered relationships with
family and friends to new way of fulfillment and unconditional love. "
Richard Smith

" My migraines went away! "
Keri Mohr

" I found what I had looked for in every spiritual teaching and spiritual teacher for decades. Dr. Laurie made enlightenment possible for everyone. "
Susan Levi

" Thank you, Laurie. You change my relationship with my Dog and I significantly but did more than that. You took me to a deeper place of love in my heart. "
Dr. Herby Bell

" Your work is so humane and full of love. I experienced awakening to my higher self for the first time. "
Dr. Maryam Larki

"Some of my most favorite and happiest times in life have been at Dr. Laurie Moore's seminars!"
Ken Ohme

Our Santa Cruz Satsang is almost full so register soon if you wisht to attend (May 9-10, 2009). We have openings for Hawaii. A beautiful group of people has already formed for each island AND there are spots available for Big Island, Molokai and Maui in July. Also, spots for Mexico are open. (Email the office for an exact schedule or call 831-477-7007 or visit www.animiracles.com)



Thank you for the session. It was really helpful and built on what I have been learning here in Hawaii in acceleration. It helped to fill in some gaps that I was feeling anxious or unsure about. It reinforced some things. The theme was right on. Thank you also for the sliding scale during this challenging economic time. I was able to apply the lesson with a glimpse of finding the contentment in times that feel good as well as times that feel like a let down. I was able to find that being content is available in both these situations. I really appreciate your help and care. Thank you!

Thank you for inspiring me to open to life again and again by how you approach life, Laurie.

Dr. Laurie Moore, LMFT, CHT, Animal Communicator
(831) 477-7007


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