A Spider Brings a Gift
A Spider Brings a Gift

I write to you from my fullness. I write to you from a place where I sit in meditation. A little spider has taken to sitting on the ceiling ten feet above, each morning, right above my head. This one has taken to dropping little gifts into my lap.

Something soft, spun of a spider was dropped into my lap. I held it in my palm. There and then, many months of illness were healed at a next layer and level as I was breathed by Mother Earth. The illness had been given to make me more attentive. You could call it God’s tear. You could call it the expression of the collective being understood, integrated and transformed in the body of someone. You could call it a time for personal shifting. It is now agreeing to depart.

As my health has come back into life, a deeper grounding into all my chakras has taken me into exquisite orgasmic existence. A necessary sinking into all flavors of existing has beckoned me deeper inward which is home. My heart is everyone.

I write to you from an orgasmic existence in which I sit full, ecstatic all within myself as the lover and beloved.

A hawk has taken to flying right by the window and when I come outside, hawks and ravens have taken to circling me, flying above me and we wave. I tell you they have shown me that nobody is outside me. They tell me, “If you think anyone is outside of you don’t’ bother to speak. Feel in more accurately.”

So I write to you in my heart where I find you as me. Here you have such a different personality and set of circumstances. Beyond this your soul is yours and mine is mine. Beyond this I see no difference between your heart and mine.

Is it you I was looking for or this breath of the Mother Earth or this spider. Oh, it was this unnamable warmth that holds all goodness. Thank you. May you walk in great nourishment, contentment and the fulfillment of you.

If try to give you anything you give it right back, magnified, perfected, ripples of life. If I try to take anything you extend yourself like water.

Please take from me whatever is not in unity and show me unity in all that is.
I am complete now. Thank you.

From Laurie

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Whales Bring a Gift by Bryant Austin

Dear Friends,
I've just returned home from my field work with Sperm Whales in the West Indies using a state of the art 50 Mega pixel underwater camera system. I am pleased to report that I’ve come back with the largest most detailed photographs of whales produced in history. This collection will debut in Oslo, Norway on August 14th, 2009 in collaboration with the World Society for the Protection of Animals.

With only sufficient funding to carry out six weeks of field work the chances of success were very low. Towards the end of my time in the field, it was looking as though I was to return home empty handed. Thankfully on the last day we sighted a resident Sperm Whale family known to be accepting and inquisitive of swimmers. I spent the entire day with them off and on between their deep foraging dives totaling almost two hours of in water time with them.

Several were so accepting and inquisitive that we floated next to one another at distances less than four feet. Even when I would try to swim further back to compose my photographs, several would follow me to once again meet my eye sometimes an arm’s length way. I was able to both compose intimate portraits emphasizing the varied expressions in their eyes, as well as composing my largest to-scale composite photographs encompassing two thirds of the whale’s body. Some of the compositions from that day can be viewed by below.

With three exhibitions being organized in Norway and one in Tokyo, I can’t express how much gratitude I feel for the moments I experienced with this whale family. Because of their exceptional behavior towards me, audiences in whaling nations will be the first to witness and contemplate moments very few of us would ever experience in person.

In preparation for these exhibitions we are working to raise sufficient funding to begin work with the most heavily hunted whale species in the world, the Minke Whale. Since the 1985 global ban on whaling more than 30,000 Minke Whales have been hunted.

Our permits and charter to work with the Minke Whales are tentatively in place, however we are still working to raise sufficient funding to carry out two months of field work with these whales beginning in June, 2009. If we are successful in both raising the funding and finding inquisitive and accepting Minke Whales this season, children and adults living in Norway and Japan will for the first time in history be the first to view the largest, most detailed to-scale imagery of Minke Whales in history.

It is costly to both work with whales in this way and to share them on their scale to unrepresented audiences in whaling nations. At the same time we also know what the cost has been to these whales for not documenting and sharing them in this way in the forty year history of whale conservation and photography. We encourage you to visit www.mmcta.org and consider making a donation to help these whales. Your support will allow them to inspire change in ways humans have been unable to achieve in the forty year history to protect them.

Thank you for your time and for your support.
Best Wishes,
Bryant Austin, President

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It is your time to be fulfilled. It is time for you to make changes, eliminate self defeating habits, and create the life you love. Whether you are facing challenges with relationship, grief and loss, your body, sexuality or spirituality, I will assist you in a loving and non judgmental manner. You can be fulfilled.

I use your choice of modalities. Options: Talk therapy, miracle coaching, EMDR, hypnotherapy, drama, dance, voice or art therapy, creative writing therapy, one on one, & group seminars. I am trained in many other modalities too. Let'stalk about your needs and preferences. Free initial consult of 15 min BY PHONE. Ongoing or one time sessions available by phone or in person. Call 831-477-7007.

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People attend Dr. Laurie Moore's seminars for many reasons and almost all come out transformed, fulfilled, and resolved.

Dr. Laurie Moore, licensed therapist for human’s, animal communicator and miracle coach combines the spiritual with the practical in a unique and life-altering way to assist each individual. Working with people from many backgrounds, beliefs and ways of life, she assists people to transform in ways they desire. Chronic problems are changed, lack of fulfillment is relieved, and a deep experience of whole love, joy and miraculous awakening is often discovered.

March 3-10, 2009 Loretto , Mexico with whales
May 9-10. 2009 Santa Cruz, Ca
July and August: Hawaii Island and dolphin seminars: go to ww.animiracles.com for dates and info or call 831-477-7007
or email Lesley@DrLaurieMoore.com

Some people attend to create a dream life. Some people attend to release a self defeating habit. Some people attend to experience unconditional love, joy or peace. Some attend to understand what their animals are saying. Some attend because their heart tells them it is time for world peace. Some attend seeking a new solution to an old personal problem with relationship, the body, grief and loss . Some attend due to non achievement of goals which they are now ready to achieve.

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family and friends to new way of fulfillment and unconditional love. "
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" I found what I had looked for in every spiritual teaching and spiritual teacher for decades. Dr. Laurie made enlightenment possible for everyone. "
Susan Levi

" Thank you, Laurie. You change my relationship with my Dog and I significantly but did more than that. You took me to a deeper place of love in my heart. "
Dr. Herby Bell

" Your work is so humane and full of love. I experienced awakening to my higher self for the first time. "
Dr. Maryam Larki

"Some of my most favorite and happiest times in life have been at Dr. Laurie Moore's seminars!"
Ken Ohme

Our Santa Cruz Satsang is almost full so register soon if you wisht to attend (May 9-10, 2009). We have openings for Hawaii. A beautiful group of people has already formed for each island AND there are spots available for Big Island, Molokai and Maui in July. (email the office for an exact schedule or call 831-477-7007 or visit www.animiracles.com)

I would like tickets!


Through many trial and errors in expanding the business we have ARRIVED. Our Mexico Satsangs are delightfully run by devoted professionals of outstanding skills with the help of my assistant Mara Sussman. Mara has assisted in Hawaii for many years. We met 26 years ago. Thank you Mara and Tripui Staff!

This has been my favorite Satsang of all Satsangs. Your willingness to devote yourselves to the participants with such meticulous responsibility, care and JOY has given me great room to devote 100% to teaching, a dream come true. Muchas Gracias! Thank you to Kathryn and Clare for all your giving simply because you felt like it. Hallelujah for this precious time we are having!

Our sweet team of ongoing work study people continue to give great love to the Santa Cruz Satsangs. Big Mahalo to Dr. Maryam, Waldemar, Clare, Ken, Mike, Peggy, Lesley, and some new helpers you will meet on May 9-10, 2009 in Santa Cruz! We will also feature exquisite musician Garheart Hillman who performed with me for years back in the late 80s and early 90s. Ryan will bring us the bowls of Tibet as well. I have a lot of new songs to share. There are still a few seats left for May 9-10, 2009 in Santa Cruz. Email info@DrLaurieMoore.com or call 831-477-7007 to purchase your tickets.

Thank you to Erin's ongoing love in cooking and music, Veto and Dana's special relationships with the dolphins, Kirby Wright's hospitality, Celeste's angelic nature and Barbara and Leila’s hosting and cooking! As usual we are in great hands in the Satsangs coming up in Hawaii. Big Mahalo to Douglas Webster who first got me to Big island to the dolphins to teach because of his beautiful website and hospitality to me on the radio show: www.dolphinville.com).

Much gratitude to Lesley, Rachel, Dr. Maryam, Waldemar and Mara who will be on the work study teams to assist in creating a beautiful Hawaii event. And thanks to Kona Book Stories for their hospitality with public book reading and music satsangs!

This is our last time in shared houses on Big Island, Maui and Molokai. People have many fond memories of this communal experience so sign up now if you wish to partake. As of September 2009 TLC willl offer seminars at retreat centers instead.

Thanks to the help and most recent revisions. They say the harshest storm is right before the calm. Hallelujah the calm has come in a great steadiness. This calm is deep into myself and the business and all who surrounds this calm and this well being and love.

I will (to my surprise this weekend) be traveling to other cities (in addition to 4 Hawaii islands. Mexico and Santa Cruz) after all! I am only traveling to cities where all that is needed to offer an outstanding event is provided. I now only work in give-receive modes that honor my complete wellness as my intention is to give my all and I must receive to do so! Give~receive is the climate of Love! Love is not martyrdom nor is it taking responsibility for others shortcomings in my new understandings. Forgiveness is not an open ended invitation for people to rest in complacency or pretend. The NEW LOVE CLIMATE requires great honesty and a shifting of what shows up that is out of integrity. Those who desire this are happy here. So new doors are opening. My first contract under the new provisions is in Washington State for May of 2009. Dates TBA on the website shortly.

Thanks to those who work behind the scenes with such perfection for years: Ken, Michael Boyce, Mike De Give.

Thanks to people who help again and again just because they are so awesome and generous: John Lee, Pattie Mills.

Thanks to Ray and Jessie’s great love and support, Wendy Beallor the acupuncturist, Wayne Hoff the healer, and Will Cassilly the homoeopathist, Robin’s Migun Massage Healing Center and my many meditations into a new wellness in the new world within my consciousness, I am well and back to my self. I am hiking, teaching yoga, dancing, singing and loving it all with great gratitude!!!! I love my health. Thank you universe which I personally call unisound!!!

Lesley has completed her work study time in the office, having brought great warmth and care to people as well as new illumination to me on a variety of matters. There is an opening for a 2 year TLC internship. The work study intern receives a newly designed private awakening/communication/office love training with Dr. Laurie and works from home. You will learn very much about running an office on spiritual, practical, mental and physical realms of creation. If you are interested please send your resume and three references with your letter of intent.

This is a great internship for spiritual fulfillment, psychology and management training (and a big plus to your resume!) If you are in college or grad school it may possible to obtain hours toward your degree, certificate or licensure in a variety of modalities and subjects. Email Dr. Laurie with questions. I welcome psychology students, animal lovers and all others as well.

With everything up and running, I am again available to take on interns who wish to study healing modalities with people and animals as well. Email Laurie@DrLaurieMoore.com for details and costs.

Thank you to the many organizations in San Jose who have been contacting me to host my talks recently. What I love most about San Jose is encountering sisters and brothers from so many different countries. We have so much to learn from one another with our varied backgrounds. Thank you!
To schedule a public talk or conference call talk please email info@DrLaurieMoore.com.

Thank you to everyone. So happy all is back in the mode of vitality again. Ahhhhh,


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I feel more at peace now from this session. Thank you.

Thank you for offering me questions to help me look more deeply. This is very supportive. This is contributing to me.

The peace you emanated at the staff satsang was so deep and tangible. Thank you for inviting us.

The new Satsang style brings out each of our own authorities at a greater level of support and give/receive.
I loved being at the satsang. Thank you.

Thank you so much. I needed to be here at this Satsang in Mexico with you.

Attend the Next Satsang: May 9-10/get tickets

In Mexico

When we return from our Sacred Mexico Satsang, Clare, Mara and Kathryn's co-written sharing will be emailed out with photos of our lovely retreat center and new friends in Mexico.
You receive this Ezine as we continue to go deeper into the great love. I am so happy this retreat was 7 days and that the Hawaii retreat is open for 15 days as these greater time periods allowed for great expansion, depth and wisdom to emerge in our shifts and surrendering into the vast LOVE.
Love, Laurie

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