Monthly Staff Letter from Laurie~March 2009
Dear Friends:

A couple of Staff and I will be out with the whales in Loreto, Mexico as March emerges into life. So I shall write on this last day of February. I write with good tidings.

As my health has come back into life, a deeper grounding into all my chakras has taken me into exquisite orgasmic existence. A necessary sinking into all flavors of existing has beckoned me deeper inward which is home. My heart is everyone.

The May 9-10, 2009 Satsang has filled up with a beautiful variety of people. We have people, so dear to my heart, who first joined me in the 80s. This was when my work was called Gardens of The Muscular Earth , a.k.a G.O.T.M. E. , Theatre troupe ! We have people who found me (and I them) when my work was called Creative Intimacy Seminars. We have participants who joined us when we became Animiracles with The Miracle Ground. We have one who came around the time we became The Love Climate. Plus new folk are here.

I anticipate a powerful weaving of energies into a whole new creation. 2009 has brought in many new designs for this beautiful planet. I have been guided mostly by Jason Jasona (my spider friend who has reincarnated) and by an Albino cow who has been visiting me on the inner planes. Peace is here.

All Staff positions are full but we do have 2 available participant seats left for the entire weekend. We also have 15 left for Sunday May 10 (The Sunday Satsang is open to 50 while Saturday is open to 25 tops). So if you haven't reserved a spot best to do so now.

I write to you from my fullness. I write to you from a place where I sit in meditation.

A little spider has taken to sitting on the ceiling ten feet above, each morning, right above my head. This one has taken to dropping little gifts into my lap.
Something soft, spun of a spider was dropped. I held it in my palm and many months of illness were healed at the next layer and level as I was breathed by Mother Earth. The illness had been given to make me more attentive. You could call it God’s tear. You could call it the expression of the collective being understood, integrated and transformed in the body of someone. You could call it a time for personal shifting. It is now agreeing to depart.

I write to you from an orgasmic existence in which I sit full, ecstatic all within myself as the lover and beloved.

A hawk has taken to flying right by the window and when I come outside, hawks and ravens have taken to circling me, flying above me and we wave. I tell you they have shown me that nobody is outside me. They tell me, “If you think anyone is outside of you don’t’ bother to speak. Feel in more accurately.”

So I write to you in my heart where I find you as me. Here you have such a different personality and set of circumstances. Beyond this your soul is yours and mine is mine. Beyond this I see no difference between your heart and mine.

Is it you I was looking for or this breath of the Mother Earth or this spider? Oh, it was this unnamable warmth that holds all goodness. Thank you. May you walk in great nourishment, contentment and the fulfillment of you.

If try to give you anything you give it right back, magnified, perfected, ripples of life. If I try to take anything you extend yourself like water.

Please take from me whatever is not in unity and show me unity in all that is.
I am complete now. Thank you.

In Love, Dr. Laurie

  Dr. Laurie Moore
The Love Climate w/Dr. Laurie Moore • Peace Rd. • Soquel • CA • 95073