Love Note from Mexico
Love Note from Mexico

I took a solo journey into the wilderness. I was taken as family by turkey vultures. They surrounded me. They circled and waved and flew only a few feet over my head. They allowed me to perch with three of them as family. One died and left her body sprawled in total surrender wings spread, chest to sky. I sat with her as she transitioned. One showed me how to take off and fly. Although my body could not, my soul flew with my friend and my body received great cleansing and liberty.

The difference between life and death, costume and no costume became evident as one universe: one uni-sound with no end nor beginning but love.

The next day masters came to me inside my heart and dissolved my heart and all my agendas and my soul. I became the lover and beloved in embrace in exquisite orgasmic union all within myself as I was being.

My body is VERY strong again. It is quite miraculous. Huge waves of prana are taking me and the body can now handle it all.

Then all that is left is no love but love.
There is no love but love.
The orange juice is the Mother's milk and the mountain is her and I am that.
The people are her children.
There is no love but love.

These words do not come close to this of which I speak and am.

I am you, dear friends. You are me.

In Love, Laurie

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Dr. Laurie Moore, LMFT, CHT, Animal Communicator
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