GoYa Yoga
GoYa Yoga

We will be moving into more group heart-mind and less one authority leading heart-mind in this era of history. We will find many leaders will facilitate in this way.

Animiracles Satsangs and Goya Yoga both assist with this process by assisting individual's to uncover their unique selves in ways of love.

Goya is a movement, sound and breath experience I developed when I taught and studied many forms of movement: yoga, dance and drama therapy, ballet, modern dance, Eurythmy, continuum, authentic movement, Pilates, jazz, African, contact improv, contact sport dance, drama improvisation Chi Gung, Tai Chi Akido, and gymnastics. I combined this with many kinds of breathing and chanting. It's purpose is to free the body into a state through which the prana can flow in a unique pattern for each individual sourced in unisound ( a word for universe used in Goya Yoga) and gratitude. It strengthens, flexes and liberates the body/mind. This is to assist people to awakening into complete Peace and Love as are the Satsangs and classes and sessions. Goya Yoga and mediation are now offered daily on ALL Satsang Seminar Retreats in Hawaii and Mexico.

If you would like a Mexico and Hawaii Satsang Retreat Schedule please email info@DrLaurie Moore.com and type “Mexico and Hawaii retreat Schedule Please” in the subject line.

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Animal Readings

Learn what your animal friend(s) are feeling and thinking and saying to you. You may check in with animals who are in body as well as animals on the other side in Dr. Laurie Moore's animal reading sessions.

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Support with Life Issues


It is your time to be fulfilled. It is time for you to make changes, eliminate self defeating habits, and create the life you love. Whether you are facing challenges with relationship, grief and loss, your body, sexuality or spirituality, I will assist you in a loving and non judgmental manner. You can be fulfilled.

I use your choice of modalities. Options: Talk therapy, miracle coaching, EMDR, hypnotherapy, drama, dance, voice or art therapy, creative writing therapy, one on one, & group seminars. I am trained in many other modalities too. Let'stalk about your needs and preferences. Free initial consult of 15 min BY PHONE. Ongoing or one time sessions available by phone or in person. Call 831-477-7007.

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Seminars for Fulfillment of Life Purpose & Animal Communication

People attend Dr. Laurie Moore's seminars for many reasons and almost all come out transformed, fulfilled, and resolved.

Dr. Laurie Moore, licensed therapist for human’s, animal communicator and miracle coach combines the spiritual with the practical in a unique and life-altering way to assist each individual. Working with people from many backgrounds, beliefs and ways of life, she assists people to transform in ways they desire. Chronic problems are changed, lack of fulfillment is relieved, and a deep experience of whole love, joy and miraculous awakening is often discovered.

March 3-10, 2009 Loretto , Mexico with whales
May 9-10. 2009 Santa Cruz, Ca
July and August: Hawaii Island and dolphin seminars: go to ww.animiracles.com for dates and info or call 831-477-7007
or email Lesley@DrLaurieMoore.com

Some people attend to create a dream life. Some people attend to release a self defeating habit. Some people attend to experience unconditional love, joy or peace. Some attend to understand what their animals are saying. Some attend because their heart tells them it is time for world peace. Some attend seeking a new solution to an old personal problem with relationship, the body, grief and loss . Some attend due to non achievement of goals which they are now ready to achieve.

You can read more about Dr. Laurie’s work at

You can reserve your free ticket at 831-477-7007 or Lesley@DrLaurieMoore.com. RESERVE SOON AS SPACING IS LIMITED.

Alter you life, awaken, turn yearning into fulfillment and enjoy others who care about our planet. People have had life altering experience with relationships and self, their body, community and globe after attending.

" After my work with Laurie, I found my dream man! "
Jeri Passaro

" My challenging relationship with my child became a dream relationship. "
Kristen Nemzer

" I quit a job I did not enjoy and created my dream job successfully. I n addition , I altered relationships with
family and friends to new way of fulfillment and unconditional love. "
Richard Smith

" My migraines went away! "
Keri Mohr

" I found what I had looked for in every spiritual teaching and spiritual teacher for decades. Dr. Laurie made enlightenment possible for everyone. "
Susan Levi

" Thank you, Laurie. You change my relationship with my Dog and I significantly but did more than that. You took me to a deeper place of love in my heart. "
Dr. Herby Bell

" Your work is so humane and full of love. I experienced awakening to my higher self for the first time. "
Dr. Maryam Larki

"Some of my most favorite and happiest times in life have been at Dr. Laurie Moore's seminars!"
Ken Ohme

Our Santa Cruz Satsang is almost full so register soon if you wisht to attend (May 9-10, 2009). We have openings for Hawaii. A beautiful group of people has already formed for each island AND there are spots available for Big Island, Molokai and Maui in July. (email the office for an exact schedule or call 831-477-7007 or visit www.animiracles.com)

I would like tickets!

Satsang Seminar May 9-10

Awaken into full peace and love. Talk with humans in a new way, animals and angels.

We have 1 seat left for May 9-10, 2009 and 9 tickets left May 10, 2009. 831-477-7007 or Laurie@DrLaurieMoore.com to purchase tickets.

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My time teaching the Mexico Satsang was so blessed. Masters took my heart into eternity deeper and deeper. I felt cleansed and washed.

I saw how every thought of every mind in every culture and individual is a context based on a context based on a context. Here and now is eternity right below all that.

My health came back to another level of wellness so much that I feel very young again. This four months of not knowing if I would have full health again was a beautiful teacher. I became meticulous in my attentiveness in new ways.

In Mexico my “I” was taken in great devotion to the all unisound/light/love. What is passing (all moments) became apparent in a deeper way. Over and over in unexpected ways this occurred. I lost all attachment to how many people I serve…whether it is one or one million all became up to God, Goddess, Unisound. What I am here for is the serve….the love…the nameless.

My business has taken on a new wellness deep inside. All systems are in gear. My personalities insistence that every break down become a learning has paid off. Now, the staff is in such a harmonious flow, Laurie is well taken care of so Laurie can give her all from wellness instead of ooooooooooover stretching! Calm, vast, on the Earth spacious peace. Ahhhhh….My clients are given to in all ways for which I prayed and I thank grace, a quality life offers abundantly.

Thank you so many of you for the great devotion shared from your heart to mine for my offering myself in the way I do for life. I have learned so much from all the passages.

In the flux and that which is forever, thank you God, Goddess, Unisound for this beautiful life journey.

People often ask us if we can bring the Satsang to their city or country. This is possible. The process begins with a mutual interview in which you and I find out if your intentions/needs/desires and ours are a harmonious match. From this a very clear and mutually agreed upon contract for your joy and ours is created. Please schedule a mutual interview with me to ascertain the harmony level of us working together on such a project at 831-477-7007 or by emailing Laurie@DrlaurieMoore.com.

Love, Laurie

Satsang Visit Harmony Match Interview Request


Thank you for bringing us, nudging us, helping us, and consistantly taking us to what is forever mutable and real beyond dogma, Dr. Laurie. I have learned that alomst everything is yesterday's newspaper as you have helped me to come into the present.

Thank you for your acceptance of all that is and your huge heart. Mara

Dr. Laurie:
WOW......how wonderful Dr. Laurie. My heart is grateful to experience this with you. YES, I AM another you, and you are me, and he is she and WE are all together through eternity!!!!! I can feel this deep within and without and I AM so excited for this opportunity to BE here at this time. A time we have all chosen! Joyous Celebration is at hand......and sooooooo much more to come!!!! Sending with Bright SMILES :):):); Warm HUGS ((())) and Much Big Love,
PS: I had a similar experience in a dream with a dolphin -- so difficult to put into words.

Hi Laurie,
I congratulate you on your work! You have always been on the edge of your destiny and also a talented marketeer in terms of putting yourself out there. Most people don't have both those gifts and capabilities in one body.
I love that you're so connected with the animal world. To my mind, this is one of the most important kinds of work we can do. Your statement that we need to love everything that we're doing and that happens to us is very profound, and a practice I've been at work on for decades! You frame it (with your voice on your website) in a very different way from the perennial wisdom around this, with your signature spirit, which is light, upbeat, bright. What an invitation to people to think of this practice not as an agonizing, difficult task, but a delight. Hallelujah!!
With appreciation,

Thankyou Laurie, for your beautiful experiences that you share-that sounds awesome! Within challenging circumstances, I am also feeling alot of happiness, light and love and I'm very grateful! Love and joy to you! Julie

Hi Laurie! Absolutely breathtakingly beautiful experience you had with the turkey vultures and masters.
I hope your Mexico Satsang is full of magic and wonder, excitement and accelerated growth. It certainly sounds like it!
I am there with you in spirit-
See you at all three Hawaii Island Satsangs~Love,

I overall enjoyed working for and with you, in the office and found it fun and rewarding. I feel the most blessed to have hung out with you by phone as friends and women in this process, discussing and chatting about all sorts of fascinating and fun things - getting to know you is a joy and I am glad it will continue in Santa Cruz and Hawaii where I will manage and assist!! I feel good feelings toward you too, and I so value your sending me a note, assuring me of your good feelings. Much Love Always, Lesley

Laurie, you are a wild women, willing to be so exposed and I love it! You are amazing. Tom

You Can Do It Meeting

This Santa Cruz, CA group will assist you in creating the life you desire, releasing self defeating habits and accomplishing what you feel you are called to accomplish. The keys are surrender, intention, clarity, release, love and expression. Each meeting you will be given assistance and tools. You will be able to apply what you learn to your personal life, your love life, your career life, your family life and your relationship with your own spirit, mind, emotions and body.

This is a new group as of March 11, 2009. Once enough interest is expressed, the location, date and time for our first meeting will be posted.

I welcome you!
Dr. Laurie Moore

Learn More

Do you love Elephants?

If you feel a sweet tenderness for elephants in your heart, please email us. We will send you aspecial announcement.

Remember to type "I love elephants" in the subject line.

Dr. Laurie, I love Elephants!

Training for Healers and Practitioners

Dr. Laurie is now available for giving private training to small groups and individuals to assist healers and practitioners who work with people and/or animals.

Learn to be fully receptive to animals.
Learn to assist people in creating dream lives.
Learn to assist people in returning to complete peace and love.
Learn to utilize evolved communication for awakening and positive shifting.
Learn to assist people and animals in subtracting what is no longer needed out of consciousness.
Learn to assist people with clarifying intentions.
Learn to assist people in being here now in the depth of eternity that holds all dissolving identities and circumstances.
Learn to assist people in shifting self defeating habits.

If you would like to be on the mail list for announcements regarding this trainings please email Laurie@DrLaurie Moore.com with “ healers training info please” in the subject line.

Info on Healers Training

Dr. Laurie Moore, LMFT, CHT, Animal Communicator
(831) 477-7007


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