Love Note from Mexico
Journal Entry from Loreto, Mexico Retreat

Took a solo journey into the wilderness. I was taken as family by turkey vultures. They surrounded me. They circled and waved and flew only a few feet over my head. They allowed me to perch with three of them as family. One died and left her body sprawled in total surrender, wings spread, chest to sky. I sat with her as she transitioned. One showed me how to take off and fly. Although my body could not, my soul flew with my friend and my body received great cleansing and liberty.

The difference between life and death, costume and no costume became evident as one universe: one uni-sound with no end or beginning but love.

The next day masters came to me inside my heart and dissolved my heart and all my agendas and my soul. I became the lover and beloved in embrace in exquisite orgasmic union all within myself as I was being.

My body is VERY strong again. It is quite miraculous. Huge waves of prana are taking me and the body can now handle it all.

Then all that is left is no love but love.
There is no love but love.
The orange juice is the Mother's milk and the mountain is her and I am that.
The people are her children.
There is no love but love.

These words do not come close to this of which I speak and am.

I am you, dear friends. You are me.

In Love, Laurie

Obama's Beautiful Nowruz Message

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"Thank you SO much Laurie for your emails about our cat, Des. You are a true friend, a true love, and I am so honored to call you my friend. Thank you for going the extra distance for our cat. This email makes a big difference and has already shifted the way I'm relating to our family member and cat, Des."

Satsangs in Washington State and also Washington D.C. area

Dr. Laurie is going to be offering a one day in Battleground, Washington STATE and an evening Satsang in her childhood home town near Washington DC. If you would like details please email Please SPECIFY which Satsang is of interest.


details for Washington State or Washington DC

What is happening

Either you find yourself located in this blooming creation now or you are reacting to an illusion to avoid how amazingly alive living feels. Often we locate ourselves in identities so as to not be here consciously. Often this is out of a cultural habit of thinking there is an I and missing that there is a GREAT LOVE in MOTION beyond the "I" concept. You are invited by life to be here where you really are in this glorious time. In this is endless musical ecstatic JOY and love! In this great, soul and personality becomes apparent in all beings of all species but what was once called "I" evaporates into LOVE.

Approximately 22 articles of LOVE to share on this matter will be available later in the Summer. At that time, articles of the past few years will also be made available.

Until June, and in Love

Mahalo, Dr. Laurie

Upcoming Santa Cruz Satsang

The May 9-10 two day Satsang is now full.

We have tickets available for May 10, 2009 Satsang from 1215-330 ONLY with optional Bowl Ringing Experience following from 4-5 p.m.
Cost is $97 for Satsang and $10 for Bowl Ringing Experience and does not include books, workbooks and DVDs which can be ordered separately. 831-477-7007 or

Purchase a ticket for May 10

Uni~heart, Uni~sound Mexico Retreat

Loreto Mexico Masters and Peace Retreat
(Call 831-477-7007 to ask questions or sign up.)

Next Dates TBA

This is a retreat for people who desire the intimacy of solitude and a small group in the sacredness of ancient masters and energies. Dr. Laurie will facilitate a deepening of awakening and heart as birds, mountains, flowers and ocean surround.

This is a retreat for going deep within. There will be daily meditation, yoga, satsang, communication with all species class, chanting and singing. There will be plenty of time to relax, swim, and adventure on your own.

Cost: $1000 for Satsang Seminar
Accommodations, food, special additional trips and transportation must be arranged on your own via

The retreat will take place at where the staff and the air are very warm, loving and very gracious.

“This retreat Dr. Laurie helped me to find what is eternal and always changing. She gently nudged me in all ways she could to go deeper than my entertainment, distraction- apparatus and find myself in a whole new way. I found what is here and now, and realized that much of what I used to pay attention to is yesterday’s news!”
Kathryn Conley

“Dr. Laurie has a huge heart and I have fun at her Satsangs. She makes it joyful and playful. I found my own authority for my own wisdom and self.”
Mara Sussman

Different personalities used their time outside of the retreat Satsangs in varied ways. Recent participants found joy in their own styles.

“I didn’t need a car. I don’t leave the property as it is so sacred I wish to sink in. There is a beautiful desert hike to the shore and a free shuttle too. Laurie held many classes outside by the pool, with the birds on the lawn, or at the beach. The restaurant is very yummy and open all day. I ate wonderful, healthy, big yummy meals and only spent $150 for food the entire week.”

“I like to adventure. The resort staff were very helpful in hooking me up with tour guides. Kayaking, hiking and boating was all available. I also took a trip to the town of Loreto.”

October 7-12
GoYa Yoga: 7-8:00 a.m.
Meditation: 8-8:40 a.m.

A two hour gathering including a communication with all species class, singing and chanting, plus Satsang
will take place daily. Time tba the evening before.

October 13
Yoga: 7-8:00 a.m.
Mediation 8-8:40 a.m.
Closure Circle: 10-11:00 a.m.

"The area where we stayed was beautiful and powerful. I was cleansed of so much I simply no longer needed to hold in my consciousness. Pain I had carried for life times in my emotional being was taken and I felt myself become clear, vast, neutral waves of spaciousness, joy and LOVE. Deep in the universal heart I was dissolved. I thank the masters who were with me in this special place."
Dr. Laurie

Call 831-477-7007 to ask questions or sign up.

Dr. Laurie Moore, LMFT, CHT, Animal Communicator
(831) 477-7007


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