Monthly Contributor's Letter from Laurie~June 2009
Dear Beloveds: A couple of weeks since we met for the May Satsang has felt like a very full year of ease. What an incredible time it is on this planet. Shifts can occur and deepen so quickly. The Satsang filled me and many others with great joy and new kind of peace.

My balance and wellness has increased in huge depths within. I have big reservoirs of strength and love to share via sessions and Satsangs. People have been calling for sessions right and left and money is again flowing with my private practice firmly re-established. I have heard from others who brought great gifts of peace and awakening back from the Satsang into their lives.

It is time for us to let go of TLC as a work/study and volunteer/trade based agency. After the Hawaii trips this summer, that phase will end.

I will continue to lead the Satsang~Seminars as well as offer sessions. I will be bringing in business people to handle all that for larger events and step down from any type of manager role.

While our days as work study teams must end, the Satsangs will be much more potent and at ease. While the day of free seminars, Satsangs, phone meetings and sessions are now passed, the opportunity to delve deep within and experience the greatest benefits is here. All that I have to offer and all that you came to receive will continue.

I hope this is only the beginning of many wonderful experiences for you at the Satsangs and in the sessions. I love to serve you as a creator, performer, facilitator, coach and teacher. This is how I best give my love and that is my true calling and life passion. It is time to fully release the rest so as to serve you with 100% fullness. I look forward to seeing you at Satsang~Seminars and in sessions.

Love, Laurie

Additional Notes:

We have a discounted last minute spot left for each of the Hawaii Islands this Summer. Call 831-477-7007 for details.

Scheduled Events for September 1, 2009-June 1, 2010
Please see for additional details.
There will be two Santa Cruz Satangs (May 17-21, 2010 for a small group in my home and May 22-23, 2010 for a large group at Pacific Cultural Center). Over sees and out of the country events (Thailand with elephants, Mexico with turkey vultures and whales, Hawaii with dolphins) will resume when the economy boosts again.

A maximum of TWO 50%-90% Scholarships will be offered per Santa Cruz TWO day event and ONE per Santa Cruz 5 day event. Qualifications: living at less than $ 20,000 per year after taxes/after business expenses when all monthly income is totaled, non home owner, total assets = twenty thousand or less. Everyone (people who used to be work study and volunteer/trade as well as previous participants and new people are eligible). Application via written email request is due 60 days before the event.
Best to apply sooner/asap as there are only TWO per weekend event and ONE per five day event in Santa Cruz.
  Dr. Laurie Moore
The Love Climate w/Dr. Laurie Moore • Peace Rd. • Soquel • CA • 95073