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Spring 2009

Orion Event in DC area MAY 9th

Greetings from Elisabeth

Spring is arriving, celebrating itself with yellow flowers.
It’s been an interesting past few months.  Like so many, I too have been buffeted in ways by all the recent changes in our lives.  Delighting in the highpoints, emerging from the low points and finding my way through the varied energies.  I’ve had to discover some of my own unconscious assumptions about my ideas of money and security, and what it feels like to find that you are effected by a far-reaching situation that you can have very little direct impact on.  Sometimes it’s been a challenge to really accept that the only option we truly get is finding our own way to be with the now, just as it is.  But we do find our way.  I’ve been spending a lot of time in the art studio and found myself making an array of elves.  Perhaps my subconscious decided to explore other worlds as a respite from this one. 

I am happy to return to the DC area in May for an Orion lecture event on May 9th.  Do join us for an Afternoon With Orion.   Details are below.

We’ve had a lively conference-call Expansion class with Orion this winter and this issues’ Orion on piece is edited from a class session.  I think you’ll find it timely as Orion shares about being part of the Grand Collective and how to find balance within it.  I’ve also include a ‘bonus’ piece from Orion on our resonance with Barack Obama.  This was edited from a personal session in the context of finding support from within during a personal challenge.

This issue also has contributions from our Orion collective with a poem, art and a sharing on Great Mystery.

As ever, best to you all,  Elisabeth

Daffodil photo at my home in Waynesboro, VA


Elves, Hobs & Fairies at my art blog...

Orion Event in Washington DC area, Saturday, MAY 9th

Saturday, MAY 9th,
1 - 3 pm
at the door, no pre-registration required     doors open at 12:30, talk begins at 1PM

We're happy to return again to our DC home base, the Takoma Park Chapel,  for an Afternoon with Orion. 


Expect sharing from the Orion consciousness, with ample time for your personal questions and interaction.  As ever, the topic will be based on the energy of who gathers.  Again and again, the synchronicity that arises in Orion events is very powerful.  Orion and you will touch upon something that engages your intellect and touches your heart. . As always, this is an open, inexpensive event meant for sharing Orion with old friends and new. Deb Booth will be joining us with her wonderful cards and prints.  So do tell your friends, spread the word. 


Also, I will be scheduling  a very limited amount of  personal sessions during the day on Friday 5/8 only.    Please email to schedule and for details. Session fee is $125.


Takoma Park Chapel is conveniently located in the heart of Downtown Silver Spring, on the corner of Fenton & Silver Spring Ave in the Archer Building, which has a blue 2nd story. Free parking is adjacent to the chapel and the chapel is just blocks from the Silver Spring Metro Station.  Detailed directions at their website. Learn more about this open, interfaith community and check their calendar of events.


Learn more about Takoma Park Chapel...

Orion on the Grand Collective

Edited from Orion’s opening talk during an Expansion class via conference-call


Good evening to all of us gathering in across the wires.  We like these classes and find them quite fun.  And what we particularly like about it is that it is such a reflection of webs of interconnection.  It is quite a wonderful allusion, if you will, to the way there are, all the time, exchanges, communications and interconnections being experienced by many people.  Of course, Most such experiences are not discretely recognized as the connection of this conference call class, but we find it very exciting to see such things reflected in the everyday.  We’ve been very happy that we’ve been able to do our work in this time of the communication of the world wide web and this kind of communication and so on.  To be part of, again,  of this great reflection of communication.


It can be very supportive to really remember yourselves as part of the grand collective.  When you are feeling in isolation or overwhelmed or don’t know how to muddle through a problem or a challenge,  keep tucked somewhere in your awareness that not only are you really not all alone in it and actually aspects of you are probably in communication with the collective, even if you are not consciously aware of that.  They are already reaching out, trying to receive or bring in an answer, an insight, an idea.  You are already open to recognizing support.  We often recognize this flow of communication as coincidence of synchronicity.  ‘I was just thinking of you and the phone rang.’  I didn’t know where to turn with this problem and suddenly I remembered something I was told a long time ago.’  And so on.  We accept coincidence as part of our everyday, but it is still to see coincidence and synchronicity as an anomaly, as an exception, a momentary thing – as opposed to really seeing it just a reminder of how we are in a very vast dialogue.


But synchronicity and coincidence are not elements which you can command and direct, as in,  ‘I will affirm for this and my intent and attention will reel it into me.’   This energy is not a direct exchange akin to a purchase.  Rather, it flows like a dialogue, a conversation.  And when you’re having a conversation, you don’t really know every exact thing the other person or the people in the group, are going to say.  You don’t really know what their response will be.  And so if you say something as simple as, ‘Isn’t it a nice day?’ and you may assume everyone will say, ‘Oh yes, it’s very nice,’ you might find one person who says, ‘It’s a dreadful day.  It’s the worst day ever.’  So that response would then take casual hello statement to another place.  ‘Oh really, what’s happened with you? Or Gee, that would upset me too.’ and so forth.


When we think of ourselves in this grand collective, when we think of ourselves engaged – consciously, unconsciously, subconsciously – in this dialogue with the Universe, we have to bring with it – and life with ask this of us, even if we are resistant to it – our willingness to actually listen and base our responses on what comes present and what is actually part of this grand conversation.


So many people find life very frustrating when the conversation goes awry.  And as many teachings share, the frustration doesn’t really come from the conversation itself going awry.  The frustration, difficulty and challenge comes from our expectations, our assumptions, our understanding, our unexamined understanding that the conversation with the All or just now with your partner, friend or boss will go a certain way.  And when it doesn’t, it’s always disconcerting and you might not be able to interrupt that reaction of disconcertment.  Reactions happen first, typically quicker than the discerning conscious mind can come into play.  But even though you have a reaction, we still have and can take, the wonderful opportunity to stop and say, ‘Well that was my first reaction, now what can my response be?’  Then you may be able to allow yourself to come into alignment with the conversation, the dialogue of the grand collective and say, ‘What works best right now?  Can I be with this right now?  How can I be with this right now?  Or less philosophically, you could say, ‘Damn, that knocked me for a loop!  Wait a minute, I’ve got to see where I’m at.’ 


Re-balancing can happen in a lot of ways.  We can throw a scene.  We can curse.  We can admit to being totally flustered.  We can have a whole array of responses that follow reaction. Reactions themselves come in an array, but even then, we still have an opportunity to pause, to remember, ‘Okay, I’m not controlling this grand conversation of the collective.  Now what?’  And those of you who actually have a construct, a belief that considers that is an interconnection of all things, who holds perhaps direct experience of ‘I know I am part of this grand collective,’ already have a deeper support.  Allow yourself to take a breath, to take a pause, to stop quietly, to hold yourself for a moment.  Consider that your reactions are like pinballs and you need to wait until they finally come to rest before you can proceed.  The reaction pinballs go boing, boing, boing and finally, they all line up at rest, and right there you can say, ‘Okay, now what?’ 


The more you consider your reactions as pinballs shooting about and picture that movement as the way energy actually moves, you will find it easier to pause and wait for the opportunities to direct and frame your response. You can recognize that you will be given that space where the pinballs stop bouncing and they line up in the little channel and in that resting place you can find yourself able to ask ‘Okay, now what?’  And also in that very resting space, you can see it as a spaciousness – an open space is filled and can be filled with myriad energies.  Energies of support , energy of clarity, of information, energy that leads to direct connections that create support, clarity and information, even when we must find a way to make the best of an experience we cannot control or directly change. 


We know that many of you have had that direct experience of in the midst of difficulty, you felt the possibility of support and shifts that could come.  We want to remind you again and again of this awareness.  And why ‘again and again’?  Because as we say, everyday life doesn’t remind you of it.  Everyday life gives you so many other messages.  Either you’re in control of nothing or you are told you are in control of everything and if it hasn’t gone the right way, you’ve failed at exercising your control.  Everyday life is very complex and gets more and more complex.  People take on more and more a sense of responsibility for things that they truly cannot be responsible for.  People like to think of themselves as very free and have so many options and so many opportunities.  But what we have noticed, possibly somewhat as an outgrowth of some of the political agendas of past times, the culture has become more and more a strong, harping superego and yet people, think they are very free. 


People make jokes of this,Oh now that we have cell phones and computers I can work from anywhere, isn’t that great and free.’  It is great and free, but on the other hand, people are now expected to work from everywhere, anywhere and at any time.  So you don’t have the support of boundaries the way one had before.  If you’re late for a meeting because there’s a big accident on the beltway, someone’s going to say, ‘You should have left earlier.  You could have avoided that accident, if you had left an hour earlier.’  And people follow that thinking.  ‘Oh yes, I should leave four hours earlier for everything I do, so I always have plenty of time to never miss an appointment.’  The culture is giving more and more personal responsibility in areas that are not your responsibility and people are taking it on.  In the past, you would have been given a break, given a pass.  ‘Oh it’s terrible that you were stuck on the beltway.’ 


These attitudes are the surround you are embedded in and it’s like the ‘other side’ of the grand collective.  We can see the grand collective of a great wonderful dialogue of interconnection that makes people say, ‘Ah, I am part of all there is.’  And then you have this aspect  of the grand collective, which is more like the science-fiction image of the Borg, as if you all have to be in the same mind, you are all responsible for everything and it’s all up to you.  This continues the illusion of control, which individuals and cultures desperately want to hold on to.  And the culture is now living ‘no control.’  They are living the result of taking away supportive controls, taking away structures and armatures that support limits we agree to.


Freedom in and of itself isn’t free.  To really allow energy to flow, to leap and grow and flourish, freedom requires supportive structures and armatures that respond to the needs of the individual and the collective in a wholistic way. You can give these supportive structures and armatures to yourself in your own life, as in structuring time for rest and renewal.  Turn off your cell phone. Say you are not available 24/7.  And if you don’t declare it out loud, say it to yourself and be incredulous that someone expects you to respond at a time that feels very unaligned to you.  Setting these boundaries is especially important now, because as the culture doesn’t hold these supportive boundaries, individuals need to hold them themselves.  We find people are responsive to boundaries, if even begrudgingly.  As you make supportive structures in  your own life, you model it for others.


Remind yourself that when life seems only one way, it is actually never just one way. When the collective operates on unquestioned assumptions, we lose discrimination and discernment.  The collective and the unconscious elements interact and we have to give our attention to ourselves.  ‘Oh, I really overdid it that time, I’m exhausted.  I need to set a boundary with that person.  Oh, I’m not all alone in this, even though sometimes I feel that way.’   It is so supportive to keep your awareness and attention on the idea that shift, change and mutability are part of the core nature of being, as opposed to clinging to the illusion that life is a kind of singular, steady progression.  Again, this is what the culture is exploring.  Life has ebb and flow.  The physical form has ebb and flow, the seasons, nature.  All the elements of this world has ebb and flow.  All the traditions refer to ebb and flow, a season for all things.  Chaos and creation.  Yin and yang.


This principle is not only black and white and polar opposites, but one that is multifaceted. There is no need to hold the specifics, just hold present in your attention the principle that life is vastly complex. ‘I may be looking only at this aspect, but if suddenly I’m really tired, maybe I need to stop and see what else is going on.  Oh, maybe I do get brain fatigue after being at my computer for 15 hours.’  Keep your attention alive and active to the awareness  of multiplicity.  Conversely, at another time, let your attention find it’s resting place, it’s quiet place, it’s refreshing distractions and still other energies.  We need to use varying energies through our day.  We are varied beings and the world is a varied energy environment and varied being.


Life really is a dancing web of energy, a dancing being, with many variations all in a movement that no one really gets to see or discern in totality and more so,  there is no need to.  You are here and you will see and you will find, again and again, the note that you are, the movement that you are, the flow that you are part of in this grand dance of life, of being.        Orion 2009




Orion on Resonance with Barack Obama

I was very touched by this piece, which emerged from a question during a personal session. Orion was responding in the context of the client finding ways to get in touch with their own inner support during a challenging time. Excerpted from a personal session with permission.


You see, we always are our own guardians and we are always moving with this self and  in our view, there is always the impetus to bring to this self, in this frame and form, the energy of expansiveness that is know,  the all-else we are. 


And what is the delightful  about human kind is the capacity to recognize this, that we are of and more than we know, beyond even any concept of spiritual belief.  What is amazing right now when your new president stands before people  and he speaks, in our terms, words of integration; speaking of possibility and application – people are responding.  He is really holding an energy that he very clearly recognizes and recognizes, as well,  that he does not know what all that energy is.  And he is comfortable standing in the unknowing beyond him and being with the energy he does comprehend. 


And being ‘with’ the energy is part of his grounded humbleness, because he is very aware this energy is bigger than him.  He does not ever take credit for it.  And we feel, although he has not written of it, that this is someone whose life framed his own awareness of the possibilities beyond what is right there.  He did speak of how his life was formed by the absence of the father and yet, he took knowledge of his father to frame something about life. 


We feel he takes knowledge of what is not present and some kind of direct experience to come to his understandings.  He felt loved by this father that he spent one month with in actuality and we feel he has awareness of that which is not physically present, regardless of whatever length of duration of direct experience.  He stands as a great mirror or receiver that other people resonate with.


It is interesting because this resonance is through the man, Barack Obama, but it is also to his message in and of itself.  As much as so many love and respond to him, it is all that is being imbued and held in what he speaks that is moving people.  You will here people say, ‘Even if that can’t happen, it needs to be said.  I want to hear those words, those ideals said.’  This is the mysterious energy of the spiritual ideal.         Orion 2009


Images with the 'Orion On' sections from Deb Booth 

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Jay Kissel - Unique Paper Art

When I first looked at Jay’s listing at The Drawing Center, I thought these pieces were porcelain, as they seemed to hold a luminous density.  But somehow, Jay has captured all the light and texture of fine porcelain in these wonderful paper creations.  Follow the link to his box.net site for larger and downloadable images. Enjoy.  You can reach Jay at lwjk@verizon.net

Jay at the Drawing Center...

Heron Dance

I have been an avid supporter of Heron Dance, by Rod MacIver for many years.  Ron’s beautiful watercolors of nature enhances his exploration of the beauty, mystery and spiritual essence of the natural world.  He offers a wonderful free e-newsletter, prints, notecard and books.  After 14 years of the journey, they are have come to turning point.  Please explore their website, consider donating and helping continue Heron Dance’s part in the celebration of the great dance of life.

Check out all of Heron Dance...

Sharing on Great Mystery

Dear Friend Steve shared this with me via email. 
As Orion says, 'we always speak to and for each other' and in that, I was moved to share this with all of you.


‘With gratitude again to J_ for introducing  the term, panentheism, I report to you that my meditations of late have     re-enforced my rather strong personal belief in this metaphysical view of God.  If asked to say what God is to me, at this point I would echo what It presumably said to Moses:  "I am that I am."  Playing with the verb, to be, in that statement -- and wedding it with metaphysics -- I would say another good way to speak of God is that It is Being (which may be understood as the material universe and beyond), and I like the Hebrew tetragrammaton for It:  YHVH, the ineffable name of God.  I also very much like the American Indian terms, Great Spirit and Great Mystery, especially the latter.  Why the latter?  Because other than what I've just tried to put into words, I truly don't have a clue Who/What God is!   

Amen.   ~ Steve’


In Panentheism, God is not exactly viewed as the creator or demiurge but the eternal animating force behind the universe, with the universe as nothing more than the manifest part of God. The cosmos exists within God, who in turn "pervades" or is "in" the cosmos. While pantheism asserts that God and the universe are coextensive, panentheism claims that God is greater than the universe and that the universe is contained within God.

North American Native Peoples (i.e.members of pre-European native ethnic groups, Aboriginal Native Americans such as the nations of the Cree, Iroquois, Huron, Navaho, and others) were and still are largely panentheistic, conceiving of God as both immanent in Creation and transcendent from it. (North American Native writers have also translated the word for God as the Great Mystery....


Poetry and Quotes

every name is the visible half

of an outrageous enormity

all the World

comes out of


other half


  Dolph Lee


The universe is a big place.

But it's okay - you'll grow  into it.

  Carl Munson


Every step you take, is a step away

from where you used to be.

  Brian Chargualaf


If you can't see forward and you can't look back - then look up.

Throw your
dreams into space
like a kite
and you do not
know what they
will bring back,
a new life,
a new friend,
a new love,
a new country.

  Anaïs Nin

Collage by Elisabeth

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