Mexico Satsang Experience by Clare Stohman
Mexico Satsang Experience by Clare Stohman

Hi Laurie,

Thanks so very much for the wonderful seminar in Tripui.

“To Be or Not to Be” is no longer the question. Beginning with the very first Goya Yoga session early Wednesday morning, my focus shifted from the beautiful outside world surrounding me at Hotel Tripui. With Dr. Laurie’s lovingly gentle prodding and guidance I explored my “beingness”- that expansive world within myself. Whether it was stretching / relaxing as the sun rose; or meditating at the sandy beach while the water lapped gently on the shore; or perhaps it was singing Laurie’s funny, yet profound songs; or joining my fellow seminar friends in exercises to trust and rejoice in the radiance of our own being, Dr. Laurie led the way with her unique loving exuberance. Although ever the experienced teacher, Dr. Laurie was also a facilitator helping us each to acknowledge and trust our own wisdom. She empowered me!

And there’s more: Hotel Tripui and its thoughtful staff were helpful for our every need. The center courtyard was adorned with healthy, happy plants sporting gorgeous flowers of many colors and birds galore. Cacti and palms bordered the sides. This is the scene we enjoyed every time we came out of our room and when we ate the delicious food served to us on the patio of the restaurant. Hotel Tripui was not the rustic place on the road I had visualized. It is a friendly oasis offering bottled water everyday, fine “safe” food, modern furnishings, computer, and “American” type electricity for night lights, chargers or whatever makes one happy.

As we did not choose to rent a car, we were happy to find that the hotel either provided a shuttle or found us transportation for a nominal fee. In this very safe area of Mexico, we enjoyed exploring the over three hundred year old City of Loreto, the first capital of Baja California Sur, fifteen miles north of Hotel Tripui. We also felt safe walking along the roadways and trails surrounding the hotel. There we could leisurely examine the plants of the desert and listen to the birds.

Of course no seminar of Laurie’s is complete without “talking” to the animals, birds, and plants. I feel so blessed that Dr. Laurie shares with us her gifts of communication with these wondrous souls. Many seminar leaders would just interpret for us. However, Dr. Laurie graciously encourages each of us to improve our own communication skills with these sublime creatures.
I feel expanded, joyful, and loved in these relationships.

I am grateful for the being that I AM.
Thanks for being you, Dr. Laurie. For by you being you, you hold the space for me to blossom into my being.

Clare Strohman

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Questions and answers

Laurie: You said I am very dissolved. What do you mean by “dissolved?”

Hi Clare:
Dissolved is a state of having ego turned back into a neutral matter instead of resistant matter. As the I disappears on different levels there are no thoughts. Until this happens, thoughts as an aspect of awakening are splendid. When a full dissolve is happening there is not a need for a thought of I.

This state can come and go. Eventually it stays. Then the use of thoughts takes on a different quality that can be FELT. This goes deeper and deeper and cannot be comprehended by the mind's understanding via intellect. It is felt.

Intellect can help to label it to a degree. Some times there is simply all that is in waves. In this we can choose to speak for joy or to assist people. However, often the depth of oneness is so awe inspired and full there is no need to return to the “I” state as the experience is occurring.

Later, in again contemplating duality and expressing the self of duality in celebration, the thoughs come back into dance. All answers are flowing in.

Krishna Murti said, “without ego, we would miss the bus” so there is a place for every wave of energy (i.e. the I and the no I) here in this marvelous celebration of light and sound on Planet Love.

Love, Laurie


You speak a lot about seven chakra orgasmic existence. Would you explain this to me?

Dear Alisong:

This state is my personal experience time and time again in a devoted bow to the LOVE. All chakras become complete fulfillment of self and other all as one. The entire spacious universe becomes the I and within that
the body/minds sings with fulfillment as lover and beloved all at once. This has happened to me in meditation, while driving a car, while sipping tea. Nobody has noticed but me I assume. I have simply gone about life in the state. When in this state animals seem to trust that I am one of them. It can happen any time and anywhere. Often birds will gather around me in these times as I sit and be.

One time I found the meaning of a famous Yeats poem within the experience. As I was willessly moved into a spiral dance, all chakras were orgasmic. There was no evidence of a difference between the dancer and the dance.

This is an exquisitely orgasmic and blissful universe offering us such pleasure all day. People who think that orgasmic states are reserved only for the second chakra or love making in the traditional sense are still operating in lower vibrations. The entire universe is love making all the time. Love making in the traditional sense and the second chakra are incredible gifts of God~Goddess. Also, there IS A FULLER ASPECT TO WHO WE ARE, TOO, WHICH INCLUDES THESE GIFTS BUT IS NOT LIMITED TO THEM FOR ORGASMIC EXISTENCE.

In trying to share this over the years, I was told I was on drugs which is absolutely ridiculous. I am not on drugs and if anyone were to give me a drug test for any drugs any time any day this would be proved true. I have nothing against drugs but I HAVE NO NEED FOR THEM AND am offering something that comes through oneself naturally via a surrender to the LOVE.

I have found out that many Yogis and mystics and Shawomen throughout time share my experiences. Maybe you will be experiencing this and you are writing because something inside you is opening to this.

Blessings, Laurie

You were so trusting at the satsang in Hawaii. You let two men offer you a healing even though you were the teacher. A personal issue for you was exposed and you trusted the group.


Thanks Mara:'I hear a wondering in that noticing perhaps as something is beckoning you from you! What I trusted and continue to trust is the BIG LOVE. I knew that whatever occurred, the spaciousness inside the heart would be big enough to dissolve into love. This is because the LOVE keeps dissolving whatever shows up. So I trusted and trust the BIG LOVE. I did not know what would happen if I went with the offered process. I only knew LOVE had proved me to be the perfect FRIEND again and again. LOVE is my ONE. I meet all others in HER/HIM. The LOVE of which I speak has room for all qualities to occur, preferred and no preferred qualities dissolve in this LOVE as we allow them to surface and be felt.



Thank laurie, for this exquisite share and inclusion in you, of you, and of me and us and all of it...
Though words do not come close to describing this, you create an entrance for me into this beingness with these meager words anyway! Happy it is. The light and sweetness comes into and through as I read it...
Thank you

Thank you so much!
You have made an extraordinary difference in my life over the years!
I appreciate all you do!

Anyone coming from San Diego on May 9-10?

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Thank you.

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