Monthly Contributor's Letter from Laurie~April 2009
Dear Friends:

Love is over taking me so much now that I can barely talk many times if at all. There is only love. My three years of trials and showing my personality structures to all until I could see them myself were great gifts to lead me to break down into complete surrender and release my will to the masters.

Then my will was strengthened in a new way to work with the masters, the ones of great love in my heart who are in union with me.

It is so beautiful and beyond words. My health has come back and my business is thriving in new ways. But what is most important is the compassion for all beings and the love. This is where you and I are here to meet.

There is nothing to hold onto. The creation is its own motion and dream.

Divine Mother takes me deeper into her use. It is a beautiful time. Core patterns were dissolved from my being freeing me fully. Divine Mother and Father live in you and are you.

TLC has gone through delicious changes. My body has arrived in new territories of blissful wellness and meticulous observance in my creative interactions with existence. I am living as waves in a dance with Divine Mother. When anything breaks down, rejoice for it is becoming the compost of what is to grow next! The new ways are pure grace.

I have brought in more professionals to run things and am delighted with what is blossoming in this. I am so excited that I shall be working closely with core volunteers during April on a training. TLC is now running easily and smoothly in every way from every angle. Minor challenges seem to transform as soon as they come. Blessings are showering us. Thank you to everyone who has participated over the years, each in your own way.

I am working on a big writing project and also a new music album. The Ezine (except for a few pre written ones) will be on hold until mid June. Staff news will become quarterly instead of monthly.

Thank you for your love of yourselves which will take you home again and again. Self respect is a universal sharing.

Rebuilding and experiencing my private practice is a JOY and I am loving it. Please send your friends and yourselves whenever you’re in need of one on one support! I am here to help. 831-477-7007 or

I am currently donating 200 hours of my time to another foundation so as to experience myself as a volunteer. This will allow me to become more understanding of the volunteer experience. I am loving it!

Time has opened up in big waves so Ray, Jessie and I are back in our original flow: meditating, hiking, doing yoga, cooking, eating well, sleeping well and spending time with many friends from whom we had disappeared during the challenging times which required non stop work. It is a lovely time. Exquisite...all inner work does pay off tremendously. I will share many stories about the depths of treasures unfolding on my new album, ”I am Full of Bells” which will be available as of June 2009.

I am allowing myself more privacy and protection which has given my inner garden a great flourishing. The Garden of Eden has re-grown on Planet Love and can be found within each one of us in our own way.

Thank you all for your love and contributions to TLC.
May you see all your subtle and bigger structures IN TENDER LOVE so that the love may take over in a bigger way, ALLOWING YOU EASE IN BEING YOU.

Love, Laurie
  Dr. Laurie Moore
The Love Climate w/Dr. Laurie Moore • Peace Rd. • Soquel • CA • 95073