Monthly Contributor's Letter from Laurie~May 2009
Dear TLC Contributors:

We have gone professional and become a small team as well as some additional visitors for particular events. For example, Ryan is joining us in may and is looking at becoming a regular after we see how it goes. Thank you to everyone who has been deeply devoted to create this shift. I am now mostly taking only highly skilled and professional assistants. The results have been ease and peace for all. The photo is of Karin ( a close friend ) and I. Karin is also a spiritual business owner so we support each other with regular lunches of love and inspiration.

Love, Laurie

Who is on Board Creating and Helping TLC?

Michael Boyce, a sole proprietor has been our faithful web designer for several years. He has been very kind, loving and on purpose, creating exactly was is desired in a beautiful way.

Mike De Give has been Dr. Laurie’s graphic artist for 10 years. He is supportive, creative, fully in tune with her messages and deeply kind, delivering all that is asked.

Kathy Glass has been the book editor for ten years, never missing a beat, generous and alert.

Tracy Hendrickson is our editor for the new writing project as well as particular articles.
She is generous, loving, imaginative, communicative and emanating love.

Rachel Falsetti is our new manager for the Hawaii Satsang Seminars. She is also the manager for 1 40 person agency and comes highly recommended. Her style is to love, trust and support with great care.

Fawn Christianson is our new manager for the Santa Cruz Satsang. She has managed many projects and managed an ashram. She works as an equally partner with Laurie, facilitating the space for ascension to come through. She is joyful, supportive and astute, living in the new world and bringing us there.

Clare Stohman is on sales table at many events. She is meticulously detail-oriented never letting any of us overlook anything. She is loving and compassionate. She has been attending and assisting at tlc for several years.

Mara Sussman is the host for the upcoming Washington event and Laurie’s personal assistant for Mexico and Hawaii Satsangs. She is gracious, thoughtful and full of warmth and joy. Mara and Dr. Laurie have knwon one another for 27 years!

Ken Ohme holds space for all events whether he is present in the physical or not. He is deeply devoted and dedicated to all TLC participants and staff working many hours behind the scenes in great love, bringing us all to a real experience of oneness. H ehas been with us 8 years.

PaulaJOYce holds space for the TLC to be a place of great nourishment and wellness as she brings us into awakening. She takes on different roles at different times. She has been with us 3 years.

Lesley Freeman is a new member to TLC who has given graciously in the office, to Dr. Laurie personally and will be helping Rachel in Hawaii. She is very estute with human communications and deeply committed to living life passionately and fully.

Waldemar Drozdek is our jack of all trades helper for Santa Cruz and Hawaii. He is warm, attentive and caring. He has been with us a few years.

Erin Pasco has been Hawaii our cook, entertainer and musician for about 5 years. She is centrally located as the heart beat for TLC. She is an awakened joy, living in the new world, being the love and being the new Lemuria.

Brad Tilden, our traveling muse and healer joined us three years ago, He lives and holds the space of authenticity, aliveness, individual expression and non attachment. He brings JOY!

Captain Veto and Captain Dana have been with us about five years, assisting people to their meetings with our beloved friend the dolphins. They make life delightful for all on the boat
with care, attunement to our sea friends, humor, hospitality and great stories to share.

Lovely angelic Celeste meets people in Hawaii to swim with the dolphins. She is a dolphin~angel~person and will take you home in grace and ease.

John Lee is Dr. Laurie's personal run it by him man. She runs tlc by him as she goes along, utilizing his wisdom in the development. Laurie and John have been friends for 30 years.
Johnis brilliant, witty, profoundly insightful and unconditionally loving.

You hear of other people who come to assist for different reasons at different times in different phases. They have all been important. If you have a desire to be a part of tlc staff, the first step is to volunteer. We now only take applicants who are volunteering for positions in which they come highly educated, highly trained and highly recommended. Applicants must have a minimum of 4 years background in their skill.

Our main need right now is

1. Help with creating a list of links so people can view all the old ezines.

2. Video

3. Editing and transfering footage to UTUBE

We also have amazing assistance from people who's agencies are linked with us as family such as GRAHAM! Graham is the tenacious, loving and deeply warm hearted genius behind ITC! Graham is in the middle of our circle even though he lives in England. I can't wait to some day for many of us to meet him!

Laurie Huston is recording my book and interviewing me often on the radio at

Hilda and MaryJoan will be helping up in Mt. Shasta.

And the love and care of Barb, executive director at the Gangaji Foundation has created miracles.

And the prayers of Mary M. Rose and Matthew with the Earth Mother Father Foundation have created delight.

Thank you to everyone!

  Dr. Laurie Moore
The Love Climate w/Dr. Laurie Moore • Peace Rd. • Soquel • CA • 95073