Santa Cruz and Hawaii Satsangs
Santa Cruz Satsang Report

The 2009 May Mother's Birth event was a beautiful healing and awakening time for many. One resolved an issue that she had carried for thirty years about a beloved cat on the other side. People faced their greatest fears about unwanted thoughts and feelings to find love. People found the depth of silence and strength within. People released pain and anger in facing it. A couple found re-newed and deepened love. An individual came to happiness after months of depression.
We were all blessed by one another’s willingness to go within.

The new staff Team was a dream come true with each person giving 100% to his or her particular task, while learning more about one another’s communication style and being witnessed and loved by the others. We were all blessed. I am grateful to be able to serve in this way.

"Most of the work is now done one on one between myself an each person who desires this focus. As the group witnesses, powerful transformations take place. I also give integration space with music (thank you to the talented and devoted musicians), group exercises and movement or dance time. Mostly I now keep the group focused on going deeper and deeper within from the one on one work. I am grateful to participate in this way." ~Dr. Laurie Moore

The next Santa Cruz event will be May 22-23, 2010. Cost is $200. We no longer offer scholarships. It is good to reserve seats well ahead. 831-477-7007

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Hawaii Satsangs 2009

We have two unexpected seats open for each of the Hawaii islands (Big Islands with dolphins re-rooting life, Molokai Heart Island and Maui full soul expression island) which include food and accommodations. They are being offered at a discount with a payment plan. Call 831-477-7007 for information.

Dr. Laurie offers Satsang, Communication with all species Classes, GoYa Yoga, chanting and singing, and questions and answers for deepening into the heart of life during the Hawaii Satsangs. Swim with dolphins and come home to the deepest places of your self by facing all that emerges in the place of peace. This is a journey in which you can release much that is uneeded and find a new position of love and living from within. Fulfill your personal and universal yearnings and aspirations.

This is the last opportunity to stay in a house with the Satsang group. As of September 2009 Dr. Laurie will offer Satsangs but will no longer provide accommodation packages.
We will be right by the water in Molokai (on our private sacred beach location) and Big Island. We will be in a private sacred and secluded setting in Maui. Our beautiful cooks will be on site for your gourmet and healthy nourishment. Our energy worker will be on site for your personal assistance.

Thank you Dr. Laurie

contact Dr. Laurie for info

CE, Master and Bachelor's courses in Animal Communication

Dr. Laurie is currently on break from TLC to write courses for
CE Units, Bachelor and Master’s Classes in the following topics:

Animal Communication
Animals as Healers and Shaman
Insects, Animals and Flowers Mediations
Inner and Outer Movement for Healing and Awakening
Interacting in Sacred Union with People who are Elderly
Miracles: Essence, Science and Art

For info on the University offering these courses or private study with Dr. Laurie, or online study, please contact Dr. Laurie with your interest. We will keep a file of those interested and contact you when the courses are complete.

Laurie, I would like MA, BA , private sturdy and CE course info

Private Sessions

Sessions are available to assist you with your transitions in life, your goals, your needs for support. Individuals and couples by phone or in person in California or Hawaii.

"We saw Dr. Laurie last week after 13 years of marriage challenges. Last week was the best year of our marriage ever! We are coming in regularly."

Marla and Mason

"Dr. Laurie, I spoke to you once and then had the best week in my marraige in 7 years."

"You changed my life with Joy!"

Private sessions with Dr. Laurie

Animal Sessions

Receive answers to your questions about your animal friends on this side or passed over, domestic or wild.

831-477-7007 Dr. Laurie Moore

"Watching you help a woman resolve pain she had had for thirty years about her lost cat was very touching. I am happy I came to a Satsang and will sign up again."


"Thank you for helping me with my animals, Dr. Laurie. Never give up your work because people need you!"



Laurie, you said you are in reverence to all the great teachers on our planet. YOU ARE ONE OF THOSE GREAT TEACHERS.
Thank You,
With Love,

I think of you often, and the wonderful light you are spreading in the world. I send you love and light. You are so blessed. May you continue to recognize ever greater understanding of your own greatness, your own state of blissful love. You are love.

Love and Thank you,

Thank you for changing my life and helping me to be here in the present. Mary

Dear People of Heart:
In my work with Laurie I have had experiences of heaven on earth with overflow into mundane life. Laurie conveys esoteric knowledge and wisdom as well as practical teachings in how to handle difficult life situations. She leads us to discover for ourselves a way that is less of what we do than of who we are . . . this through ever deeper experiences of limitless love and trust that are always available.

In our practice with inter species communication and joyful experiences of Nature we realize our interconnectedness with all species from dolphins and whales to cacti, trees, flowers, insects and birds--all of it including our pets at home. We share ever more profoundly in the oneness of being in the great Love.
Mara Sussman

Dear Laurie,
I was talking about you to a lover and all of a sudden I got this intense message from you so clearly. I think we have or you have an amazing power really. Alicia

(Laurie replies: Yes, We have an amazing power of love and clarity we co-create together...each of us as we surrender more and more of ourselves to the love, we can invite in the healing of our beloved planet. Thank you, my sweet sister!)

Thank you for your great work!

Thank you for an amazing weekend!

You are like the Divine Mother, always bringing love. You and Ray are like Adam and Eve. Thank you.

Dearest Laurie,

I wanted to let you know how grateful I am to you for last weekend, it was amazing and exactly what I needed. Your love, honesty, integrity, and grace filled me with so much happiness and love and helped me move into my inner space and explore. I don't know how to thank you, words can not express how I feel about you and what you have done for me and for many others. I know that you will touch many people's lives and reach them as you have reached me. I am so looking forward to Hawaii and what lessons it will bring.

Much love to you


Thailand Elephant Satsang

Dear Elephant loving friends:

A Satsang is being planed for the warm dry season in the Spring of 2010 in Thailand with elephants in an elephant preserve park. These are very happy elephants who would love to meet us. Exact dates tbd.

Learn to speak with elephants
Return to the joy of here now presence
Go deeply into the personal and universal self
Discover unconditional love in all moments
Find yourself to be the source of peace on Earth
Enjoy a wonderful community of people

Costs are
$1000 One week Satsang with 4 hours of daily gatherings.
$350-$650 for one week of accommodations and food.(2 star-4 star and single to three share rooms available).
Total: $1350-$1650 based on rooming choice.

Making a deep inner shift that will stay with you eternally
Re-fulfiill your being from the heart of the universe
Discover detailed way to improve your experience of relationships, career, your body wellness and life in general
Find a steady pace of peace, ease and surrendered trust that gives you great fullness.

All Satsangs and Seminars hosted by The Love Climate are the teachings of Dr. Laurie Moore and are lead by Dr. Laurie Moore.

Airfare is not included.

(By the way, elephants in Africa are in great need of our prayers and love. If you feel called please speak with them form your heart. You mat also contact me to do private sessions with them. They have much to share and exchange with people and also need out love. )

For info email the link below or call 831-477-7007

Keep me posted on elephant Satsang details

The Love Climate Person of the Year Award

Kay Frances Schepp has received The Love Climate Person of the Year Award for being the Love, Peace and Service , receiving a unanimous vote among the nomination and voting committee.

You may view her contributing to the world LOVE at the link below.

Kay Frances Schepp

Dr. Laurie Moore, LMFT, CHT, Animal Communicator
(831) 477-7007


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