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Celebrating Love

Dr. Laurie Moore seminars and Satsangs offer the opportunity to discover a universal unconditional love and peace. This soul experience is available to us in the facing of whatever is present in the heart’s consciousness. Each person, animal, element, insect, plant, angel, master, and planet offers a unique passage into awakened love. We gather inspiration from the uniqueness of one another as we encounter duality and oneness in a group meeting focused on Laurie's one-on-one meetings with each one who chooses.

Many spiritual practices ask us to change our thoughts, our emotions, our actions, our words, our life styles, our bodies and who we are with the idea that this will bring enlightenment, better relationships, world peace, fulfillment money, etc.

This path is another approach. This is an invitation to fully embrace every emotion, thought, and physical sensation that shows up in the true context of what we are already living and being. In doing so we find a deep relaxation into a love and peace that need not be monitored...it simply is. From, this many miraculous changes often occur in variety of life’s areas but this is not the primary focus of these gatherings. The primary focus is coming home to love in all that is.

Any personality, view point, religion, words use, emotional state can be the entry to this vast soul experience as it is fully faced and felt beyond right and wrong. This invitation invites you to use what is here at this time as a doorway home to the love. Many find in doing so, that great worldly gifts come miraculously, that ethical actions are practiced in natural ease, that treasures beyond anything previously imagined overflow. But that is not the main focus nor anything guaranteed. The main focus is an unconditional love and peace that is given in this authentic facing. This love and peace is what is guaranteed in giving oneself to oneself in this way, The main focus of Laurie’s invitation is stepping into a heart yearning that has beckoned for a long time. From this a unique road is created for each in his or her own manner.

We can find that by experiencing our self, other people and other beings from all communities: animals, elements, insects, plants , angels, masters, planets we are immersed in a deep wholeness, acceptance, and wordless fullness. Dr. Laurie invites us into our own heart in the face of experiencing others. Rather than fix, challenge, try to change, adjust or comment on self or others, we have the opportunity to discover what others inspire in our hearts when we attend a Satsang or Seminar with Dr. Laurie Moore. As we allow this, a miracle occurs. A love and peace that cannot be found in mental practices, touched by dogmas and rules, or created by will is found. It is plentiful and eternally offered in a new way, unique to each person in each moment.

In the reflection of community, each one is loved as s/he inquires deeper and deeper into his or her uniqueness, finding a source of benevolent powerful awakening.

It is possible that world peace can be found in our facing all we are rather than trying to rise above it as has been done in numerous ways throughout time. It is possible that all we seek is right here. It is my experience that this is so.

My seminars and Satsangs invite you to gather solely for this purpose. This is done is done through witnessed and facilitated sharing. Often optional heart silence meditation, group exercises, partner exercises, individual exercises in nature, chanting, singing, music, movement, yoga, free dance, and fun improv exercise are offered for integration time.

Satsang Seminars scheduled for 2009 are:
July 18-23, 3009 Big island with dolphins
July 23-28, 2009 Molokai Into the Heart
July 28-August 1, 2009 Maui Full Soul Expression

Intro evenings will be held in Mt. Shasta, Big Island, Molokai and Maui as well.

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Satsang~Seminar Schedule 2009

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Dr. Laurie Moore, LMFT, CHT, Animal Communicator
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