Allowing Miracles

Allowing Miracles
Many of you have watched me go from a focus of creative manifestation in love to full surrender in love. I wish to share the journey and how the balance has enriched my life. My intention in sharing is that you may use what I share to enrich your own life if you like. I invite you to feel this article from your heart.

I learned from Jacquelyn Aldana about twelve years ago that I could manifest my heart desire’s via asking, releasing and intending. I also knew from watching many people who succeeded at this, and also those who failed, that action was required, grace was included, and some randomness was involved. In addition, it was evident that how the manifestations occurred could be altered by Divine will. This shifting is often offered to assist the creator of a manifestation with learning valuable lessons and receiving beautiful gifts.

I utilized everything I learned to create my ideal life with my ideal cat and my ideal life mate and my ideal home and my ideal career and my ideal health. I wanted to share these techniques with others so I produced “Indimiracles” DVD and several related work books which are available in the products section of

While I was practicing manifesting, something in my heart beckoned me deeper and so I prayed to live in the Garden of Eden: Heaven on Earth. This lead to my cat’s leaving his body and reincarnating to teach me I can never leave myself and love is forever full and here. (You can read this story in depth in “The Cat’s Reincarnation & Unconditional Trust in Love” which is available at on the products page.)

Jessie’s going and returning also taught me that I would l have my feline familiar by my side forever. Abandonment of self from self was never necessary. In this experience, my self acceptance toward my unique style of personal experience of many realms became strong.

I then prayed to release all false identities. The prayer was not planned. It erupted from my heart into my voice within a moment and was needed to be felt and spoken. This lead to many series of awakenings and disrupts in every manifestation: wellness, relationship, career , body health and home fell apart as exquisite bliss occurred. Things fell apart emotionally in great biological pain as spirit filled me with great love and joy.

As people offered to help and guide me with their ideas , things got dreadfully worse until I decided to open to spirit only. The love of friends and helpers who were able to accept my experience rather than try to manipulate or fix or advise it was a great gift. Gangaji was my deepest inspiration during that period. Ray and Jessie were my great loves. As I began to trust my connection to source in a whole new depth , what opened up was a love beyond any love I knew before.

In the falling part phase I was born into a great spacious love that was far more fulfilling than the previous one held in place by circumstances. Once I was free in this love and surrendered to this love as my teacher, everything was rebuilt in a new amazingly fresh balance I had never known before. I found myself in even deeper love, communion and fulfilling interaction with my mate whom I met 11 years ago. I was in even deeper union and magic with my beloved family of three (Ray, myself and Jessie the cat). We found ourselves in another exquisite sanctuary home again surround by animals of the wild who befriended us. The love in my career went even deeper into my greatest dreams.

I continue to lead Satsangs (we have a 16 day one coming up in Hawaii). I went back to private practice with a new depth and now love it more than ever. I love writing master degree courses and continue to do media interviews in JOY.

My love with Ray, already incredible, and my love with Jessie, already quite astounding, has blossomed even more.

My body became so ill I almost died and as I rebuilt it energetically, the body found a balance of wellness beyond what I used to know…a sensitivity to everything that I can feel and acknowledge and be with in a union that is even more precious than what was before. Money began to work again after much blockage, flowing through my life in wellness like a river. On a daily basis I agreed to release all that did not serve the love in a healthy way and to open to all that I experienced in love. I feel very well into my core of universal existence where there is a pure nothing. From this all can be created. This is what I wrote about in my book “Creative Intimacy” which can be found on the products page at Years later, I have found the message contained within that book many levels deeper.

So I trust in surrendering to love. I trust in surrendering to heart intentions. I trust the journey with all the ups and downs and spins. I trust the spacious amazing grace of miraculous love beyond all forms that revealed herself to be clearer and bigger through all that came: desired and challenging, pleasurable and painful and much deeper than it all: peace.

I trust that global miracles can come about as we each add our intentions. There is enough food, shelter, care and peace for all and all are here to partake! There are ways to be found.

And mostly I must say this: In my truest sense what happened on the journey I experienced was the listening became me. Listening is listening to herself. Love is loving herself and as I see all my strong and weak, admirable and faulty traits in this love dissolving as aspects of me, only love is. It is in this spirit I invite you to the USA California and Hawaii Satsangs where I gather with people to share this Love. The Satsangs are created to help you find this love in your own unique self; to find love loving love with you as an expression of this ONE Unisound.

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It is such a lesson of beauty with you and through you, that we can communicate honestly and openly. I've always loved that about our correspondence. :) Thank you for sharing your feelings about your work with is, and I'm excited to see how your work has evolved within this new seminar. I'm learning from this as well, because my initial instinct with people is to offer advice, even if from the heart, sometimes even when not invited to do so. I really love the practice of inviting people to ask themselves what their heart tells them is true. Thanks for the inspiration to do so!

Erin (Cook for Hawaii Satsang Seminars with Dr. Laurie)

Hello laurie
for sure I received and am still receiving many gifts from our time together ....those gifts only a part of the overflowing basket full of gifts received in standing by you and following you and upholding you for many years!!!!thank you millions of times and buckets of gratitude!!!!!
love you, love Ray, love Jesse
Rich (Dr. Laurie's main assistant from 2000-2008)

Dear Laurie,

This morning, as I do each morning, I was smelling the ClARE-ity oil you made for me and realized I have not told you how much it means to me. I have never smelled anything more divine in my life! It transports me to that very beautiful place within myself rich in its peaceful, loving, silence where I know we connect.

Thank you ever so much for your love and generosity.

Thank you for being you:)
Clare (Assistant to TLC 2006-2009)

Thank you. That sessions was lovely. Your voice has a sweetness that brings gigglers. It is wonderful to be able to connect to our puppy, Nikki, like that; comforting, supportive.

Much love
Tina and Ted

Finding a Miraculous Life

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Satsangs Transforming

Dear Beloveds:

I wish to give you the heads up that I am gravitating fully away from offering my perceptions on anything to anyone (other than reframing anything insinuating “I am not worthy” back to I" am worthy.”)

I see my work to be that of listening and witnessing in an openness that allows each to find his or her own truth and go deeper and deeper into what HOLDs all truths. I nudge people be in their universal heart and full presence for the work we do.

It has become so simple. Not black and I respond to the situation as I feel called...but much more simple.

I was redirected to a deeper truth inside of myself from the most recent phase of learning. And this is where I now position myself as facilitator.

I shall sing and write my experience of living as "Laurie" as that is mine to share as I feel the inspiration. I shall offer love and support you to find and express your own life as you see fit and as spirit takes you as that is yours to uncover.

Love, Laurie

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Suicide and Passing

June 2009
Dear Dr. Laurie:
Thank you for speaking with my family after our brother took his life. You reminded me that the peace I seek is always inside me.

(name with held for privacy)

I have worked with many people and animals who have passed over as well as their loved ones. A tiny percentage of these have been due to suicide. This has lead to many powerful emotions that can feel very overwhelming. Sorrow, anger, love, joy, helplessness, perplexedness, laughter, tears, hope, faith, confidence for those left and feelings of doubt for the one passed are to be welcomed if they come. These are natural feelings arriving as is heart's opener and come in order to be honored. Peace is always available as is love when we face our natural grieving.

We go through a birth and death each moment with each breath. If we are blessed to stay fully present for that, the bigger comings and goings are easier to experience as grace.

I have found that people who have come to me from the bodiless places after committing suicide have said that they missed opportunities to heal what was needing to be healed. The suicide did not solve the problem. Some have regretted it. One did not as she needed some relief from this plane but then found that her problems intensified after a pause period. She was still swirling in her emotional problems on the other side even though they were perceived without the added biological intensity...I reminder her of the availability to surrender to a deeper call of self facing self via heart...available with or without body.

As we begin to face everything inside us 100% what is once painful leads us to joy. Life on Earth is a marvelous opportunity to do this. No matter how much pain has come, there is help and great opportunity to find a deeper love that beckons us from within. Earth time is offered as a way to experience this. Much help will come if we are in pain here when the heart asks.

Once a choice to leave body is made and a road is taken , there is an opportunity for loved ones on this side and the loved one who left body to awaken and heal. Healing and awakening is always available; on both sides. Leaving this plane without completing lessons can leave a sense of doubt and regret. It is not a “wrong” choice. It is simply a choice that has waves of energy embedded with it as do all choices.
Commonly, these energies can feel like the problem one left intensifying as an energetic aspect that stays with a person into another life. This is not always the case.

For those who get help to stay, there is exquisite and amazing joy to be discovered by facing the pain while one still has a body. This can open the heart to a great depth unknown before.

I am happy to work with people facing death for natural or unnatural or chosen or non chosen reasons. I am happy to work with the loved ones too. I am happy to work with animals facing death and people who's animal friend's passed.

Death is a normal part of life to me. Animals have taught me to work with death as a beautiful letting go and transformative creation.

Each time I have assisted an animal on their way out (or assisted their people) the animals have gone in peace and gone with a knowing of their purpose for their incarnation and purpose with their beloved humans. These sessions bring great peace to the humans as they hear their animals' needs, desires and messages.

I am so happy to be alive. There were two times in my life that I was in so much pain I wanted out but I found help to face more of me and this brought great peace and new miracles. For all of you I wish peace.

If you are suffering form the loss of a loved one who is human or animal , or the potential loss of your incarnation, in the face of illness, or a pain that may cause you to leave your incarnation, I wish to assist you in finding peace. I wish to help you to find what you need. Happiness is here for you. Do not give up. There is support. There are miracles to be found. Your light is ALWAYS inside you. Do not hesitate to make and appointment. There is no judgment.

Love, Laurie 831-477-700

"Thank you, Dr. Laurie, for assisting us when it was our cat's time to go. you are very gentle and understand."
Trina and Lois

Updates on Master degree and CE Unit Courses


I am loving the journey of celebration that comes through the writing of these courses on topics of :

animal communication
art, grace and science of miracles
communication & honoring of people in elder form
awakening via body movement , inner revealed tantra, and inner movement

The graduate courses will be available in the Autumn at The CE units courses will be available in the Autumn at

Thank you, Dr. Laurie

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Additional Writings:

The Holy Bible old Testament
The Holy Bahagavad Gita
The Holy Quran
Prayers of St. Francis


Gangaji Articles

I have completed a series of articles on my journey with Gangaji. I was estatic in the unraveling of many layers from many incarnations and global energies that ocurred as I wrote. It felt like taking a deeper and depeer bath into clear love. These will be available at later in the Summer.

Thank you,
Dr. Laurie

Gangaji Prison Program 3

By accepting Gangaji’s invitation and feeling her vibrational essence, which took my heart into immense love, I learned something that is without words. This something is a light, a sound, a force which holds us through all apparent time. Prison to me was the mechanism of my mind by which I thought I could witness or create or guide. In silence it was exposed to me that consciousness was moving herself and my mind was like a pair of glasses. Guidance was already in motion, creation had a destiny and witnessing was taking place beyond any decisions.

What I called “I” was my mind. However, a bright light shinning from one source into each soul was also me. This is where my heart was resting as a cradle, cradling a baby and a baby held in a cradle. The truth is this place in between where the question: Is baby subject and cradle object or visa versa occurring? The answer is both being held in something that never ended…even though many motions, actions and scenarios which reflect this endless love appear for a moment to be real…simply in order to catch our eyes in the beauty, perhaps.

I did ask the whales about this: "Why?"

They said “if we could for one moment show you how loved you are, than creating duality has served a purpose. You may return home now, beloved.”

I then asked, "why did I agree to step into duality?”

The answer: “Did you ever really leave? Can you bare the joy with the sorrow in this love? Can you really imagine anything that is worthy of taking you away any more? To whom do you return your heart now? You are home.”

Dr. Laurie Moore, LMFT, CHT, Animal Communicator
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