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Volume 1, issue 2 08/15/09

Official newsletter of The 15th Floor.  Check out our website,,
and listen to our new album: From the Dining Room.
Find radio and performance updates, our “Once and Future Songs” column, and other random thoughts-- in this issue, a young girl fears falling out of the boat.

The Mysterious Land of Radio Promotion

(Radio promotions, contact:
Powderfinger Promotions.)

Still wandering aimlessly through the dark, lonely, not even hostile world of Radio Promotion Land, I know our songs are playing out there, but I can't hear them.  I want to turn the radio on, hear my song, then hoot and holler and dance around like they did in the movie, That Thing You Do.
Kudos to Frank Gosar, who is the first to actually list us in his playlist (Saturday Cafe, KLCC, Eugene, Oregon)!!  He played, "A World Without Your Face" on 7/25/09.

Once and Future Songs

(In this “column” anything goes as long as it has to do with a song.)
Chicken Go!

My wife, Sherry, has a knack of making any song funny… with the common effect of ruining any serious feelings associated with the song.  For instance, when Emily was deeply ensconced in ‘N Sync and the Backstreet Boys, the latter’s 2000 song “I Want it That Way” (written by (Max Martin, Andreas Carlsson) became “I Want a Milkshake.”  No one in the family ever sang it differently (and frankly, I had to turn to Google to figure out the real name of the song for this entry.)

From a songwriter’s retreat in Colorado, I came back with Bob Hillman’s great song, “Anywhere” and Emily and I started working on it for our repertoire.   The chorus includes the line, “she can go anywhere she wants to…” It didn’t take long before my wife parodied that line into, “chicken go anywhere she wants to.”   After that, we could not perform the song without cracking up (sorry, Bob.)

Final “Sherry says…”
(for now, not forever):
Hearing Ben Harper sing, “She wears diamonds on the inside,” my wife commented, “He’s just saying that so he doesn’t have to buy her diamonds for the outside.”  (Hey, that idea might work in a country song…?)

Hasta la vista and In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida

When You Fall Out of the Boat

When Emily was eight-years-old, we traveled to Colorado for a family reunion. (Incidentally, during that trip I finished the song, Listen to Me Breathe.)  My father was undergoing chemo- therapy for advanced colon cancer and this was his last hurrah. One of the highlights of the reunion was a river rafting trip.

Because of the chemo, my father was not feeling particularly well, but stoically managed to participate fully and enjoy himself—I am sure well entertained by our bumbling rafting expertise. Emily, by far the youngest to participate, was a bit afraid and on the drive to Fort Collins from Estes Park took a lot of convincing it would be fun and very safe. At the rafting company headquarters, all decked out in wet suits and ready to go, we congregated outside for the final set of instructions.  The speaker, one of the guides, started with these words: “When you fall out of the boat…”

Emily heard no more. Totally freaked, she headed toward the changing rooms, feeling tricked and betrayed.  (click for the rest of the story with photo caption)

Acoustic show tonight! Sat. 8/15

If you live anywhere near Phoenix, this is your lucky day!  Come see Emily and Kriegs (aka The 15th Floor) play a live acoustic 45 minute set at:

Fiddlers Dream.  Starting at 8 pm (tonight, 8/15/09) located at 1702 East Glendale, in North Phoenix, just 1 block North of Glendale Avenue on the east side of 17th Street. If you can't make it... well... I guess you can't make it.  But who knows when you might get another chance.

Just so you know, we plan to play at least 6 NEW SONGS, most never heard before in public! Admission only $3... each...but of course you will be expected to fork over a few extra bucks for beverages... and a tip... and of course buy a CD... or two... they make great gifts.

Upcoming Shows

Date Time City Venue Appearing with
Sat., Aug. 15, '09 8 pm Phoenix Fiddlers Dream Karmann Powell & Steve Bodinet

KriegsMusic • 11760 E. Del TImbre Dr. • Scottsdale, AZ 85259

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