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Retreats are Good for the Soul

Hey There, ,
Join me in Taos in July!
Because I want to simplify life a bit, I am making Taos an invitation only experience this year, which means I'm lowering the cost to make it easy for people to sign-up and for the retreat to fill. Cost will be only $475 for 5 days and 4 nights (not including accomodations, if you sign up before May 15... ).
I'm starting with KMC3 members then tomorrow I'll open it up to others on my mailing list. Wanted to give you first dibs.
In exchange, the experience will be a bit more mellow, which ironically is one of the things we need most for our creativity to blossom and restore. 
I reluctantly had to postpone working with my guest presenter, Judy Reeves, who I plan on doing something else with in the near future, but this makes me the sole presenter.  
This opens up space for you to go deep with our morning workshops which will set you up for a day of creative reflection on the magical campus at the Mabel Dodge Luhan Lodge where many creative greats have found inspiration or in the creative atmosphere of town which is in walking distance. Those who want to write more with me in the afternoon will be invited to do that.
In the evening, as usual we will have our salons - sharing of the day, of writing, art, laughter (all optional) and singer songwriter, Julianna FInch will serenade us with her uplifting, funny, and poignant songs.  
  • When you take the time for our Creative Self, you are happier and more fulfilled. When we neglect our creative call we get depressed and lost.
  • The angle of light in Taos inspires a new shade of color, a different perspective in which to think, and a true belief in the creative self.  The spirits of artists, writers, and musicians who experienced the creative spell of Taos nudge a sudden recognition in you that you're creative too. Those creative geniuses stayed at this same lodge.
  • Taos summer afternoon thunderstorms conjure up the drama inside of us waiting to be expressed. Creativity IS spiritual electricity. In such a place, words and images emerge more effortlessly. Guided by Jill Badonsky's quirky and profound methods of freeing your creative spirit, you will go away with a reconnected muse and tools you can use for creative fulfillment the rest of your life. It's an investment that will pay for itself over and over with fulfillment and joy... just sayin'... how much is your creative dream worth?  
  • Creative Retreat and Salon means that one of the main reasons to be there will be to connect with your creative self through the generous solitary time provided. If you wish, you can bring that project your soul has been calling you to escape for awhile and focus on.  Somehow working side by side with others or in the same vicinity makes working and creating easier. You can drink up the inspirational surroundings however you chose: photography, writing, painting, hiking, meditation, journaling.

  • You will also be provided each morning (if you choose to participate) with daily warm-ups  - yoga,  guided meditations, and creative experiences designed to inspire you throughout the day.

  • Another reason to be there is that in the evening we will have Salons, named after the Salons hosted by Mabel Dodge Luhan in the same house we'll be staying. At these Salons there will be also be an opportunity for you to share the fruits of your day, music, or something you've brought with you. Last year's Salons turned into wild spontaneous movement and laughter.
  • You will have plenty of time to explore town or go hiking in the nearby mountains.
Spontaneous formations of mischievious creativity will emerge in forms with which one can only squint in turquoise intention and barely grasp an imaginative inkling...  no telling what memorable mystery can make itself known when creative souls are catalyzed by reckless soul-spun wonder on a mid-summer Taos night with Mabel's spirit and the mirth you can't help but partake in yourself.
So you're invited - 
Life is short and if you've never been to Taos this may be a good time to see what the fuss is all about AND fuel your creative spirit with a group of like-minded thinkers .. if you have been there, be dazzled and renewed once again!

Sign-up Here

July 10- through July 14, 2012  (lunch included on the 14th)
4 nights
Begins July 10 at 5 pm for an opening ceremony and then gravitates toward our delciious gourmet dinner welcome (the food alone is worth the price of admission - it's so amazingly yummy).  
Included in the price: Three daily 5-star healthy gourmet meals (except one night we will go out and pay for ourselves), all workshops, yoga, supportive materials, evening entertainment, and an aftercare plan to keep the magic going once the retreat is over.
If you would like to stay at one of the enchanting rooms at the Mabel Dodge Luhan house book it through Rae. Email - It is not included in the cost, but we have a discounted rate from the cost on the website.
You Can Pay One of Three Ways:
 (If you've received this as an email, you need to click on "View as Webpage" in order for these buttons to work).
Pay in Full Before May 15 for only $475 
Hold Your Space with a $100 deposit (which is refundable minus $50 before June 1) and pay the balance after May 15 which is $425 ($525 Total )
  Investing in your creativity, joy and sanity is never frivolous...


Rough Outline of the Schedule :

Morning Guided Meditation and/or Yoga
Muse Tips, Triggers, and Warm-ups in a Structured Group
Morning Session to yourself to find a spot and have at it.
Lunch Gathering
Afternoon session to yourself to create in a space held by others or on your own, hike or wander through town.
Optional: Happy Hour
Walk - You will want to photographs sunsets. It's a daily miracle.
Evening Salon - Music and Sharing

Everything is optional so you can invent how the schedule works best for you. We will have one day to explore town, hike, or hang out at The Wired Cafe.

Let us know if you have any questions. You can contact us
Enrollment is limited.


Mabel Dodgel Luhan Lodge accommodations: you will be assigned a room, first come first serve based on your single or double occupancy preference

Taos Retreat Testimonials

"Jill, because of you, I got to have this amazing trip, meet wonderful new friends, explore more of who I am, express myself-and be rewarded for that by all my new friends and see a beautiful new place. Love you!" ~Kathy Almeida, magnificent creative woman and writer
"It's hard to put into words the value received from the years that Jill has devoted to learning and teaching about the creative process. Her classes and workshops are not only full of tools, but she makes being who you are and your process not only okay, but perfect. What an amazing, easy, fun, graceful experience Taos was. I get to come home and create and contribute to a more joyful life experience." ~Denise Lumiere, Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coach, Modern Day Muse Group Facilitator
"Jill has a way of creating an environment of acceptance and support where participants are freed to play, experiment and use creative resources they didn't even know they had. It's amazing what all of us have buried inside. Thank you Jill for bringing it out." ~Liz Fautsch, Yoga Teacher
"This retreat provided me with an opportunity to connect with like-minded women which I really needed. I received an outstretched hand of friendship, acceptance, a presumption of creativity and an assumption of belonging. You have helped to open a window into a barely-known world and provided tools to open the door into that world. I learned skills that were previously unknown and/or unexercised. I got to try new things and also got reminders of practices to use. I received validation, friendship, promise and fun! Thank you!" Stephanie Christensen, KMCC coach, Modern Day Muse Facilitator
"Jill is very real. I loved that about meeting a famous author/creativity guru. Her creativity retreat was packed full of tools and insights and hand-on creative inspirations that I got to experience via absorption/osmosis." ~Gayle Nobel, magnificent creative woman and writer
"This retreat was wonderful. It was a way to refill my creativity energy cup. It helped me to feel more grounded and like I am ready to move forward on my path. I felt joy the whole weekend. There was love in the whole group." ~Nancy Clancy, magnificent creative woman
"Although I have worked with Jill Badonsky for years with one-on-one coaching and KMCC training, this was my first opportunity to experience being with her in person in a retreat setting. She beautifully created and held the space for us to create and to simply be. For anyone wanting to live a creative existence, this is a magnificent experience." Jill Allison-Bryan, Singer/Songwriter, KMCC coach
"I want to thank you all, and especially Jill, for welcoming me into the sacred space of this past weekend. Each of you are such incredible and precious beings. I am not exaggerating when I say it exceeded my wildest hopes for what a weekend in Taos would be like." ~Julianna Finch

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