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Williamsburg Real Estate Update from Susan and Ellen

Virginia's Real Estate Market is Moving Upward
According to the Virginia Association of REALTORS, Virginia's housing markets appear to be moving upward, with the lowest point seen in the fourth quarter of 2008.  Read full report.
The housing market is obviously not out of the woods, but we are certainly happy to see some good news.
So, What About the Williamsburg Market?
Home Sales in Williamsburg
Sales volume seems to be stabilizing.  Take a look at this graph.  Note how far sales volumes have dropped from the peak in 2005.  Pretty dramatic, isn’t it?  But we are also definitely seeing some stabilization now, and even a slight upturn in Fords Colony.  Visit our website at for more info.
Thinking About Building a Custom Home? Now is an Excellent Time!
With the current inventory of new homes in our golf communities nearly non-existent, now is an excellent time to consider building a custom home.  Many of the builders are offering their services at a significant discount.  Lot inventory is high, so you should be able to make an excellent deal on your building lot.  The chart to the left summarizes the lot sales.  Call or e-mail us for more info.
Short Sales Spread across Real Estate Market, Leaving Frustration in Their Wake
RISMEDIA, September 26, 2009—(MCT)—A few years ago, few people in the housing market had ever heard of a short sale. Mention the term today and people, whether they are homeowners or real estate agents, just roll their eyes.  Read more
Move-up Buyers… Are You Asleep? Where Are You?
As history looks back at this time in the real estate market, it may well point to this period of low interest rates and excess inventory as the very best opportunity for move up buyers in their lifetime.  Are you a move-up buyer?  Sure, you may not make as much on the sale of your current home as you would like, but you will realize tremendous savings with your new home!  Let us help you explore the options.
Tax Harvest Your Stock Losers
Now may be a good time for many investors to consider a tax-planning move known as tax-loss harvesting. Ask yourself: Do I own any stocks that are selling for less than I paid for them and that I've been thinking of dumping? If so, think about getting rid of those losers before the end of the year. See full story.
Williamsburg Area Holiday Events
Planning a visit to Williamsburg during the holidays?  Williamsburg has a plethora of seasonal events for your enjoyment.  Click here for a list of some of the most popular options.
Please let us know if we can be of assistance to you and/or your family and friends.  Don't forget to check out our website as we have some AWESOME listings!  Also, let us know if you think of any additional info you would like to see on our website or in our newsletters!  Our goal is to be your resource for all information related to the real estate market in Williamsburg.
Williamsburg Golf Properties
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