Discover You are Eternity
Eternity is YOU

Discover you are Eternity

In complete sitting presence, allowing the waves and ripples of the universe to move through one, as one moves through the universe, deeper and deeper into all life…and fully stopping all else forever…not budging again for anything else but this attention whether one is in action or stillness…fully available…fully present in the waves…not dancing again with the waves…not resisting or playing as though the waves are real but simply being in allowance as the waves move through the human…this is what life offers each of us. We can say yes.

You know how it is in stopping…often birds or dragonflies will come and circle around the head or animals will come and stay near the feat or make contact or a leaf or set of tiny wings from a life now gone will mysteriously appear , spiral and fall right in the hands.. or bugs will mate….the organization becomes exquisite and perfect in doing nothing. Perfumes fill the air…orbs and lights flash and kind beings come to pat one on the shoulders and make adjustments in the energy patterns…

“Here is where I shall offer myself today,” you may choose. Here, where ego offers one after another invitation to go back with the illusion and in each refraining, how things played out in life, as reflections of what was thought as real is shown. Each individual ego pattern again visits to see if this time it will not be entertained….and it all does come about through the body as in each organ is wisdom and musical tones…it is not as some say about dismissing the body but rather going through the body and the many tones in there in every place as the body disappears more and more.. while you have a body allow for the gifts of this as they are not forever….where the disharmonies appear are invitations to sit into the dissolving or the clearing and where the harmonies appear are ALSO invitations to sit into the dissolving or clearing!

Some have mentioned that I work with animals. I must clarify that the animals and insects have in fact, been the ones to work with me. As servants to the one Sun, the animals devote themselves. The Sun is servant to this entire universe and to all of us on Earth. I am the honored student. This is the truth in the deepest chamber of my heart.

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