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News From Jamul Haven
Davis and Marianne Beauchamp were able to accomplish a miracle and convince us to make an exception to our "no pets" rule. Marianne was nursing a baby dove back to health and needed to feed it every few hours. To feed the bird, Marianne needs to do as the mother Dove would do by chewing the food and then letting the baby take it from her mouth. Here's a poem by their 10 year old granddaughter:

There is much to fright,
On this Halloween night.
From where the black cats roam,
To the monsters' dark catacombs.
The mummies are gloom,
As they lay silent
In their dusty old tomb.
The wind in the trees
rustle and die,
As the ghosts fly high!!!!
The witches fly switches
across the sky.
And the black cats creep quietly by.
So much to fear! oh dear! oh dear!
What is that of which I hear?
Halloween is over, WOW!!!!!
Good bye for now.

Happy anniversary to Elisa and Ryan, who celebrated their first anniversary here after spending their honeymoon here a year ago. Anniversary congratulations as well to Loren and Bernadette, Scott and Dina, Kari and Christopher, and Doug and Bunny (who celebrated their 40th). Congratulations to Annisa and Jean Paul on their marriage. Rachel celebrated her birthday with Ashley, and Marianne celebrated her birthday with Davis during the past month. Dilip and Jennifer escaped from their preschool to spend a relaxing weekend recouping their energy. Mike and Heather joined us all the way from the U.K., and Mike was kind enough to help update the guest manual with additional wireless internet hints.

One of our banana trees has actually started to produce bananas. There's a photo below.

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History Update
One of the hikes next to Jamul Haven is the hike up Mt. McGinty to Peg Leg Mine. McGinty Mountain hosts a rich but circumspect treasure of botanical oddities. Several rare and endangered plant species make their home here on soils derived from a relatively uncommon form of bedrock called gabbro. More than half of California’s remaining specimens of Dehesa beargrass cling to the mountain’s rocky spine. The endemic San Diego thornmint, its habitat reduced by 90 percent due to urbanization over the last century, survives here, as does San Miguel savory, Perry’s tetracoccus, and Gander’s butterweed. Some of these plants are believed to be relict species, once common but now almost squeezed out of existence by gradual climate changes occurring over the past 10,000 years or more (

I've been trying to find the history of this particular mine, but in the meantime, here's the legend of Peg Leg's Mine (which this one was probably named after).

This mine (Peg Leg) is perhaps one that has been searched for more than any other lost mine in the South area of California. The Lost Peg Mine is not actually a mine but rather a placer deposit and its attraction remains to be its most interesting point. The actual name of this person Peg Leg was actually Thomas Smith and he was not a prospector or a miner. He was simply a man that travelled and roamed around the west at the beginning of the 1800’s. He had no preference over white men and Indians and throughout his lifetime stayed with either one. In 1829 Peg Leg decided to go on a journey with his friend Maurice Le Duke. In this trip both men crossed the Colorado River however it is not exactly clear what route they decided to take and it is something that gold seekers have been asking them selves for a long time now. The two men had already been out on their journey for around three days when they realized they noticed they did not have a sufficient amount of water on them. The weather in the area was becoming hotter and they soon saw they were going to have to turn back or were going to end up dead. On top of this fact, they had to encounter a very bad sandstorm. The sandstorm threw them off of their trail and at this point they started to get desperate due to the need they had for water. Peg Leg is said to have climbed one of the buttes that were close by in his desperation for water. Tired from his unsuccessful searching, he sat down to get some rest. At that point, he noticed that the butte was covered with black rocks that were the size of walnuts. He picked one of the rocks up and was impressed at how heavy they were and decided to put a few in his pocket. His idea was to get somebody to check them and see what they were once they got back into civilization. The two friends ended up spending the night in the butte and then the following day they found a spring. Once they were all rested up and had refreshed themselves, they started to head back to Los Angeles again. As they were on their way, Peg Leg found out that the heavy black rocks he has put in his pocket were gold. However, he didn’t go back to look for more gold right away. There are people that believe that he was simply too preoccupied with other things and there were not a great deal of places money could be spent during those times. Los Angles used to be a very small town of merely one thousand people. Then twenty years later when the rush to the Mother Lode occurred, Peg Leg realized what he had given up. He went back to the desert to find his abandoned fortune but he was not able to find it ever again. The landscape had changed and it was probable he simply could not remember the exact spot after twenty years. Peg Leg used Warner’s Hot Springs as a base while he was on his search, and he centered in Borrego Valley. A few years afterwards, Peg Leg stopped the search and went up north to reside with the Indians. It is said that Peg Leg then became a gambler and bandit and always boasted about the fortune he had held in his hands. Peg Leg died at the age of sixty five in 1866. The legend of Peg Leg lives on though and it is not known how many men risked their lives in hopes of finding the lost treasure.
Regina has been selected again to be the lead dancer for the Ice Princess show at Viejas Casino. This show runs from Thanksgiving until New Years.

William's been spending a lot of time in San Francisco. Three of his plays will be produced off-Broadway in New York this summer.
Upcoming Local Events
Selected fun San Diego events that are worth a trip.

There are always fun things to do around Jamul Haven. Nancy, Dave, Connie and Norm took a balloon tour of the Temecula vinyards, followed by the traditional champagne toast.

Over the Edge for KIT 2009
Kids Included Together
Description: Make a Grand Entrance - Rappel 33 Stories from the Manchester Grand Hyatt San Diego

Mt Hope Cemetery Tour
Whaley House Museum / SOHO
Location: Old Town
Cost: $20-$25
Description: Join historian Alex Bevil as he evokes the storied past of this historic cemetery, highlighting history, mysteries, and scandals involving those who make Mount Hope their final resting place.

Watch a Free Spooky Movie Under the Stars Oct. 30
Fiesta de Reyes
Location: Old Town
Cost: FREE
Description: Get in the Halloween spirit by watching Beetlejuice under the stars for free!

9th Annual Fall Back Festival
Location: Gaslamp Quarter
Cost: $5
Description: Go plum crazy as you take a step back in time at the 9th Annual Fall Back Festival, a Children’s Cultural and Historic Street Faire, in the heart of the Gaslamp Quarter.

Through 01/03/2010
The Da Vinci Experience
San Diego Air & Space Museum
Location: Balboa Park
Cost: $9.75 to $24.75
Description: Replicas and models of the mechanical devices designed and described by Leonardo da Vinci, along with reproductions of 12 of his most famous paintings, are featured in a new exhibition at the San Diego Air & Space Museum now showing for a limited engagement. Machines for the popular Discovery Channel Show, Doing DaVinci have been added!

Through 01/29/2010
Porsche Exhibit
San Diego Automotive Museum
Location: Balboa Park
Cost: $4 - $8
Description: Porsche exhibit featuring the power and styling of this famed German maker.

For information about any of these events, email us!
Hints from Yesteryear
Hints from "The Everyday Cook-Book," (c) 1889 and found in the Jamul Haven Angel House.

A remedy for Catarrh is crushed cubeb berries smoked in a pipe, emitting the smoke through the nose. After a few trials this will be easy to do. If the nose is stopped up so that it is almost impossible to breathe, one pipeful will make the head as clear as a bell. For sore throat, asthma, and bronchitis, swallowing the smoke effects immediate relief. It is the best remedy in the world foroffensive breath, and will make the most foul breath pure and sweet. Sufferers from that horrid disease, ulcerated catarrh, will find this remedy unequaled, and a months' use will cure the most obstinate case. A single trial will convince anyone. Eating the uncrushed berries is also good for sore throat and all bronchial complaints. After smoking, do not expose yourself to cold air for at least fifteen minutes.
Recipies from Yesteryear
Recipies from "The Everyday Cook-Book," (c) 1889 and found in the Jamul Haven Angel House.

Dried Beef: The most common way of serving dried or smoked beef is to shave it into thin slices or chips, raw. But a more savory relish may be made of it with little trouble. Put the slices of uncooked beef into a frying pan with just enough boiling water to cover them; set them over the fire for ten minutes, drain off all the water, and with a knife and fork cut the meat into small bits. Return to the pan, which should be hot, with a tablespoonful of butter and a little pepper. Have ready some well-beaten eggs, allowing four to a half pound of beef; stir them into the pan with the minced meat and toss and str the mixture for about two minutes. Send to the table in a covered dish.
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