You've probably already had a beginning-of-the-year assembly. You may have even had a fundraising assembly. Perhaps you've had a spirit week assembly in the past. No doubt you've had an awards assembly.
But think about this.
Have you ever had a student assembly on . . . . . RESPONSIBILITY?
The Pyramid of Responsibility
In the PYRAMID OF RESPONSIBILITY assembly students learn . . .
  • How to accept responsibility for their actions.
  • How and why to speak with respect.
  • How to focus on a goal and strive for success.
  • How to use their thoughts and words to produce results in their lives.
  • How to take 100% ownership of what has shown up in their lives.
  • How to soar like an eagle and become successful in today's world.
Words from students who have attended the assembly:
"I thought it was so cool how you used that big pencil. It is a real pencil, isn't it?" – Tony, Freshman
"The slides on perspective really blew me away. I couldn't see the stuff at first. When you showed us how, then I saw it." – Angela, Sophomore
"This was stuff the teachers should do too." – Mark, Senior
"That was the best assembly we've ever had here." – Rachael, Senior
In this exciting, energy-driven assembly students will:
  • Hear real stories about teens making a difference with responsibility.
  • Work together to build a student body pyramid.
  • Be challenged in their current view of peers and teachers.
  • Discover the importance of perspective through the use of a giant pencil.
  • Be encouraged to stop living like a cow.
  • Be inspired to make a difference in the world now.
Bring This Inspirational Assembly to Your School
To bring this inspirational assembly to your school, contact Thomas at or call 989.686.5356.
Do your students know about the myth of the glass head?
Do they know how language can change one's level of responsibility?
Do they know what it means to turn your pencil around?
Did they know about the Statue of Responsibility?
They will after an assembly with Thomas Haller. Thomas will explain all this and much more in THE PYRAMID OF RESPONSIBILITY assembly.
Your students may have heard him on the radio as "Dr. Tom" on WIOG 102.5 fm.
Your student's parents may have seen him present on The Six Best Parenting Strategies Ever or How to Get your Kids to Do Homework.
Your teachers may have seen him present on Teacher Talk: Verbal Skill Solutions for Achievement Motivation and Behavior Management in the Classroom.
You may have seen him on television every weekend as WNEM TV5's chief parenting and relationship correspondent.
Your students and staff can now see Thomas Haller present THE PYRAMID OF RESPONSIBILITY.
What others say about Thomas's presentations:
"Finally a presenter that is not dry and boring at all. Thomas Haller is dynamic, stimulating, enlightening and thought provoking. You will be pleasantly surprised." - Maryann Rojek, LMSW, ACSW
"Thomas is inspiring! This is exactly what I have been looking for. I plan to start using his techniques at home today. Thank you, thank you, thank you." - Anita Tekchandani, MD
"Thomas Haller has masterfully blended life-changing information and motivational stories to teach students the value of responsibility." -Kathleen Reguso, Principal
"Our students got more information out of Thomas's assembly than I ever thought possible." -Sally Stoker
"Thomas is an extremely energetic presenter who provides practical strategies that can be put to use right away. I appreciate his straightforward approach." - Ann Katrell
Parenting Specialist, Author, and Motivational Speaker THOMAS HALLER M.Div., LMSW, DST provides a power-packed student assembly that gives teens exactly what they need.

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