Participants of Youth CineMedia's "Trash Wars" prepare for the race at Arroyo Burro Beach.

Creek Week Wrap-Up

Over 1,300 community members participated in 23 events during Santa Barbara’s 10th Annual Creek Week, held September 19-26. Coordinated by the City Creeks Division, County Project Clean Water, the City of Carpinteria, and the City of Goleta, Creek Week kicked off with the 25th Annual Coastal Cleanup Day on Saturday, September 19th, where an impressive 4,443 pounds of trash and debris was removed from beaches and creeks Countywide.
Over 30 students at Adams School planted dozens of native plants at the newly constructed bioswale on their campus. Neighbors toured the Upper Las Positas Creek Restoration and Storm Water Management Project at the Santa Barbara Golf Club. Horny Toad Activewear employees cleaned and replaced 110 storm drain markers in the beachfront and downtown areas. County Project Clean Water sold 600 rain barrels in just over 3 hours!
Other events during the week-long celebration included presentations about efforts to restore the endangered steelhead trout to our local creeks, tours of the Arroyo Hondo Preserve and the Carpinteria Salt Marsh Reserve, a bird walk with the Santa Barbara Audubon Society, games and activities hosted by Art From Scrap at the Watershed Resource Center, and an environmental awareness challenge called “Trash Wars” designed by Youth CineMedia.

To get involved in next year’s Creek Week by volunteering or hosting an event, contact Liz Smith at 897-2606.

Contractors install new storm drain screens.

Storm Drain Screens

If you live or work on the Mesa, Lower Westside, or along Coast Village Road, you may have noticed new storm drain screens being installed in these areas. The Creeks Division recently completed Phases III and IV of a 2-year project to install screens on storm drains throughout the City. 
Pollutants such as trash, green waste, human and animal waste, and other debris on sidewalks and in streets often settle into storm drain inlets.  These pollutants are then carried by storm water or urban runoff to the creeks and the ocean, where they create a nuisance and can pose a threat to human and aquatic health.
The screens are designed to work with the street sweeping program by preventing trash and debris from entering the storm drain so that it can be picked up by street sweepers at the curbside. To prevent the risk of flooding, the screens retract during heavy rain to allow storm water to flow through.
For more information on the project, please contact Tim Burgess at 897-1912.

Creeks Division staff collect water quality samples during a late night storm.
Storm Monitoring Volunteers Needed!
Would you like to get involved in water quality research with the Creeks Division? Each year City staff collect water samples from local creeks during up to three significant storms during the rainy season.
Storm monitoring volunteers will be on-call (if available) when a storm is forecast, and once the rain starts volunteers will join Creeks Division staff members on trips to local creeks to collect water quality samples.
Please contact Liz Smith for more information at 897-2606.
Creeks Advisory Committee Recruitment
The Creeks Advisory Committee is looking for a new member to fill a current vacancy. The Committee meets monthly to assist and advise Creeks Division staff, the Park and Recreation Commission, and the City Council on matters pertaining to the City’s creek restoration and water quality improvement programs. Committee members are appointed by Council, and terms last four years.
Applications are due to the City Clerk’s office by Friday, October 23rd at 5:00pm. To view the application and learn more about applying to the Creeks Advisory Committee, please visit
City of Santa Barbara • PO Box 1990 • Santa Barbara, CA 93102
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