Howls from the Mountain: News from Full Moon Farm, Fall 2009

Howl for the Holidays

That time of the year is rapidly approaching!  Full Moon Farm is hosting a Howl for the Holidays on Saturday, November 7th.  Come meet the wolfdogs and learn about them.  Do a little Howliday shopping!  Tours start at 1:00 pm.  For more information and directions, call 828-669-1818.
Photo by Ryan Talbot.



Annie was Nancy Brown’s first rescued wolfdog.
About 11 years ago, Nancy was contacted by a man who told her about a “wolf” pup who was being kept on a chain with no food and water, and was being abused by the owners.  She agreed to take  the puppy if the man would bring it to her. He did, but wanted $100 for his efforts. He settled for all the cash she had on hand: $43.
The pup was not in good shape: she was infested with worms, her overall health was very poor, and she was terrified.  It took a month before Annie would even let Nancy touch her, still afraid, but learning to trust this one person who had shown her kindness.  And it was another year before she truly came to believe that Nancy would never hurt her. Nancy was her touchstone and her strength when Annie was worried or scared.  When Hurricane Ivan knocked a tree over into her enclosure, taking out part of the fencing, her mate - the handsome, gregarious Wolfie - took the opportunity to visit the new subdivision across the mountain. But Annie ran straight to the other side of the compound, straight to Nancy.
As you can see, Annie was not a wolf. She was a low-content wolfdog, most likely a Husky/ Malamute/German Shepherd Dog cross.  Sadly, her story is typical.  It is repeated again and again, in every state in this country.  And all too often, as wolfdog rescue organizations fill up, the animals end up being put to sleep at the local shelter. 
Annie was one of the lucky ones.
And so are those wolfdogs who came after, who benefited from all that Annie taught Nancy, and from all that Nancy, in turn, instilled in Full Moon Farm.
--By Tam Nesbit
Thank you, Annie. Rest in peace, sweet girl, and run with Wolfie.  We miss you.
Annie - 1997/98 - 2009
Photo of Annie by Kim Tulloss-Smith.



Nancy writes:
How does one learn the lesson of loving someone or something enough to let them go? 
It is with a heavy heart that we said adieu to Zodiak.  For 6 years and 6 months, I had the pleasure to knowing this fine canine.  For quite a few of those years, Zody was my companion, travelling to many places with me, as my co-pilot and body guard - Ohio, California, Florida, Missouri, and too many places in NC to count!
Zodiak was part of the Omaha Rescue in March of 2003.  He, 6 other wolfdogs and a GSD changed my life, and brought Full Moon Farm "Full Circle", as the van was purchased for that rescue, and I learned much about myself, and the resilience of a dogs compassionate love.  Zody, Tala, Orion, and Malaki came back to Full Moon and Willow, Dante, Angel and Demon were returned to their breeders.  Dante made it home to TX, and crossed the Bridge that night.  These 8 animals were locked in a basement for about a month, without food and water.  They weighed between 22 and 44 lbs.  Their recovery was instrumental in me learning critical care rehabilitation, and learning even more about trust.
I have a hole in my heart that will heal with time, but there will forever be the memories of those soft brown eyes, staring into mine, saying "I Love You Mom".
Photo of Zodiak by Michele Frankl.



Our Sweet Misty has succumbed to the Mange Mites again!  The wet, rainy summer has set Misty back on her recovery, and she has been put back on special supplements and medicines, at a cost of about $400.00 for 3 months treatment.  She will be in the infirmary through the winter, and I am asking that you count her in your daily blessings, and if you have the opportunity to collect any holistic immune builders, to please pass them on.  In addition to her Ivermectin treatments, she is on Ciprofloxacin and Fluconazole, for the bacteria and fungus, plus super doses of Ester C., Omega 3 oils, garlic, multivitamins, liver and kidney de-tox, tissue salts, and aloe vera, to build up her immune system.
If anyone has ideas for getting Misty healthy, and KEEPING her that way, please let Nancy know.
Photo by Michele Frankl.


Woofer Spotlight

This time, we're trying a little something different.  We asked our volunteers if they would like to contribute a story about their favorite wolfdog.  Meg Ellis happily wrote this about her favorite, Ramses:
I’ve been fortunate to have a family that loves me tons!  As I’ve grown up and moved out of state, the best thing is driving up my driveway to get hugs and kisses from my loved ones.  But, as much as I love my family, there is nothing like a wet, sloppy, drooly kiss from my furry boy, Ramses.  Ramses is a typical wolfy at Full Moon Farm.  He is cautious, curious, and waits to get to know new people as they travel along the pens “down below” at the Farm. 
I remember a little 2 week old cuddle bear that Nancy took to an outreach at Earthfare one hot afternoon.  Nancy held Ramses protectively in her lap, stroking his little fuzzy back while people oohed about how cute he was.  After a while, Ramses, and his brother Sugar Bear, started squirming around and we decided it was probably time to let nature call.  In true boy form, Ramses sat up on Nancy’s lap and let out the most precious baby howl I’ve ever heard!  My heart was his from that time on.
For the next few years I saw him during the weekends when I went to the farm to help clean around the pens.  We would have time to talk, play, and eat raw hot dogs.  After I finished high school, I decided to move and explained to Ramses that I would be back to visit.  My heart broke, but my life was ahead and I was excited to start my grooming practice in Atlanta.  I knew he would have great care and meet new friends.
The first weekend I came back to visit, I hurried to his pen to see if he would remember me.  I walked to the pen, bent down, and Ramses came up slowly, looking at me cautiously.  Then, his silly, goofy grin started from one side of his face to the other, he jumped up and down, and started pawing at the fence.  He remembered me!  As I walked inside he stood up and gave me a wolfy hug, complete with the sloppy sugars I’ve come to love.  He chose me and I choose him!
Photo by Sharon Greene.


Thank yous

We had a bit of a glitch with our last newsletter, and aren't sure if everyone saw it.  We wanted to repeat that section, and then add to it.
Over the last few months, we have had several groups come out to help at the Farm. We've had students from Warren Wilson College and Clemson University who have helped clear and repair the driveway, clear brush, and move the wood pile.  We also owe a belated thank you to Mary Mac Yon at cbc, inc., who provided us with another 2,000 lbs. of quality dog food this fall.  Thanks also to Donna Farrow, a consultant with Arbonne International, for hosting an "Arbonne Gives Back" benefit for Full Moon Farm on November 13th.  We would also like to thank Pepper's for graciously allowing Donna to use their restaurant to hold her party. 
We also like to thank everyone involved with our 3rd Annual Music Benefit: Jamie Dose and Velvet Truckstop, the Sireens, Parker Brooks, Buzz Flueheart, Marsupial, Sons of Ralph, WSNB, and The Swills, along with everyone at The Veranda Cafe and The Watershed.
We need to thank White Horse Black Mountain for hosting our 5th Annual Silent Auction, Cheri Cagle and Twinkle for performing, and everyone who donated items.
Our thanks also goes out to TC Country in Canton, GA for two large donations of food, treats and medicine.
We are thankful to Andrew Wagner at Wagner Tree Experts for removing a persimmon tree that was endangering a pen on a windy day, and for their help in cutting our mandatory fire line.
And, as always, we are so thankful to everyone who supports us, either financially, with in-kind donations, or with their time and energy!  We could not do this without you!


We Need Some Assistance

The hard drive to the Farm's computer has died.  We are in need of a new computer (just the tower; the monitor, keyboard and mouse are fine).  It would need to be able to handle heavy graphics and database use.  Nancy would prefer XP or Windows 7 for the operating system.
We are also in need of tires for the van.  Or, even better, a new van!  Ours has 215,000+ miles on it, and it is starting to show.  Nancy would like one that has four- or all-wheel drive, as the driveway in the wintertime can be difficult.  This vehicle is our only means of transporting our animals and getting feed from the store.
We also need fencing (cattle panel) for putting up a few more pens.  We are trying to get all our residents into bigger pens!
And, as always, we need help with our vet bills.  If you prefer, you may send checks to Animals R Us, 725 Crest Road, Flat Rock, NC 28731.  Please reference Full Moon Farm on the check.
We - and the animals - are grateful for any and all assistance.



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Thank you!!

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