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Volume 2, issue 1 01/09/09

Official newsletter of The 15th Floor.  Check out our website,,
and listen to our new (soon to be old) album: From the Dining Room.
In this issue find our popular “Once and Future Songs” column (Three Songs Every Songwriter Needs), Emily's wedding, broken ribs, and upcoming performances.

Once and Future Songs

(In this “column”, anything goes as long as it has to do with a song.)
Three Songs Every Songwriter Needs
It has become clear to me, to be a songwriter of any lasting success, it would behoove me to write 1.) a “summer” song, 2.) a Christmas/Holiday song, and 3.) a “coffee” song.
Recently, I have written a song about summer love titled, “You Should Know”, slated to be on the upcoming album. I dream it will become a song played every time it gets hot or at the beginning of every summer, like “Summer in the City”, performed by The Lovin’ Spoonful; written by Mark -not John- Sebastian and Steve Boone.
You should know I’ve loved no better
Than in these summer nights with you
You have taken all that matters
Turned it into something new. And it’s you.
Christmas songs have been tough. My ideas of Christmas can be quite complex and often get off the track for that genre. But I have found the holiday or Christmas “spirit” lives in a large number of my uncompleted songs. Songs with well-defined chord structure and melody, plenty of emotion and life, but unfortunately, no appropriate, lasting lyrics. I believe these are my “Christmas” songs. They have become my next project. The trick will be to find the lyrics, to keep them simple and memorable-- lasting.
The coffee song, the one that will be played in every coffee shop in the country, has not yet been conceived.
Happy New Year

Upcoming Peformance at Fiddlers Dream with Brad Colerick

This Saturday, January 16th, we will perform at Fiddlers Dream.  Our 8 pm set will be followed by Brad Colerick, a very fine singer-songwriter who lives in Pasedena.  Besides an outstanding singer-songwriter, Brad is also a Music Supervisor/Producer for television commercials.  

Follow the link and listen to his music.  You will not want to miss this show.  Bring a friend or two.

Mrs. Emily Johnson

Emily married Michael Johnson on New Year's Eve this year.  Big party for an important event.  They would probably still be honeymooning in Banff if they didn't need to come back for school and, of course more importantly, for Emily to perform next Saturday.  All of you who have our CD signed by Emily Kriegshauser will have to buy another signed by Emily Johnson.  (But who knows, you may own a collector's item.)

Broken Ribs

Barroom brawl?  Skiing accident?  Car wreck?  Wife with baseball bat?  No, just stupid.
A week before Christmas I decided to hose down the patio and patio furniture before work, came in to our kitchen afterward with wet feet and slipped on the marble floor.  Seven broken ribs.
I have been on drugs.
So, it is likely I will not be my usual standing self next week when we perform, but may choose to sit in a chair.
Until next time,

Upcoming Performances

Date Time City Venue Appearing with
January 16, 2010 8 pm Phoenix, AZ Fiddlers Dream, 1702 East Glendale Brad Colerick
January 23, 2010 7 pm Phoenix, AZ Mayo Talent Show, Paradise Valley High School Auditorium talented and courageous Mayo Employees
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