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FORCE - FRIENDS OF THE RIVERS COALITION eNEWSLETTER November 2009 PO Box 2627 Stuart, Fl 34995 772-225-6849
November 24, 2009

It's approaching fast, a day we've looked forward to for more than three years.
At 1 p.m. on Dec. 4, a week from Friday, crucial motions will be heard in the Rivers Coalition Defense Fund's federal lawsuit aimed at stopping destructive discharges into the St. Lucie Estuary.
Judge Lynn Bush of the Federal Court of Claims in Washington is scheduled to hear motions for summary judgments and related issues. President Obama won't make it but the court is indeed in the shadow of the White House. Historic precedents could be in the offing.
Not even government, we say, has any right to despoil the St. Lucie with polluted discharges from inland drainage schemes.
A contingent of several RCDF board members and supporters that include representatives of the city of Stuart, Martin County Commission and Sewall's Point are planning to attend. And others from Florida are encouraged to make the important pilgrimage to seek justice against the ruinous discharges.
To get to the court, it's best to catch a taxi to get in walking distance, a historic place to walk, for sure. Here are directions on foot:
Walking Instructions:
1. Walk south on Connecticut Ave until you reach K Street
2. Turn left and continue on K Street until you reach 16th Street
3. At 16th Street you will turn right (you will need to cross K Street at some point)
4. Continue 2 blocks on 16th Street until you reach H Street.
5. Cross H Street and you will be on the edge of Lafayette Park (you can see the White House and the Washington Moment)
6. The Court house is located directly to the left of the park on a little street called Madison Place. This street is blocked-off and cars are not allowed on it.
7. 717 Madison Place, NW Washington, DC 20005
The Florida visitors will be introduced to Judge Bush. Our lawyers, Marzulla & Marzulla, will do the talking, of course, but we'll be giving the Court our eye of deep concern.
Click here for more information.
Our October meeting wrapped up the '09 Rivers Coalition schedule, but we'll be in high gear for the January 2010 meeting.
Meantime, we'll publish a special edition of the newsletter to summarize the Dec. 4 court hearing, and more info will come out at the January meeting.
Have a peaceful and happy Thanksgiving!
New "Save My River" T-shirts featuring an attractive painting of the St. Lucie River wildlife will be available for purchase at the 2010 meetings.

Read about the T-shirts here:
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Editor: Jessica Briske
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