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Little Pearls
Little Pearls
If You Love Little Pearls December 2009

Larissa holding candle for the world
If you love Little Pearls, this would be a great time to support us.
2009 was a rough year for so many.  Like most non-profits, we have suffered in the economic recession, with some unique challenges in recent months. 
Here's hoping 2010 is MUCH better for everyone, and for the planet, too!   

Goodbye, please, 2009

The first half of 2009 felt good, including the completion of the first two Dog Pearls.  With superb HD footage "in the bank", we had plans for creating more Dog Pearls supporting adoptions.  Then everything went into a slow-motion slog requiring patience and letting go of expectations.
On July 1, I had the first of four hand surgeries, mostly related to my thumb joints.  Life became much more difficult, with each hand needing three months to heal enough to work again.  This is an investment in the rest of my life and I'm glad it's almost done.
Mid-August, our old house suffered severe damage in a freak storm, throwing us into unplanned major renovations that are just now finishing.  Though it has been costly on all levels, our home, which contains the Little Pearls office, is in much better shape now, and we're grateful.
Mid-November, my wonderful old mother died.  I had been her primary support for 16 years.  Grieving and letting go have required time-out-of-time, as her passing moves me into a new stage in my own life.
Shortly after her death, I was flattened by flu, probably H1N1, and am now getting past the fatigue that lingered for weeks. 
All these challenges are resolving, just as the New Year comes.

New Pearls and YOU!

Your support is needed so we can create new Pearls with this new energy.  You can see our wish list at Upcoming Pearls 
Besides the Dog Pearls, there are many other Pearls-in-waiting on this page.   
One new idea is a different kind of Pearl, using stills instead of HD video.  We have some wonderful images of my mother and our kitten Theo, who became her personal therapy kitten when he was six weeks old.  He visited her regularly for five months.
Like a little angel, Theo stayed on her bed and watched over her through the last 29 hours of her life.  They had a special kind of love that touched everyone who witnessed it.  My hope is that we can capture that love through stills in a new Pearl.

Renewal and Hope for the New Year

Little Pearls has been on the back burner in this last half of 2009, as life has kept me from doing fundraising and other needed work.  Our funds are very low. 
Contribute Now button
I am SO ready for the New Year, a new time with renewed energy and enthusiasm.  Please consider a donation this year if you can.  Help us come back, better than ever, in 2010!  
And Happy New Year to you, too!   
Linda and wild parrot
Linda McLean
Executive & Creative Director
Little Pearls

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Little Pearls • PO Box 8641 • Asheville, NC 28814

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