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Big Island Rose, Lily , Laurel Satsang
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California Upcoming three hour gatherings
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A Conversation with My friend, an Owl

I have had very close friends who are owls in the last three places Ray, Jessie and I have lived. At Hidden Valley Sanctuary my friend was so trusting that he stopped right in front of my car one time, requiring I stop and talk to him before turning in our drive way. There, my beloved owl friend gave me a wordless message of reverence and glittering gold!

In our current Sanctuary Home called Lions Field, (Jessie is the lion here and the street’s name "Lions Field" came before we arrived), my owl friend sings to us often, sweetly and calmly. She has not yet revealed her physical self but stays near often. Meanwhile, our hawk friends circle above us and one waves back to me on a regular basis when I wave. We have been blessed with hawk, hummingbird, deer and raven friends who approach us in every home and who have also met us during many trips to lead Satsangs elsewhere!

Today my owl friend and I shared our thoughts as we met in the verses of music within the trees and breeze as a shared voice. Below I share our reflections.

~Having good habits is a fortunate way of being. This allows the breezes of music to linger around you, providing sweetness for self and other. If you begin to think you are your good habits or thoughts, however, you forget to open your heart in reverence and awe to the one Sun, Divine Ma. Then you become small and forgetful. Open your heart to Divine Ma first and let good habits sing dance, play and rest in her will alone…than your ecstasy is pure and your giving is clear and full of love tones. Spaciousness takes your heart and your arms extend out as her gift of love. Where are you in this? You disappear into her perfumed mystery. You are at awe with her many creatures. You are in surrender to where she takes you and what she makes of you now. You are devoted to offering your arms and heart.

"I sing out in love with my heart," says human.

"I sing out with my heart and my voice," says owl. Together we blend in the harmonies of the forest.

~Dr. Laurie and Owl Friend Olisa


Big Island Rose, Lily , Laurel Satsang

Dear Friends:

The spontaneous Small Group Big Island Satsang birthed itself. In late December I dreamt that source creation was telling me to go to Hawaii very soon and to contact people with the opportunity immediately. I sent out an announcement and within 72 hours all but one space was filled. The people meant to attend knew it and signed on for our January five day gathering for 7 humans, a canine and a donkey! Synchronistically, two human members had the name ROSE in their name, & one a derivative of LAUREL; A bouquet group. Offering to assist in guiding us, a donkey named LILY and a dog named ROSIE signed up.

People some times ask if the animals who guide us are in body or talking to us long distance. Both occur but in this case LILY and ROSIE signed up to be present in the physical. Often we are surrounded by birds of many kinds. Some times birds have chanted and sung in tune with us and one time a group of birds walked right into the Satsang room indoors. Many animals have participated from near and far.

With the fascinating names of participants, I have a feeling that a sweetness and mystery is going to occur. Another member is Tom which means "the male of various animals; especially cat". The one space left open was taken by someone named Mara. Mara means "Patagonian hare."

When the event began so much love came about and mystery after mystery of grace filled us. If you would like a 12 minute tape recording sharing about this event eamil me and I will email it to you free of charge. Love, Laurie

Love, Dr. Laurie

On the Concept of Time

“We live in and as waves. If we only experience the snap shot we think there is a past and a future. The waves are endless when we feel deeply into our existing. There is only one time.”

Dr. Laurie Moore, human

“We live as the meetings we share in the breezes which do not arbitrarily attend our meetings. In sweetness the breeze may come if we keep focused on the one Sun, Divine Ma.”

-Owl Olisa and human Dr. Laurie Moore speak together and share as one voice from two

“If we can focus 100% on now, the sweetness that blooms in the flower of living tomorrow, will be the truth of the value of now. This is our opportunity to create the future in unison with the creation.”

-Feline Jessie Justin Joy

Dr. Blake and Dr. Louie Write In

Happy New Year Dr. Laurie and the Crew:

Thank you for sharing your beautiful thoughts. I feel that 2010 will be the best year in the history of the world. All we have to do is get out of the way and enjoy the ride on the perfect wave of life eternal.

OAO Dr Blake and Dr. Louie

(Dr. Blake and Dr. Louie pictured to the right are our holistic Vets).

California Upcoming three hour gatherings

The January Satsang was very beautiful with waves of opening into the new world colors, the bliss, the love and support for moving through the labor pains. Focus was on the practice of generosity, care, kindness ,service and gratitude for the ONE which lead to peace and love. Three human men and three human women and one male cat attended.

The next gathering will be at Dr. Laurie, Ray and Jessie's Temple home on February 27, 2010 from 1-4 p.m. Pre registration is REQUIRED. Group size is limited to small. Cost is $40. 831-477-7007. Special Focus on Animal Communication.

Hawaii Summer Camp

Circles in which we sit in the presence of LOVE and Truth in each others' uniqueness and Love's Grace . These include silent meditations and transmissions of LOVE, facilitated one on one or couples meeting with Dr. Laurie in the supportive presence of the group, group evolved communication, talks, GoYa Yoga, questions and answers, communication with all species guidance, individual, partner and group exercises, movement and stillness, chanting, sounding and singing, improve games, conflict resolution, manifestation via LOVE source, surrender; exercises all focused on awakening into eternal joy, peace, abundance, compassion, fulfillment, fulfilling, kindness, compassion, care, thoughtfulness, generosity and love in a practical real world appearing in the ONE. Focus on communication with all globe species (people, animals, insects, elements, plants, angels, masters, fairies, etc.) is interwoven throughout the event.

People have the option of swimming with dolphins regularly as they come into the beaches near our Satsangs. We can refer you to dolphin guides, boat captains and a cook if you like. Just email the office: Laurie@DrLautrieMoore.com. Many people get up early and start their day with dolphins or turtles. Participants report time and time again that they fulfill deep yearnings, erase familiar pains, solve long held troubles, and go home to live different lives. This occurs from the changes they make in themselves in a safe, supportive, deeply loving group of people from around the world. People often become life long friends. Unconditional love is real, practical and the door to deep peace and great joy. Dr. Laurie welcomes you to discover lasting fulfillment, joy beyond explanation, love in all circumstances and peace as your basis in a spiritual practical life of success. Welcome home to your soul in a universal heart of LOVE.

Those who are called may participate in creating and participating in community service to assist animals on the island. If you wish to bring a child or teenager to some of the Satsangs please email Laurie@DrlaurieMoore.com. Laurie offers individual sessions throughout the summer for those desiring one on one time as well.

There are numerous houses, B and Bs. hotels, rooms, camp spots, retreat centers in the area. Google Kealakekua Bay, Captain Cook, or Manini Beach for ideas. If you would like a cook or breakfast supply delivery person please contact Erin Pasco at 808-557-5507. If you would like to house share or car share email Laurie@DrLaurieMoore.com and request a list of others desiring to house share.

Camp Begins on July 16 and ends August 14, 2010. You may sign up for 5,10 or 30 days beginning July 16, 2010. Meetings are from 91-2 daily at Manini Beach on Big Island of Hawaii (Kona Side).

5 days $400
10 days $800
30 days $2400
Reduced rates if you sign up before March 15, 2010. Email Laurie@DrLaurieMoore.com or call 831-477-7007 for Early Bird Discounted rates.

Call 831-477-7007 or email Laurie@DrLaurieMoore.com to register or to ask your questions

sign up or ask questions

February and March 5-6 day Satsangs/Hawaii

Magdalene Satsang
Through silence, transmission, facilitated assistance/exercise and sharing, open into the oneness of love that is in waves, in passion, in service, in surrender in devotion and grace to the ONE Divine LOVE.

Option One, Manini Beach on Big Island
February 15-19 (15th will be an evening session and the 19th will be a morning session for flyers from mainland. On the 17th there will be two sessions. The second one will be mostly in silence.
Cost $400
Early Bird Sign Up
$360 (Before February 2, 2010)
Late Sign Up
$470 (After February 5, 2010)

Gratitude Shares

I am standing next to a tree named "Ahhh". Thanks to you, I am so grateful for how much I can feel God because of what you have shown me. I have been opening and giving more than I ever have and understand the true power of prayer, and gratitude. Giving it to God and receiving blessing at the same time. Thank you for your guidance by phone one-on-one and in the group in Hawaii. I am eternally excited and thankful for the possibilities unfolding and the streams growing more and more gushing. Thank you. I love you...mwa to you...Lesley

Thank you for showing me my gift.

Thank you for leaving a glow of light in the room!

Thank you for showing people their beauty in a world wheer many don't come close to seeing their beauty in this way.

Thank you for teaching Buddha (canine) and I how to communicate better and work through our conflicts. I have learned how wise he is. Thank you for teaching us how simple animal communication is rather than making it complex. Alyssa

Thank you for the transmission. Deb

Thank you for offering a new way to look at life. You are the most accepting of the way people are and who they are of anyone I have met teaching. I prayed for a teacher who would walk by my side as a friend and you are her. You give big open space for us to be who who we are...better than any other program I've been to...I've grown so much over the years with your programs. Thank you.

Thank you for courage to do things your way. It is amazing to be part of it. Tom

This work has changed how I experience deeply. You have always loved me unconditionallyThank you. Erin.


TO LISTEN TO A TAPE OF sharings of THE MIRACULOUS LOVE AND GRACE THAT FILLED THE recent Hawaii Satsang email Laurie@DrLaurieMoore.com. It will be sent free of charge via email.

request email tape

Dr. Laurie Moore, LMFT, CHT, Animal Communicator

Animal Communication Readings www.animiracles.com/animalcommunicator.cfm

Satsangs and Seminars www.animiracles.com

Coaching and Therapy: http://therapists.psychologytoday.com/rms/prof_detail.php?profid=62501&sid=1244257359.6427_10179&zipcode=95065&zipdist=2&county=Santa+Cruz&state=California

Therapy: www.DrLaurieMoore.com

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