Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching
From Jill Badonsky Star Date January 11, 2010

The So What I'll Do it Anyway Journey is in full swing and although you may not be in it.. the Muses suggest you take a peak inside for a little creative fortification.

Comparison Antidotes

When she found herself comparing herself to others, she remembered that this was toxic to the creative process and basically to her joy, so she anointed herself with her Comparison Antidote Collection, wore only the strange scarf she made, and floated to the jazz violin music until the sun melted its majesty into the ever-accepting horizon.

Kaizeen-Muse Creativity Coaching

The best creative results come in the when the process is joyful

Dear Mortal,
Choose the quality of feeling that you want to immerse yourself in while in the creative process. You CAN actually choose between dread and joy, fear and trust, way-too-serious and light, the obvious and the novel, disgustment and delight... choose and practice even if it's 10 seconds at a time. Then pay attention to the results.
However, if you just read this article and nod your head in agreement... it just won't work as well. Do the work.
Be diligent.. write lists, spray-paint reminders on your walls in neon orange, stuff your fortune cookies with those desired qualities, tell the doorman to remind you, put reminders in the pockets of your jeans, teach your parrot to repeat those qualities, attach a note to your dog's collar. But don't bother the cat.
If you find yourself getting too serious in the creative process... listen to this speech.
Aha-phrodite, Muse of Paying Attention, Etc. from The Nine Modern Day Muses (and a Bodyguard).

Animal Rescue..Please ask ten friends to each ask 10 more.

Journeying Around January

An Interview from Molly Anderson-Childers with the Modern Day Muse: Bea Silly: Muse of Childlike Play and Laughter Push here.
On the Radio with Velma Gallant: The Queen of Joy
with nervous author, Jill Badonsky ~ Six Secrets to Living with More Creative Audacity in 2010- she will be wearing an orange peel.
Date:  Tuesday, January 12, 2009 (that's this Tuesday)
Time:  9:00 AM PT / 12:00PM ET
Liberating Creative Joy
Tuesday, January 12, 2010, 4:30 pm pacific time/ 7:30 pm eastern time  That's also THIS TUESDAY..whoa! for free teleconference. Sign-up here.
Are you interested in opening to your imagination and creativity?  Join Jill Badonsky (that would be me) on January 12 for a teleclass preview of her Liberating Creative Joy workshop at ATM, April 23-25.  I will share some of my ideas about creativity and how accessing it not only applies to the arts and writing but also to the amount of joy we experience in our lives. I will be listening attentively to your questions.
Drop-in Creative Writing Workshops RETURNs! Now in Banker's Hill, San Diego
Tuesday, January 27, 2010 7-9 pm (and every fourth Tuesday) $12.. and bring money for dinner or coffee.
Carpe Diem Cafe on the corner of Upas and 1st Ave.
Writing prompts will trick us into rip roaring, poignant or truly novel creative flows.
Kaizen-Muse Creative Coaching Certification Training
February 10, 2010 - May 12, 2010 (almost full) or 
August 11 - November 17, 2010 
If your inner critic is relentlessly giving you a hard time,  give it the evil eye. Lesson from a Baby on how to do that.. click.
JOIN the On-Line Writing Club. Resurrected finally ...from 2001 when it boasted of acclaimed success in getting resistant, cranky, and distracted writers (all levels including beginners) to write brilliant works. This club will provide you with not-your-usual-boring prompts but ones that entice your Muse to play and deliver. DO your writing and share it in a fun forum.
The first month is free so try it out- after that it's only $20 a month.. a reasonable fee that keeps you committed but doesn't break your budget..
You get two prompts a week, send in your writing whenever you want and it's PUBLISHED to everyone in the group as well as periodically on my Blog and in this newsletter. Go here.

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Haiku New Year

100% of the proceeds from the KMCC 2010 now go to the Humane Society. Tell your friends. Find it on this page.
Okay.. practice the tip in article two, by writing a new kind of Haiku: Have fun with this.. instead of needing to be perfect, give yourself permission to do a bad one in order to warm up or just to play.
It's a Haiku but not the 5-7-5 kind.
The way you do this one:
First line: one word
Second line: two words
Third line: a sentence
Fourth line: two words
Fifth line: one word
The theme for the first one is where you are (literally, metaphorically, geographically, drug-inducely)
Here are my examples:
Open Window
Gentle breeze and dappled sunlight sends shadows, light, shadows, light in dancing deliverance
Shadow.. light
Then dilly dally in goofy:
Rice pasta
I'm staying away from gluten.
for Dessert?
New Year Blessings,

I will never forget you ~Your Muse

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